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Welcome to the UMR/McCormick Cave Speleometeorology page!

It is a little known fact that in 1997 congress appropriated 1.2 million dollars for a subterrainean meteorological station to be constructed in McCormick Cave,thus ushering in a new era of servitude for a much maligned cavity that has so dutifully served this area in the past. First, as a shelter to native Americans, then as a shelter for naive Americans*, then as a shelter for a seismological station. Visit this site often for up-to-the-minute forecasts,current conditions,weather map and long-term forecasts.

*during the "cold war" era McCormick cave was converted into a fallout shelter-the "naive Americans" didn't realize that the cave actually offered little protection from radiation.....

Speleo-cast from the National Weather Service Underground Meteorological Facility at McCormick Cave-Poedunk MO.