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No, I'm (Sal) not a democrat, nor a republican, nor an independent party member, but a citizen of America doing my best to prevent division in our nation to better work together for the next generation and the world!

Getting involved with politics and want to serve God? I have friends who say that the "church" is not doing enough to make a difference, so they get involve with politics to do so... Well, they can! However, whether you are making a difference in the "church" or "politics"-you can do so much because you need God! Is he #1 in whatever agenda you do-that's what it means when you asked Him to be Lord of your life, right? Do you know what making Jesus Lord of your life is? Check this out=>personal relationship story!

Next, not many people know that they can "serve" God whereever they are. You don't have to stand in a pulpit to "preach". In fact "preach as less words and do it with more action" (St. Francis) through your lifestyle! We have too many "politicians" and "Christians too" talk the talk, but not walk the walk! "You must be the change the world see before you can make a difference" (Mahatma Ghandi?) Many politicans are getting a "bad wrapped" because of being found guilty of some scandal:

-Richard Nixon in Watergate
-Bill Clinton in the "Monica Lewinsky Affair"
-the list goes on....

6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, [2] Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.-Isaiah 9

Campaign 2004 Reflections

I was just watching the local news (Ch. 5 KSAX/KSTP) today (Sunday, August 1st of 2004) and I actually was pleased of the media's coverage on a particular topic: "St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly (DFL) to back President Bush": ( This was big news that got some criticism (e.g. similar to Wellstone's Memorial turned to a campaign "party"!) from some some state DFL supporters. My reason for agreeing with St. Paul's Mayor, Randy Kelly (personally met in 1998 when I was lobying for UMM/Morris' RFC/Science Bldg. Bonding Bill) was because "we need to support our President" (respect for authoriatative figure-no matter what part he/she's on!; just like how we should for our biological parents-no matter who "imperfect" they are; this explains why our "young people" have no respect for authority!; "we" adults need to be good examples through our words and actions) after reading a bumper sticker ("Anti-Bush") driving on W. 7th St. in downtown St. Paul this past weekend. I say try to put yourself in his shoes and "run our nation". No one is perfect! I also decided to write this because I was watching my first demolition derby at the nearby Pope County Fair in Glenwood (26 miles east of Morris) and I saw some grafitti in the grandstand: "George W Bush Needs to be Murdered" (something like that).

Other "Disgusting-Childish" Campaign Story Battle Across our Nation:

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  • I don't totally believe everything what President George Bush does, but we (Citizens of this nation) need to respect our authoriatative figures!...
    "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."-Romans 13:1

    Have you ever been an authoriatative postion (e.g. Residential Adviser of 35+ college students, leader of a campus ministry, etc...)? Did you ever had people complain about your? Was it easy? You tried your best, righ? If you do have problems with any authoritative figure, my advise is to first "pray" for them! Make a list of the "positives" of that person. Then make a list of "advices" for that person to work on. Ask God how you can be a person of help-participant (does something) instead of a onlooker (does nothing)!

    What are the issues?
    (e.g.death penatly, abortion, affirmative action, war, separation of church and state-how far do we go? -see down below- etc...)

    Undecided (take the questionaaire by Time magazine found in this page)?

    Still undecided? Yes, I've heard that neither candidates "fit" your vote; however, no individual or party is perfect. That is why I'm glad to fully-totally put all my dependence and trust in my Heavenly Father (see personal relationship) Well, what's your first #1 priority issue? Is it "good" for you as an "individual" or the "whole"? Ask and seek Him! As a Christian (even though we are "citizens" of Heaven and not of this world, it's our duty to bring the "taste of the Kingdom" on earth), we need to be "involved"-"ask not what your country can do for you, but ask your Heavenly Father what YOU can do for our community, state, nation, and world"


    Both claim to be "Christians" (each quoted Bible verses too during the 3rd final debate), so what? Yes, we don't have the right to judge them, but do we see the "Christ-like-fruit" (Matthew 7:15-23 or Galatians 5:22-24) that Jesus and his followers talk about in the New Testament?

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    As I was biking around town today (Tuesday, Nov 2nd), an African-American friend of mine and I were talking about cultural-race being an issues. I decided to re"search" on this issue:

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  • more (11/3/04)...

