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This is my (Sal) favorite weblinked to UMMAlpha's Homepage because "multicultural" is something that we can all relate. We live in a time in America where many of us young generation come from a mulicultured background (e.g. dad may be African American and mom may be Caucasian American). However, we can't really label ourselves just one race or two because we have ancestors from more than one race.

Growin-Up in St. Paul

For example, my parents are from the Philippines, but my great grandparents in my father side is from Spain-European. I can be consider Asian-European American. When I was growing-up in St. Paul, I didn't really thought much about people ethnic-cultural background. I just look at everbody as the same!

I don't want to make your mind boggle because mine is already as I'm writing this. My main reason for writing this is to share my personal testimony on how God revealed my true identity in Christ, which I'm now part of a bigger family/group-family in Christ (no matter what race, ethnicity, or anytype of background)!

Local: UMM-Morris Cultural Share

Some multicultural experiences so far in this area is having the opportunity to come share my Filipino culture in the nearby elementary schools. During college, the local Morris Area Elementary Schools had a Cultural Awarenss Day, where local adults share their specific cultural ethnic backgrounds. I shared some basic facts on the Philippines to some different grade levels. It was an awesome learning opportunity for both of us-presenters and the presentee. There was one time I was invited by a friend of mine temporarily teaching (teachers aid for his Ed. Major) at a small town north of Alexandria-Militona, MN. They had many types of questions from-do you have houses, is there a McDonalds there, etc... I had a chance to show-up my breakdancing moves and a movie-video from the Philippines. After this experience, I've learned to share as much of my culture instead of complaining what people don't know about "me" or "cultural backgrounds" overall around rural west-central Minnesota.

-Multicultural Retreat 1999

Also, the Multicultural Retreat I participated in college, which was the first annual one that still continues today!

One section of the circle of retreat attendees during a dialogue

Chris and Dan doing a skit

State-Twin Cities Experience

My favorite christian multicultural events are the Heart of the City events they have all over the Twin Cities area. It's an opportunity where brothers and sisters in Christ can get together after the "most segregated hour of the week", which is church on Sundays (@10am) where different racial groups get together in their own churches-a popular saying by Martin Luther King Jr.

Summer Picnic

Main Stage in 1999, where different groups performed

Nation Experience

I had the privilege visiting Martin Luther King Jr.'s Museum-King Center (and other related sites) in Atlanta, GA for an African-American Student Conference called-Impact 2000 (every other year event for African-American christians and others from different college campuses across the nation). After learning so much about him on the books growing-up, it was an awesome experience to see "live" what this infamous "world changer" from the Civil Rights Movement did through this museum. This was during one of the breaks of this once-a-lifetime conference for me.

Below are some resources on "multiculturalism", which I've grown to learn a lot more since attending UMM through many activities I participated (eg. Gateway 98', RA at Clayton A. Gay Hall, and many other numerous student activities).

Reccomended Resources


  • Multi-Ethnic Student Program
  • UMM Alpha, multicultural resource for UMM and Morris Community
  • Workplace

  • Sal's Multicultural Diversity in the Workplace, facilitation notes for the work environment
  • Understanding Culture & Understanding People, notes from 4/21/05 workshop at Morris, MN

    Ethnic Stores

  • Midtown Global Market, along Lake Street (east of Hwy 35W) in Minneapolis

  • *first came here in Thursday, July 6th of 2007 with my mom. I reccomend you to check out the free parking (keep ticket stub) south of the place across lake street, which is up to 2 hours!

    Ethnic Music

  • A World in Two Cities, from UofM-Twin Cities-research on ethnic music in the surrounding area
  • Immigrants

  • Agora Ministry
  • Performing Arts


  • Twin City Pages: Best of 2002
  • Theatres

  • Mixed Blood Theatre located by downtown Minneapolis
  • Worship Experience

  • Heart of the City, a multicultural worship team based in the Twin Cities


  • Diversity Business, networking leaders
  • Career/Internships/Jobs Opportunities

  • Diversity Working
  • INROADS, Inc, offers paid internships for college fr/so from an ethnic minority background

  • *referred by Amy, Career Counselor at Harding Sr. H.S


  • Milagro Foundation Grants, focussing on serving at-risk, underrepresented and disadvantagged youth through educational programs and health services.
  • Ministries

