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Frequently Asked Questions on Minority Issues-Christianity (respectively/non-respectively)

Growing up as a "minority" in the St. Paul, I've heard many questions on issues dealing with "minorities" and Christianity.

When my parents had me attend a traditional church, I started to have mixed feelings on christianity and minorities. When I went to church, I grew puzzled with the pictures of "white" Jesus pictures hanging around. I then wondered if christianity was a "white" religion.

I came to know Jesus in a personal relational way in 1996-my first year at UMM. As I grew in the knowledge of the Bible, God began to open my eyes to the Truth.

Now I'm on a mission to help others, especially "minorities', know the truth and love of Jesus Christ-a God of many "nations"-NOT just for "whites" or "western" nations.

I decided to come up with this website (9.29.03) to help distinguish facts and myths (stereotypes-sometimes negative) on "minorities" and "Christianity"

I personally encourage you all to personally "ask" God yourself any of these questions or others you may have. He's the main source to many of our answers. For example, look at Job, Habukkuk, Moses (Exodus), etc...

Q: What is like to be a "minority"?
A: First of all, I don't like the term "minority" at first because it's a very oppressive term. I don't let words bother me in the first place as God's Word is above words from "man". Minorities are actually the majority in the world (see "Did You Know?-demographic stats of racial groups in world).

  • Minority Rights, UN definition
  • Minority Links, from U.S. Census Bureau
  • Where are you from?

    This is probably the most commonly asked questions I get from the people in Morris. It used to bother me, but now I understand why people were are and still are asking me this question. This is a town/small city where it's predominately Caucasian-White (Norwegian, Scandinavian, German, or mixed European background). When they meet someone "other" than this, they are just curious who "us" minorities are and what we are doing here. Just like today (11.16.03), I was at a community gathering, and some of the people there started asking if I was a college student (a compliment)? Their eyes widened when I said I graduated at UMM 4 years ago. They then asked me what am I doing now, which I tell them I work at a group home. From this answer, they then just go on with questions about my job or the people I work with. I remember when one place in town, someone asked me....

    What country are you from?

    I too got disturbed by this question when I was asked this many times when I was in Morris as a student. Then after living in-town, I grew accustom to this question by understanding why they asked this question (like above). I automatically answer that, my parents come from the Philippines, but I was born-raised in St. Paul. Some ethnic-first/second generation Americans sometimes feel like they don't belong here or consider themselves "American" because they get "turned-off" or get "offended" right away by comments or questions like these. America is basically a melting-pot of many ethnic groups that many immigrated here for economical-social-political-religious (e.g. refugees) freedom.

    Why do Native American Indians or Minorities get Scholarships?

    First of all, there are tons of scholarships for everybody (race, class, educational background, extra-curricular activities, etc...) and not just for "minorities". This was a question or topic I would try to avoid in any conversation during my years at UMM. I just didn't want to get into anyone's face-especially my Caucasian peers/friends. When this topic came up, I would "shy" away and kept quiet. Now I've graduated and honestly-proudly tell people that I went to UMM on a full-ride "Minoirty Educational Program" (Twin Cities based) Scholarship. Usually this comes up when people asked me if I have any student-loans to pay off. After gaining knowledge of this "issue", I just tell them there are scholarship for everybody (including "Caucasian-Whites"-see down below), like Polish and Irish ethnic background students.

  • Minority Scholarships
  • Minority Scholarships Guide
  • *NOTE: I believe God blesses each of us in different ways. Instead of questioning one another in jealousy or anger-ignorantly (devils way of getting us to get into each other's throats), questions the "man upstairs"-God Himself...

    "1What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you? 2You want something but don't get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask God. 3When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures."-James 4

    Christianity is a White Religion, which they are all racist?

    Look where Christianity came from-the Middle East. Here is a good resource if you are interested in "racism"

    Christians are hypocrites!

    Who isn't! No one is perfect, except God-Himself-Jesus! It's really sad that there are Christians who are racist and ignorant, like the KKK (Protestant Christian background), Sexually Abused Priest (Catholic background), Money-Greedy Evangelist (Evangelical background), and the list goes on (e.g. Truth in History-example of false information out there that is hurting the Christian faith!). We got to know personally the main source of Christianity-Jesus Christ.


    Q: Christian "Caucasian" White Colonization

  • Christian Website, Bible verses on colonism

    Christian Missionaries "converting"

    Christiany Charity to the Arab World?

