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Buckethead's Cyber Grotto of Caving Clipart

If you are looking for caving related clipart,GIF's and JPG's, you have come to the right place! A lot of these are my creations-feel free to use 'em-others are not, but to the best of my knowledge, they are not copyrighted.(If you do use some, I'd appreciate a link from your page!) If you see an image here that you know is copyrighted, email me and I'll remove it or give the artist credit ASAP. I have more to add as soon as time allows.Some day when I have the time, I'll make thumbnails of this stuff...visit the rescue page for some neat stuff-even an animated guy on rope!Also, drop down to the links section for a lnk to Kvart's caving GIF's and the newest link to a French caving clipart site......

Hey! Visit my new picture pages here! and here!

I have started rebuilding this page in a totally different format-visit it at I will keep this page up indefinitely as well.

ever had a trip like this?

To avoid lengthy loading times for this page, I removed the images, and replaced them with descriptive links to each image....I also combined images of similar content onto 'samplers' to unclutter the place.

Four NEW Bats!:
Cool New Bat!
Hairy Bat!
Crashing Bat!
Attacking Bat?
A neat stratigraphic cross-section NEW!
A bat on a moon inspired by Halloween cookies!
A gecko (okay, so he LOOKS like a salamander!)in action (animated)
a bat flying with something in his mitts?(a beer keg??)
a "MAIN" button superimposed on the familiar old orange bat sticker
The familiar old orange bat sticker
okay! so it's not a sally either but......
okay, here's a REAL sally!
A caving parody of an old familiar poster
American Gothic-caver style
a black on white ilustration of a caver rappelling
same guy, more background/foreground
a sampler of bat pix download and cut/copy what you want
B&W RV with the international caver emblem on the side
picture of a bat (chiroptera)fossil!! a rare find!
international caver in motion-for black backgrounds(pretty cheezy,I don't remember where it came from.......????)
animated caver's head-wearing a Petzl (yeah!!) helmet
bats flying past a moon (animated)
funky purple moving bats! (animated)
airborne bats
more bats
animated worm-so it's not a troglobytic worm, but at least he goes "underground"!
a neat cartoon bat!
a new MSM logo featuring Joe Miner's cousin "Joe Guanominer"!!
animated caveman
another animated caveman
animated miner
a guy lost in a cave?
animated 'flintstones car'
yet another animated bat
a great animated rappel!!!_

Here are some caving borders:
hanging bats
different hanging color
a line of smooth rocks...
a cave ceiling border

New! Caving backgrounds:

a nice bat background
a nice caribiner background
another bat background
nice smooth stone background

I have also spent a great deal of time collecting clipart related to skulls,skeletons, and skull & crossbones. Rather than have a huge gallery of images, I combined the images that I have to make three seperate skull samplers-If you see something you like, download the sampler and cut and paste the portion(s) that you want.

Skull sampler numero uno..
Skull sampler #2
and last but not least Skull sampler #3

last modified 2.24.00

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