  • IVCF Multi-ethnic
  • Intercultural, from Assembly of God
  • Urban Alternative, Tony Evans
  • Music

  • Grass Roots Music

    Every Country In The World - Picture Video
    This Is A Picture Video Of Every Single Country In The World - This Took 4+ Hours To Make Please Comment/Rate/Favourite It PLEASE - I Did This So People Can See What The Other Countrys Across The World Look Like. I Thought It Would Be Nice For My Self Also As I Didnt Know Half Of These Existed! - Enjoy. Pass On. - Made By Jordan James
    This Video Was Featured On The Yahoo 9 :D On Tuesday 5th September 2006 - - Thanks Yahoo (more) (less)


  • Iceland best place to live, Africa worst: U.N., Tuesday, November 27th of 200 yahoonews

  • " BRASILIA (Reuters) - Iceland has overtaken Norway as the world's most desirable country to live in, according to an annual U.N. table published on Tuesday that again puts AIDS-afflicted sub-Saharan African states at the bottom."



  • Peddie Church, from

  • "Here are a few of many Biblical texts that favor multiculturism.
    * Psalm 133:1. The good of dwelling together in unity....
    # Acts 2:5-11 lists fifteen ethnic groups present at the Pentecost event. The very first church gathering was multicultural
    # Acts 10:34 After God sends a powerful vision to Peter to correct his racism and encourage outreach to the Gentiles, Peter proclaims that he now sees that God is no respecter of persons, or shows no favoritism.
    # Galatians 3:28. "Your are all one in Christ Jesus."
  • Interpreting the Bible in Cross-Cultural Perspective Spring 2003 Second Half-Semester One-Credit Seminar (Portland)
  • College Campus

  • Navigators, minister to people in all walks of life all over the world
  • Currency

  • X-Rates, calculate
  • Gospel Resources

  • Ethnic Harvest, cross cultural missions resource
  • Languages

  • I love Languages

  • -Hello
  • Hello from Kidspace
  • Hello in Many Languages

  • -Map
    The Most Common Languages in the World, from Language and Culture
    "estimate that there are about 5,000-6,000 different languages spoken in the world today. The imprecision in this estimate is largely due to the fact that some dialects are in the process of diverging and it is not clear that they have reached the stage of being separate languages. If two people find each other's speech unintelligible, they are usually thought to be speaking different languages rather than dialects.
  • Numbers from 1 to 10 in Over 5000 Languages (Many files)
  • Maps

    Travel around the world in 2 minutes

    " Travel around the world with Yakko!"

  • Embassy World
  • Historical Maps of the World Every Year, from World History Maps
  • Historical World Atlas (4000 years back), CD ROM Software
  • Info Please
  • National Geographic (MapMachine)
  • Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection-UT Library Online/a>, Library of Univ of Texas

  • -
    Historical Map Web Sites
  • Theodora, interactive maps
  • Military

  • World's Wars, personal site
  • Missions:

  • Ministry Watch, A-Z organizations
  • Transformations, stories of results from unity of believers around the world
  • Music

    Amasing ''virtual'' travel around the World (part1)

    "high quality photos and nice music,from very porular city and places of the whole World...see more films for free on my site"
    WORLD TRAVEL Music Video, for CD 'Acroiris'

    "a music video titled 'World Travel'created for the CD Acroiris. Please visit"


  • International Dialing Codes
  • Time

  • World Clock-Time Zone
  • Travel

    Travel around the world with Jon

    "Jon takes you to exotic destinations around the world from Fiji to India. Come and share some of the most fascinating experiences"

    Did you know?

    If we could shrink the Earth's population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look like this:

    57 Asians
    21 Europeans
    -14 from the Western Hemisphere and
    8 Africans
    70 would be non-white
    30 white
    70 would be non-christian
    30 christian
    50% of the world's wealth would be in the hands of only 6 people
    80 would live in sub-standard housing
    only 1 would have a college education

    Resource was a forward e-mail through Just Think

    Book References:

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    Breaking Down Walls: A Model for Reconciliation in an Age of Racial Strife
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    1 Church Many Cultures : The Challenge of Diversity
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    May 1987

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