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  • All Saints Lutheran Church in Minnetonka, sponsored Vietnames and Cambodians
  • English Language Learner Services, Why does Minnesota and the metro area have so many English language learners?
  • Project Regina 1006 West Lake Street; Minneapolis, MN 55408; 612-827-2670 "Sewing" the Seeds of Success

  • *contact Sara Olson, who was featured in FOX 9 of her work with Project Regina
  • St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church, stories of sponsoring refugees
  • A World in Two Cities, Lutheran Mission History
  • Ministries

  • International Teams Refugee Ministry, has a local home base in Minneapolis' Nehemiah Center

  • *Just met Tom and Jill on 4/12/04 unexpectedly during my week vacation in the cities

    Social Services

  • International Institute of Minnesota, serving refugees

  • *affiliated with Immigration and Refugee Services of America (IRSA)



  • "Who will you welcome today, asks a church started by an immigrant", by Church World Service
  • Books

  • The Middle of Everywhere: The World's Refugees Come to Our Town, from Mary Pipher (order at walmart) from Omaha, Nebraska

  • *I highly reccomend this book to learn about refugees perspectives coming to America

  • Sponsoring Refugees, from Church world Service
  • U.S. Citizenship on Immigration Services, faq's on refugees
  • Movies

  • Coming to America staring Eddie Murphy as a African prince settling in N.Y. in this comedy film
  • Refugee the Movie, a Cambodian story
  • Scarface, with Al Pacino staring as a Cuban refugee settling in the streets of Miami in the early 80's (WARNING: rated "R")


  • Asian Nation: Exodus, historical-political explanation of refugees after Vietnam War
  • Baptist, from Church Planting Village
  • Christian Witness to Refugees, from Lussane Committee of World Evangelism
  • Refugee Highway, from International Teams (poster included)
  • Seven Day Adventists, sponsoring Hmong by Hmongnet
  • Misscelaneous

  • Refugee Resettlement, from Ethnic Harvest

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