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Crappy XJ Pix (the pix are crappy, NOT my XJ!)

The old axiom "you get what you pay for" certainly applies to digital cameras.

Here's my electric, soon-to-be-hydraulic Ramsey winch

The hypraulic motor is a Char-Lyn low-speed, high-torque unit. The pump is from a 3-point hitch equipped CJ-2A. It has a manual disconnect on the pulley to disengage the pump when not needed. The valve is a 12v electric unit to facilitate remote control. Now all I need is some free time...

My bumper creation sans grill guard

My XJ early on

This photo was taken right after I got her on the road. Since then it's gotten new front and rear springs, the winch/bumper, onboard air, and I built a high clearance receiver hitch.