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MSM Spelunker's Club Rescue Team

Welcome to our new page. In the near future I will post the team roster,links to rescue related sights, and links to newspaper accounts of a couple of rescues from the past that the Spelunkers were involved in.

Safety tips:*never cave in groups of less than four-if a caver is injured, then you have enough people for one to stay with the victim while two find help*always take a minimum of three distinct lights sources(fresh batteries don't help a light that fell in a hole!)Even the best lights fail at times*always take along some high energy food-in case of emergency*a lightweight space blanket is a good addition to any cave pack,but even a 30 gal. garbage bag helps tremendously to concerve body heat in an emergency situation-and neither one takes up much space*always tell someone where your are going and when to expect you back-always!* follow these rules even if you are going to a "small cave"-I have gone on many trips to supposedly "small caves' that turned into long term trips that I really wasn't adequately prepared for-treat every trip like a "long-term" trip. Happy Caving!and leave time for nothing but pictures that you've taken of footprints(or something like that)

A newspaper acount of a Spelunkers Club Rescue
Another rescue in the same cave