    A new recent issue is christian charity work in the Arab world-Afghanistan and Iraq-after the war. My personal opinion is there is nothing wrong about this as long christian charities are doing it for the "right-reason". They are not "converting" anyone-that is between God and "them". God does the changing, which He uses Christians to show the "acts of kindness through love", which is the teachings of Jesus. Christians are taught to do not only just kindness acts, but teach them "how to fish that it'll last them for a lifetime-instead of giving them a fish that will last only for a day".

    Below is excerptes of a recent article on this issue...

    "....The new arrivals mean well: in addition to the Christian Gospel, which they consider their most precious gift, they have channeled millions of dollars in aid and put in countless hours of charitable work. But some fieldworkers for more liberal Christian organizations claim that some of the more aggressive evangelical tactics can put all religious charities at risk, as when the Taliban, angered by missionary activities two years ago, shut down every Christian aid group in Kabul...." more...FROM THE JUNE 30, 2003 ISSUE OF TIME MAGAZINE; POSTED SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 2003


  • "A Model of Christian Charity", by John Winthrop
  • -
  • Mr.Burnett, colonization motivation links
  • Bible Concordance, colonization
  • Tertullian: Columbus' Voyage
  • Immigrants in "White" America

    My parents immigrated to this country in 1972 for "a better life" from the Philippines. Many people from the Philippines have to leave their families to find jobs overseas because of the poor economny. With the "better life" come sacrifices in America with its' racism. I remember when I was a little kid (still happens today), my mom or dad would share the unfair treatment they received from work. They would get teased because of their poor English.

    As I help reach out to international students for my local church, I hear countless stories of racism that many have grown weary and tired. I encourage them of my personal testimony of battling racsim through God's love. Since 9/11, the discrimination towards immigrants has grown as the economy in the U.S. decreases. With this, I decided to come up with some answers to help educate people with this current issues.

    Another fact is the positive contributions "minorities" has made to make what America is today. A friend of mine emphasized to me that Native American Indians were the real settlers, which many of us sometimes forget. "We" came here "uninvited" and "took over" what they all own. Please respect this group of people because of this! Also, the African-Americans that worked their backs as "slaves" to help during the Agricultual Revolution. The Chinese, who helped build the railroads that links our nation coast to coast. There are many others that I don't know of that I don't want to forget about them too.

    Military, we have a high number of "minorities" that serve this country through this means too:

  • "Minorities in Miliary, Texas r
  • Minorities in Uniform, history, stats, etc..
  • Related Resources:

  • Diversity Council, facts and myths of immigrants coming to the U.S. (eg. economic burdens?)
  • Immigration Material, some stats and figures
  • Minnesota Advocates of Human Rights, anti-immigration sentiment
  • U.S. Immigration Facts, from rapid immigration
  • Lately (April 2006), the "immigration" (particularly migrant workers) issue has came up, so I decided to some more re"search"...

  • Center for Immigration Studies
  • Compassion, not Criminalization in Immigration Reform!,from Sojourners

  • "The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God" (Leviticus 19:34 (Old Testament).

    Last December, the House of Representatives passed the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (H.R. 4437). Many of the provisions of this punitive and enforcement-focused bill are patently hostile to the alien among us. On March 27, however, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved an improved bill. The measure, passed 12-6, contains many provisions supported by the faith community and other advocates: It provides a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently in the country; establishes a guest worker program that can lead to citizenship; and establishes a new temporary work program for undocumented agricultural workers. In addition, the committee's bill differs from H.R. 4437 in that it would not establish penalties for humanitarian and church groups helping undocumented immigrants or criminalize undocumented immigrants for being in the U.S. The Judiciary Committee bill is a step forward in the debate.
    As discussion of immigration reform moves to the full Senate, we urge lawmakers to oppose punitive, enforcement-only measures like those in H.R. 4437. Such measures not only run contrary to the biblical mandate to welcome the stranger among us; they are chillingly anti-work, anti-family, and anti-community, and they will only exacerbate the problems of our fractured immigration system. The Senate Judiciary Committee's bill has a better approach than H.R. 4437.
    Let's help, not hurt, our neighbors who are pursuing the American dream of security, freedom, and opportunity. Send an e-mail urging your senators to promote just and compassionate immigration reform.

