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Speleo Pix

A few selected pix that I was able to scan the other day.......

My better half and I in an anonymous cave

This is from a trip we took to honor a dearly departed uncle. All of my caving relatives ('ceptin' one) came in for the funeral and we dove underground for a few hours-great trip!

Honeymoon in PA

My sweet wife Diana is on the left in tie-dye, Katie is next (this is the day after her wedding!-manicured nails and all!) next is Julie (she shakes like a nervous poodle when she's underground) and finally Katie's new bro-in-law (and my cuz')Greg aka This pic was taken just after we climbed the bluff to the entrance of an infamous Pennsylvanian cave.

Here comes the groom!

This is the newlywed hubby of Katie(and my udder cuz'), Dan-o, comin' out after our trip. Notice how my family commemorates big events by heading down under?

'Nother pic of Dan-O dated 5-96-overlooking an Ozark Creek Valley while surveying a neat little cave...

A picture of my old kave van

That's all for now!