    Election Day is Today!

    It's 12:51 CDT Tuesday, November 2nd 2004! I haven't voted yet, but I plan to do so later this afternoon with my housemate. I was taking a nap this afternoon and God reminded me with this...

    "In God We Trust"

    This is a quote in the U.S's monetary, which we as a nation needs to do. No matter what happens after the election, we need to put our total trust and dependence on Him. There is no such thing as a "perfect" President, man, or human being! Why should we put our total trust in a President, leader, nation, or man? Instead, we should be praying for "them" and focus on what we can do (see dependence on God)...

    "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask your Heavenly Father what you can do for your country (family, neighborhood, community, city, state, nation, and world)"

    This is quote that came to me during this campaign as I changed some words and context of JFK's famous speech. We all need to be part of the political process and each play a part!

    E-Mail Campaign Forward:


  • This Land-Jib Jab, a cartoon hilarious video-starring Bush and Kerry Campaign
  • HMMMMMM!!!!!!

    The Lord has a way of revealing those of us who really know him, and those that don't! Think about it! Kerry gave a big speech last week about how

    his faith is so "important" to him. In this attempt to convince the American people that we should consider him for president, he announced that his favorite Bible verse is John 16:3.

    Of course the speech writer meant John 3:16, but nobody in the Kerry camp was familiar enough with scripture to catch the error. And do you know what John 16:3 says?

    John 16:3 says; "They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me." The Spirit works in strange ways.

    Pass it on VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!

    Note: I don't know how valid this e-mail is, but I'm not going to make any personal judgments or conclusions on this. Instead pray for both candidates!


  • Politics 1, 2004 Presidential candidates
  • BUSH (President)-[REPUBLICAN]

    E-mail Forwards

    British Historian Paul Johnson: Bush Must Win (on Nov 1st 2004)

    Subject: Subject : THE TRUTH ABOUT BUSH!

    There were 39 combat related killings in Iraq during the month of January..... In the fair city of Detroit there were 35 murders in the month of January.

    That's just one American city, about as deadly as the entire war torn country of Iraq.

    When some claim President Bush shouldn't have started this war, state the following ...

    FDR... led us into World War II. Germany never attacked us: Japan did. From 1941-1945, 450,000 lives were lost, an average of 112,500 per year.

    Truman... finished that war and started one in Korea, North Korea never attacked us. From 1950-1953, 55,000 lives were lost, an average of 18,334 per year.

    John F. Kennedy... started the Vietnam conflict in 1962. Vietnam never attacked us.

    Johnson... turned Vietnam into a quagmire. From 1965-1975, 58,000 lives were lost, an average of 5,800 per year.

    Clinton... went to war in Bosnia without UN or French consent, Bosnia never attacked us. He was offered Osama bin Laden's head on a platter three times by Sudan and did nothing. Osama has attacked us on multiple occasions.

    In the two years since terrorists attacked us President Bush has ... liberated two countries, crushed the Taliban, crippled al-Qaida, put nuclear inspectors in Libya, Iran and North Korea without firing a shot, and captured a terrorist who slaughtered 300,000 of his own people.

    The Democrats are complaining about how long the war is taking, but... It took less time to take Iraq than it took Janet Reno to take the Branch Davidian compound. That was a 51 day operation.

    We've been looking for evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq for less time than it took Hillary Clinton to find the Rose Law Firm billing records.

    It took less time for the 3rd Infantry Division and the Marines to destroy the Medina Republican Guard than it took Ted Kennedy to call the police after his Oldsmobile sank at Chappaquiddick.

    It took less time to take Iraq than it took to count the votes in Florida!!!!

    Our Commander-In-Chief is doing a GREAT JOB!

    The Military moral is high!

    The biased media hopes we are too ignorant to realize the facts.


    Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 20:49:09 -0500
    From: Richard
    Subject: Please forward to Pastor

    Dear Pastor:

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Judging by National Journal's congressional vote ratings, Kerry and Edwards are a couple of the most liberal senators in Congress. The results of the vote ratings show that Kerry was the most liberal senator in 2003, with a composite liberal score of 96.5. But Edwards wasn't far behind: He had a 2003 composite liberal score of 94.5, making him the fourth-most-liberal senator.