  • Fiscal Year 2002 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics
  • Illegal Aliens
  • Myths and lies of illegal immigration, from the american resistance
  • Statistical Reports on Web/Sociology, from Uof Michigan
  • Two-thirds of illegal immigrants' children are U.S. citizens, from CNN
  • -Mexican Focus
    Desert Invasion - U.S. Background - immigration and overpopulation
    "80% of cocaine and 50% of heroin in the U.S. is smuggled across the border by Mexican nationals. Drug cartels spend a half-billion dollars per year bribing Mexico's corrupt generals and police officials, and armed confrontations between the Mexican army and U.S. Border Patrol agents are a real threat. There have been 118 documented incursions by the Mexican military over the last five years. Describe how the invention of the super lab changed the meth industry. PBS
    "We originally used to purchase a lot of heroin, cocaine from many of the Mexican drug cartels. And then when they started getting into methamphetamine, they started saturating their own market with methamphetamine." MORE THAN 100 ARRESTED IN NATIONWIDE METHAMPHETAMINE INVESTIGATION

    Q: Why do you try to convert others (Muslims, Bhuddists, Hindus, etc...) to your Christian relgion?
    A: First of all, I believe Chrsitianity is more than a religion, but a personal loving relationship with our Creator, Heavenly Father, my Friend and Savior. I didn't get converted by anyone when I became a Christian, it was a heart loving personal change between me and God-Himself through Chrsitians He put in my life. We seem to be trying to "convert" others, but what we are actually doing is obedient by faith through His loving commandment (Bible-Book of Matthew 28:18-20). We "Christians" got changed by the "Good News", so we want to share it with others instead of keeping this awesome salvation gift to others-"every tribe, language, nation"-of the World. Many say we should leave other people's faith/religion alone. However, many don't understand many us Christians were in that same boat-in other religions that really didn't give us life-( please see personal testimony).

    Q: Why is there so many refugees coming to Minnesota?
    A: Churches has played a big part in sponsoring these refugees and because of the high quality of education and standard of living.

    Q: Why should we learn about ethnic diversity?

    A: It's sad to hear this, but I've heard this from people. "Why do we always have to learn about their culture, why don't they learn about us"-from the majority ethnic/racial group in communities. After attending the Morris Leadership Retreat, I was challenged to personally pursue a heart desired-goal on showing people "Why it's important to learn about ethnic diversity issues?":

  • Concerning Culture and Cultures, This is the text of President Gerhard Casper's welcome to the Class of 1997 and their parents in Frost Amphitheater on September 23, 1993.

  • *" Very few among you have graduated from a high school or lived in a community with such diversity. Not many will have had much personal experience of interacting with people of different ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. As you cross bridges to meet strangers at Stanford, the going will sometimes be rough. That, however, is an inevitable part of the excitement that college offers you."

    The above speech is probably redundant throughout our nation's universities. I too came to UMM with a cultural shock experience of interacting with individuals from different backgrounds. This is one reason for learning one another's cultural background.

  • Faculty members stress importance of cultural differences To understand local, world issues, students need to expand view of different cultures, Published on Thursday, September 18, 2003 Crystal Welborn Kansas State Collegian

  • *"...Prins said he believes there is still fighting going on in Iraq because of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the places American soldiers are fighting.
    "Iraq is a country of incredible cultural complexity," he said. "Iraq is made of many dozens of tribes, who form part of several large ethnic groups -- each with its own culture, language, traditions and customs."
    With intense ethnic diversity all over the world, Carla Jones, senior associate dean of student life, said students should try to understand other cultures.
    "What causes us in this environment to be able to get along is when people communicate and make an effort to understand cultures other than their own," she said....
    "Be open to talking to people who are different than you are and answering questions about your own culture," she said. "Seek out literature and relationships and approach differences as a way of growth instead of something scary."

    Above is another college related issue, which focuses on the importance of learning different cultures to avoid ethnic/racial conflict. We in American have (e.g. Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's), is (e.g. Hate towards Immigrants taking jobs) , and will (e.g. increase reported attacks of Muslims) continue to experience discrimination-unless "we do something about it" (first starting with our own selves-what is our personal prejudices?). I personally have experience some discrimination that could've led to some injuries (see personal story).

    If you read my personal story, you can see why I'm doing this-I don't want others or even myself to experience any discrimination as I did and still continues to this day...Just yesterday (Thursday, October 21st of 2004), I talked with someone who knew some UMM students that experienced some hateful discrimination (regarding their Asian ethnic background) from the local youth in Morris. This individual that shared this unsuprising (also caught me offguard) disheartening story told me that the schools in the community should teach these individuals like them. I then shared, that I used to share my culture at the schools when I was a student at UMM. Then she told me that the kids then perceive us only "exotic". It took me awhile to digest the problems of this, which I found them at:

    Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective. ERIC Digest.

    Also, this link above is a good source of information on the issues/topics we discussed about at the Safety & Security Focus Group Community Meeting (Thursday, October 14th) at the Otter Tail Bldg: Minnesota Room.

