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Cats In Memory

Always In Our Hearts

Dedicated to Angel and Bandit

1985-March 12, 1999
We dedicate this site to Angel.
Who inspired us to make a place where we could go,
to remember the ones we have loved and lost.

ANGEL:Angel & Bandit first came to us by way of the
Research and Developement division of Golden Cat Corp.
The cats themselves were not used for research,
but their wastes were used to test litter and litter products.
I, along with my daughters, worked in R&D.
One tested the litter. My other daughter and I worked
directly with the cats.
Feeding, cleaning and taking care of them.
A hard but rewarding job.

Angel was a polydactal,which means he had extra toes on each of his feet.
He used to run along the tops of the cages they slept in just
to annoy the other cats in his group.
He was always such a character.

The day came when R&D closed their doors.
Where were the cats to go?
Many of the clients who tested the litter,
took one or two home with them.
Angel came to live with my daughter Dawn on Feb. 2, 1996.
They got to love him and watch him enjoy the freedom of
being in a home instead of a cage.

On March 12 1999, they lost him to cancer.
There will never be another Angel for them.
At his passing Dawn played I'll Never Let You Go by "Steelheart".
As we stood there at his gravesite and started the music,
a cold, sharp wind started blowing.
I knew in my heart it was Angel saying goodbye
to the loved ones he had left behind.
His spirit and loveable nature
will remain in our hearts forever.

July 1 1979-October 11, 1999

Bandit: Bandit was one of the oldest cats that we had
and we knew it would be hard for her
to find a home.
She was so sweet but very vocal.
Bandit went home with Dawn and Todd.
She ruled the roost, went where she wanted and
woke them up at two in the morning because she wanted to eat.
We lost Bandit on October 11, 1999 due to old age.
She was 20 years old.
She never gave up and we will always
remember her for the sweet kitty that she was.
She will always remain in our hearts.

When Golden Cat Research and Development closed their doors,
there were forty-three cats to find homes.
We found out later that two of them were in an abusive situation.
These two were rescued and taken in by Dawn and myself.
Some have since passed away and as I write this,
Dawn and I have lost all of ours.
Our lives were so enriched by Our Golden Cats.
Angel,Bandit,Stallone,Cheetoes, Willi and Cathy.
You will always be in our hearts
and we will never forget you.

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