    Matthew 22:21
    They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.

    We have a moral duty to be good citizens of the United States of America. The Christian founders of our great land gave us the responsibility to elect representatives to guide our moral and political path as a nation. The laws which have been passed since the beginning are directly due to the moral character of those elected representatives. We as citizens of America are directly responsible for the condition of the current laws in affect in America.

    Up until 1954 non-profit organizations, ministers and churches were free to enter the public debate arena without fear of reprisal from the government. LBJ was running for re-election to the Senate against strong anti-communist groups in his state. He pushed through legislation barring non-profit groups from political activity four months before Election Day. The IRS through threat of loss of the tax-exempt status has had a grip over the political, social, moral debate which ministers and churches up until the last fifty years have participated in.

    Surely we as Christian men and women can recognize the moral decay America has had in the last forty or so years. Prayer was removed from schools, abortion was legalized and a continual stream of courtroom decisions from activist judges encouraging the moral decay we now see. How has this happened? Directly from the men and women who have been elected to office, our representatives, since the church was silenced and removed from the public debate.

    It is time the men and women of God stand up and speak out the truth, the Word of God. God does not want silence in the church regarding the actions of our government nor the sin and corruption of our elected political officials or of those running for office. The Old Testament prophets were always warning and encouraging the leaders of Israel to follow God, to keep His Commandments. I cannot imagine that God holds us faultless when we have the power to influence for good our government by voting for good decent candidates and we sit idly and silently by while evil, unrighteous men and women are elected into positions of authority over us.

    There are one and a half million babies slaughtered each year in America. This has occurred because immoral men in political office and the courts have been voted into office through the ignorance and silence of the Christian church. Ministers of protestant and catholic churches have influence over the largest single block of voters in America.

    You can identify from the pulpit issues pertinent to the Christian faith and the obvious stand candidates have taken either through what they say or their voting records. Church attendees should be encouraged to vote for those who support Christian principles.

    The silence of the church on the issue of abortion is wrong and the blood of the innocent could be indirectly placed on the hands of the ministers of the church who have refused to address this moral ill.

    Psalm 82:1-4
    God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods. 2How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah. 3Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. 4Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.

    Also see Jer. 1.5 and Psalm 94. 5-10.

    Regarding our upcoming presidential election George Bush is Pro-Life and John Kerry is Pro-Choice. Do your Christian and civic duty and may you be blessed. Do not allow the fear or threat of losing tax-exemption block doing what is right.

    Luke 16:13
    No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

    Throughout the Bible we have a record of God's judgment on Israel when she as a nation turned against the Lord. Please make a stand for righteousness in our land which was founded as a beacon for Christ.

    Joshua 1:9

    Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

    Deut. 4:5-6

    Behold, I have taught you statutes and judgments, even as the Lord my God commanded me, that ye should do so in the land whither ye go to possess it. 6Keep therefore and do them; for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations, which shall hear all these statutes, and say, surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people.

    Warmest Regards in Christ,
    Columbus, MS

    Faith in the White House
    *watched this for the first time last week (Sept 2005) on TBN
    Bush Video Reviews:
    Christianity Today

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  • KERRY (senator)-[DEMOCRATS]

    Farenheit 511

    ...more on topics from this documentary film.

  • Absolute Insight
  • September Eleventh Forum
  • Poltical Party Affiliation?

    When people ask what political party I am with? I answer: "Neither, I'm with the Jesus party!" I don't like to take sides because it creates division with people, which is what the enemy (devil) likes to use (e.g. racism, hate, anger, etc...) amongst the human race! However, we do need to be active (e.g. pray for leaders) and voice ourselves in this democratic nation; and not become spectators!