    I hope to come back and share more of other UMM student's (e.g. Asian students recently) experiences. Tell then, check the other resource links in this site. Please contact me ( of any other sources out there that I can linkp-up or any feedback. Thank You!

    ...cont......(later-read for continuous updates!)

    Q: Why are ethnic minorities seem to "lean" more towards the Democratic party? (see politics)

  • College Republicans Sponsor White-Pride Scholarship (Op-Ed), By kmcrober (Tue Feb 17th, 2004 at 03:54:58 PM EST)

  • Republican bake sale curtails our rights, By Jim Johnson, Campus Times (Published: Thursday, April 8, 2004)

  • "They held an "Affirmative Action Bake Sale" - Democrat & Chronicle, 20 March 2004 - ostensibly as a protest against the grievously unfair racial preferences they see embodied in affirmative action policies"
  • Republicans reach out to minorities, from BBC News (Tuesday, 1 August, 2000, 11:49 GMT 12:49 UK )

  • "But he says that despite the rhetoric, opinion polls show that many black Americans and other minorities regard the Republican Party with suspicion"
    Mr Powell, the only African-American to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the convention that "the issue of race still casts a shadow over our society," and urged the party to broaden its perspective."
    He criticised Republicans who condemned affirmative action, saying it had "helped a few thousand black kids get an education".
  • Republicans, Racism, Homophobia, and Affirmative Action, from

  • "Some of Rep. Arlon Lindner's, (R-Minnesota) fine comments to the Minnesota State Legislature:
    "Nazi persecution of gays and lesbians is a new idea spawned by a lot of rewriting of history."
    "What I'm trying to prevent is the Holocaust of our children from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. If you want to sit around and wait until America becomes another African continent, you do that, but I'm going to do something."
    *this again is one individual Republican, which we can't stereotype the Republicans as a whole. However, most will argue that this statement sums up a handful of other Republican ideology?????
  • Republicans Woo Hispanics, By Scott Rothschild, Journal-World (Monday, August 13, 2001) from ljworld

  • "Bush, who received about 35 percent of the Hispanic vote in the presidential race, has proposed an amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico, learned to speak Spanish, picked Hispanics to fill jobs in the administration and developed stronger ties with Mexico."
  • Why the Democrats Are Favored to Win in November ... Unless They Blow It, By Eric Rauchway Mr. Rauchway is associate professor of history at the University of California, Davis. (10/28/02-History News Network)

  • "Historically sustained by white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants, Republicans benefit from voters whose religious outlook supports a businesslike parsimony with public funds. Amid the mass migration and globalisation of the late 19th century, this population shrank relative to the growing concentrations of immigrant and ethnic minority Americans, who took up factory work and residence in cities."

    Qb: Republican Party supporters are more labeled towards "moral values". Are ethnic minorities likely to be in this category too?

  • Alan Keyes-Renew America

  • "As a free people, our way of life depends upon certain moral ideas. As a matter of personal conscience, I believe that Christianity most perfectly embodies those ideas.
    But since Americans come from many different religious backgrounds, in dealing with issues of public policy we must derive these ideas from sources that are open to support from all the people."

  • Republican Party's 'African-American Truth Squad' Tours Midwest By Susan Jones Morning Editor (October 19, 2004)

  • "Former U.S. Rep. J.C. Watts, Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams and former Cosby Show actor Joseph Phillips are leading the effort."
    -Commissioner Michael L. Williams: Biography
    "In 1988, former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese awarded Williams the Attorney General's "Special Achievement Award" for the conviction of six Ku Klux Klan members on federal weapons charges"
    -Joseph C. Phillips, On television he starred on the hit series The Cosby Show and was a three time NAACP Image Award Nominee for his portrayal of Attorney Justus Ward on the Daytime Drama General Hospital
    -J.C. Watts
  • J.C. Watts is not ashamed of the Gospel. View his testimony of faith, given on June 6th as the 2001 Distinguished Christian Statesman.