    Need Government

    "12 "But when you saw that Nahash king of the Ammonites was moving against you, you said to me, 'No, we want a king to rule over us'-even though the LORD your God was your king. 13 Now here is the king you have chosen, the one you asked for; see, the LORD has set a king over you. 14 If you fear the LORD and serve and obey him and do not rebel against his commands, and if both you and the king who reigns over you follow the LORD your God-good! 15 But if you do not obey the LORD , and if you rebel against his commands, his hand will be against you, as it was against your fathers."-1 Sammuel 12

    Above is part of a story how Israel was provided by a King. I see this as the history (see beginning of 1 Chronicles 5 and chapters after on history of past kings of Israel and Judah, which we can learn a lot from their mistakes and relate to our present current political situation)-the beginning of rulers and authorities (e.g. Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc...) that have led, leads, and will continue to lead nations of this world. However, there is no ruler that is perfect because the only one that has, is, and will always be perfect is Christ our King-for those who acknowledges Him (see personal relationship)

    We do need government to prevent chaos and set order. As a U.S. citizen, we can easily complain how "corrupt" it is in this country. However, one should visit other countries and realize we don't have it all that bad. What happens if we don't have government? Have you ever seen the movies..

    -"Lord of the Flies" (my free essays)
    -Postman (starring Kevin Costner) no government after a post nuclear disaster

    Yes, the "Church" (both Catholic and Protestants) have their "mistakes" too, which is why we need to Full Rely On God by having Jesus be Lord of your life!...think that's one-sided or too "conservative" for you? Well, being not selfish is part of the Christian walk!

    There is a seperation of "church and state" (religious tolerance), but their will never be a disection or they can't take away what's in your heart-God! As the nation battles on this issue, let's not forget about our (nation and world's) history when we do eliminate God completely from out nation (e.g. remember 9/11!) If you already got Jesus in your heart, you can be a "light" to the politicians in government-"marketplace"

    How? We'll look in the Bible of the many "politicians":

    -Moses (Exodus 7:7 "rubbed shoulders with the Pharaoh), who was involved with the Egyptian "elite" before finding his true "Hebrew" identity
    -King David (2 Sammuel)

    more.....(Bible and Liberal Arts: under "sociology")

    Q: Did you know that Billy Graham, evangelist, was an adviser to some U.S. Presidents?
    A: "Just As I Am", an autobiography of Mr. Graham shares stories of 9 U.S. Presidents he served as a "spiritual adviser"

    Need the Lord's help in the political arena?

    "Heavenly Father, I invite you to be the Lord of my life in the work you given me in government/politics. I can't do it without you, so I as you Jesus to be Lord of my workplace. In Jesus name...Amen!"

    *David's prayer in Psalm 26

    "Vindicate me, O Lord, for I have led a blameless life...redeem me and be merciful to me. My feet stand on level ground; in the great assembly I will praise the Lord"

    Separation of Church/Religion and State

    This has been an on-going issues, which folks have told me that it started when they banned prayer from schools and now they are going too far. Now you wonder why 9/11 might have happened!

    As a Christian, there are many political issues that we may disagree with, but we have to be careful to not get too emotional and lose that focus to love one another. I see many protesting going on when it comes to various issues that Christians disagree with. Some issues, we somewhat get pressured to agree with to avoid any offense...

    "11Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul. 12Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us."-1 Peter 2:11

    There are times we need to be bold (with the help of the Holy Spirit) and not leave our ground in faith.

    *Special E-Mail Forward*

    From : Cunningham
    To : "GEORGE
    Subject : Fw: Fw: Excellent: ACLU and crosses on Federal property
    Sent : Saturday, November 22, 2003 1:33 PM

    Did you see in the news last week where the A C L U doesn't want any crosses on any Federal property? Well duh......... (Scroll Down)

    Cemetery Crosses
    (I believe this is the Arlington National Cemetery, please correct me if I'm wrong)

    Let them try and remove these!! What are these people thinking?? At what point do we say, enough is enough? Please pass this on to as many people possible as quickly as you can even if you normally don't do this type of thing. Some messages just need to be forwarded and this is most certainly one of them. Please take the time.

    Related Resources:

  • One Nation, article in One Voice (christian community herald) that publicized an article (CBN-see article) on the "very rich and substantial Judeo-Christian heritage" in our nation's capitol. It was a project called "God in the Temples of Government":
    -Organization of American States bldg has a statue of prophet Daniel
    -Daughters of the American Revolution bldg has Proverbs 22:28 quoted

    ...more pictures on Human Events Online

    Sent: 10am 10/21/04
    Dear Campaign Directors,

    Keep up the good work you all do in this "busy" season! As a second generation Filipino American citizen (non partisan-undecided voter still) -foremost-a concerned Christian, could you please STOP the "campaign attacks" (ok, I'm a softy rural small college town resident in Morris, Minnesota-born and raised in the bigger cities-Twin Cities) in the media (e.g. speeches, commercial ads, violence, etc..) we see on television.

    Below is a personal statement in my website to encourage citizens and to both Bush&Kerry to focus more on "what are you going to do" (I haven't been to a campaign rally yet, but the media just publicizes one liner ridicule attacks of both I might not hear what each party is addressing)...

    Citizen praying for you all,

    I forgot to put this in the e-mail:

    We need to better serve as role models to our children and the future generations of our nation through our political campaign actions (e.g. speeches, ads, etc..). Also, the whole world is watching us, so we need to remember them too!


    Wow, I'm glad the 2004 Campaign is over-no more of those "filthy" debates, campaign ads, etc...However, we need to keep working together-both side of the party!

  • Election 2004, many links
  • U.S. Elections Results 2004, from solomostemple
  • Voters register disapproval of gay marriage In clean sweep, 11 states pass bans on same-sex unions, from MSNBC (The Associated Press Updated: 10:44 a.m. ET Nov. 3, 2004)

  • "The results just go to show that the citizens ... clearly understand the value of natural marriage,” said Christina Rondeau, director of the North Dakota Family Alliance, a group that supported the amendment."

    Can't Stereotype or Prejudge

    After watching the 2004 Campaign and Elections, I noticed how people can get "overboard" (e.g. my housemate chose to put a "Bush/Chenney" sign in our front yard, which was ripped the weekend before the elections) and "too emotional" into it. If you label yourself with one of the parties, you automatically get "categorized" or "stereotype". That is why I didn't affiliate myself with either party because I don't totally believe with all the issues of any of the parties. You might be automatically labeled "negatively". I hear this example use a lot: When I say I like "ice cream", what picture comes to your mind...chocolate, mint, on a dish or a cone, etc...It can be many things depending on the "eye of the beholder" or "your personal experience". The same goes with either political parties. I was chatting with someone last night (Friday, November 5th) at a local coffee shop. He told me how his sister hates "Bush". I asked him why would she hater him? He began to share about the organge poison gas issue from the Persian Gulf War, which U.S. Soldiers were lied/decieved by their upper authorities (e.g. Bush). Well, one of these soldiers is the husband of my friend's sister. This explains why he and his wife hates "Bush". A "Republican" who is for "moral issues and values" may label this soldier one who doesn't value "moral issues or values" of the Republican Party. This individual "Republican" may not understand automatically why this individual "hates Bush" until he/she hears their story. Instead of jumping to conclusions of individuals, we need to understand where they are coming from. It's an example of racism, in which people stereotype or "prejudge" a person before they get a chance to know the individual.

    "Government Citizens!": Pray for Our Leaders

    Instead of complaining and ridiculing these politicians, pray for them! Then ask God what can you do to play a part in making our local community, state, nation, or world better? Just like John F. Kennedy's famous challenge (inagural) speech, "And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country..." in January 20th, 1961

    Yes, we need to submit to "governmental" authorities (Romans 13:1-7), so we need to make sure we submit to those that are "right with God".

  • Presidential Prayer Team, U.S. President needs your prayers!
  • "7 "Now, O LORD my God, you have made your servant king in place of my father David. But I am only a little child and do not know how to carry out my duties. 8 Your servant is here among the people you have chosen, a great people, too numerous to count or number. 9 So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong. For who is able to govern this great people of yours?"-1 Kings 3

    Also, we need to pray for the President's Administration Team and Leaders's (local, state, and national level) Advisers overall:

    1 Kings 4

    Solomon's Officials and Governors

    "1 So King Solomon ruled over all Israel. 2 And these were his chief officials:

    Azariah son of Zadok-the priest;
    3 Elihoreph and Ahijah, sons of Shisha-secretaries;
    Jehoshaphat son of Ahilud-recorder;
    4 Benaiah son of Jehoiada-commander in chief;
    Zadok and Abiathar-priests;
    5 Azariah son of Nathan-in charge of the district officers;
    Zabud son of Nathan-a priest and personal adviser to the king;
    6 Ahishar-in charge of the palace;
    Adoniram son of Abda-in charge of forced labor.