  • "An ordained Baptist minister, Watts has consistently taken a stand for Christ while serving in Congress, viewing his faith and his public service as inseparable. �I don�t apologize for my personal relationship with Jesus Christ,� he says, recognizing that this faith-filled perspective of politics makes some quite uncomfortable. �I guess they just expect people of faith to sit on the sidelines and twiddle their thumbs while the nation goes to pot."
  • Biography of Julius Caesar Watts, Jr. from

  • "Julius Caesar Watts (born 1957), a conservative African American politician and former football player, was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994. His victory represents the first time that a black Republican from a Southern state has won a seat in Congress since Reconstruction."
    The strength of his father's guidance belies his sixth grade education. J.C. Jr. often quotes his father to illustrate the source of his conservative values. On the topic of self-reliance, Watts told Washington Monthly that his father (who has worked as a policeman, Baptist pastor, and cattle owner) was fond of saying, "the only helping hand you can rely on is at the end of your sleeve." This and other southern adages color the speech of son as well as father."
    He never considered becoming a Republican until he covered a political debate as a journalism student. Watts found that he agreed with the Republican position and his later experience as a small businessman increased his support for the Republican platform. He observed that Democrats had taken African Americans for granted, not earning their support or rewarding their loyalty. According to Watts' account in Washington Monthly, "My uncle [who led the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Oklahoma] has probably delivered more black votes for the Democratic Party than any person in the state of Oklahoma, yet it was a Republican who gave him a state job." When Watts sought help from Democrats to start a business project they failed to respond, whereas Republican businessmen did not."
    "Watts expresses ambivalence about affirmative action. He explains, "I don't believe we should pick winners and losers based on skin color or gender.... We can lock horns as a group to fight racism and discrimination, but success has to come from the individual." Yet he is not willing to agree that it's a level playing field out there, nor is he willing to politicize the debate, as many Republicans have openly tried to do."

    Q: Should we support Affirmative Action?

    "Preferential affirmative action does not advance civil rights in this country. It is merely another government patronage program that secures money and jobs for the few people who benefit from it, and breeds resentment in the many who do not. It divides us as a people, and draws attention away from the moral and family breakdown that is the chief cause of the despair and misery in which too many of our fellow citizens struggle to live decently"-Alan Keyes (check his link above)

    Crimes by Race

    Last night (Monday, April 10th of 2006), I was watching the news and this "person" made a statement that made me do some more re"search"-"These minorities are always committing crime, why can't they behave?"...

  • The Color of Crime, black on white happens more-hate crime?
  • br> *these stats are kind of disfigured because we need to first know what crime is-e.g. white collar crime. Plus, hate-crime has to be racially motivated.
  • Jerry's Racial Violence Stats

  • "A good example of that bias can be found in media's very different treatment of two very similar murders. One murder occurred in Jasper, Texas, and involved a White killer (John William King, an ex-convict) and a Black victim (James Byrd, an ex-convict). The other murder occurred in Streator, Illinois, and involved a Black ex-convict killer and a 46-year-old White woman victim. In both murders, the killers murdered the victims by dragging them behind a vehicle (a car or a truck). Everyone heard about the Jasper murder because the media chose to sensationalize it. The media sensationalized the Jasper murder because it "fit" the Jews' program to make White people feel guilty about "racism." But hardly anybody heard about the dragging death of Patricia Stansfield, the White woman killed by a Black in Streator. The media suppressed the news about the Streator murder because it did not fit the Jews' agenda. The media bias is just as blatant and as dishonest as it can possibly be. If the Jews' control over the media were only partial, rather than nearly total, they wouldn't be able to get away with deception this brazen.
    Patricia Stansfield was killed on 1 August 1998. The accused murderer's name is Christopher Coleman. Allegedly, Coleman stole a car belonging to one of Ms. Stansfield's friends and, after tying Ms. Stansfield to the rear of the car, drove for two miles out of Streator along Highway 18.

    *there is some truth to this, but I personally don't point my fingers to a particular group-especially Jewish folks!

    ....more crime stats

    Other Resources:

  • Blandin Leadership Retreat: Diversity-Racial Issues
  • Christian Answers.Net
  • GoodNewsUMM, personal testimonies of many issues we face day to day
  • Multicultural, UMM Alpha's campus-community resource
  • Q: Should we support Affirmative Action?

    Reccomended Resources


    Below is a "unofficial" record of ethnic or racial discrimination in Morris:

    An Asian (Korean) American reported some "unfriendly" discriminatory facial response (made their eyes slant to steretype the "small Asian physical eye feature" when he and other international students walked into Old #1. They were hoping to have some fun by dancing as part of one of the group's student's birthday celebration. The dance was coming to an end, so the group left. That wasn't the end of it...As they were walking towards their parked car along W. 5th St. (by building), a group of young Caucasian adults started to be abnoxious (singling "God Bless American") to annoy the group.

    Sometime around this year, a Cambodian American told me he was walking around town (along Atlantic Avenue) and some teenagers in a car started yelling profanity at him

    Halloween Incident "acknowledging a mistake in race-relations which took place October 31, 1993 and has since been referred to as the "Halloween Incident".

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