    7 Solomon also had twelve district governors over all Israel, who supplied provisions for the king and the royal household. Each one had to provide supplies for one month in the year."

    Reccomended Resources


    Morris: All American City Finalist in Atlanta

    6 years ago when I was an RA and an MCSA Rep my junior year, I started to get more involved with student politics. I helped lobbied for the now RFC, which I talked one and one with now Mayor of St. Paul Randy Kelly; back then, he was one of the Minnesota State Legislature. The RFC came about after I graduated, but the work towards getting it paid off as I'm a active member now. I would not imagine going to Atlanta with 14 members from the Morris community to share about the RFC in front of 12 judges (mayor, political figures, etc...)

    I went on a 4 day conference type competition representing Morris for All American City in 2004. I was representing the cultural diversity aspect of my community, along with the church population. I witnessed many opportunities where God or the faith-religious aspect played a part on this 4-day trip:

    Wednesday, June 9th: I had an opportunity to share my faith with the hotel fitness cleaner/janitor (AJ) the first night. I told him that God can use (see purpose) us anywhere, and how He has used me working at a group home for developmentaly disabled/physically challenged adults-if we ask Him! AJ seem very interested, so I told him that God can use him here. I told him that the Bible can be a good guidance and he asked me, "where should I start reading?". Like many people asking where to start, I told him to read the Book of John.

    Thursday, June 11th: During the Civic Fair part of the event (see), they had various represented cities do a performance (jazz band with drumming, Jamaican music to Beetles' "Yesterday", and various dancing from different parts of the country). One that sticked out was the group from Springfield, Ohio; they had a church choir sing "Kick the devil out of the City". It was a very soul-filling gospel music! I thought this was an awesome part of the Civic Fair, which was a seed planter of faith that the church community is part of the backbone (e.g. Chris Rock mentioned this in his movie) of the community.

    Sunday, June 13th 2004-Worship Service (same as the atlanta trip website) I woke-up early on Sunday morning hoping to attend the famous Ebenezzer Baptist Church (service start @8am) , where Martin Luther King Jr. attended. Five years ago, I had an opportunity to visit here during a Impact Conference. I was too tired to get up as I was up till 2am packing after last nights adventure around town. I got up around 7:45am and ended up going to a nearby church service. In fact, I found this when I was touring the surrounding area earlier. It was a storefront church called "Universal Church: Stop Suffering Center" (205 Peachtree St.) 1.800.704.0194, located across the Westin Plaza. I made it in time (@9:15a) to see most of the service-45 of the 60 minutes. I was hoping to experience a happening' holly rollers service with some wake-up gospel music, but there was none in the vicinity of the Marriot (There was a Catholic Church and a Methodist Church started @11am a couple blocks from the hotel). I was able to hear part of the message that I missed, he talked about Harriet Tubman, famous African-American Women known for the Undeground Railroad. I felt the message was very life applicable-"What are you willing to sacrifice (time, money, bad friends-influences, materialism, etc...things that may distract you from your focus on growing in your relationship with God) to get your prayers answered (my interpretation of the sermon). After the service, there was another one-in Spanish. I then went back to the hotel to meet the others by 11:45am to ride the transit to the airport.

    ...more of Atlanta 2004 Trip Report

    Throughout the trip in Atlanta, my group from the Morris Team witnessed many beggars asking for money. I told a sister in Christ that the Bible mentions "Silver or Gold I don't have, but I have Jesus", which many of them need. However, the church not only needs to share Jesus, we need to show how Jesus would help them get back on their feet. "We can give a man a fish that will last them a day, but if we teach them how to fish-it'll last them a lifetime!". I hope the churches of all our communities can live by this principle in making our community more of an "all heavenly-city"; not just an "all-american city"!

    Despite not winning the ten finalist of 30 All American City Finalist, I was well pleased to get to know the various leaders of the Morris Team. I pray that this is just the beginning of a continuing growing relationship building of our community to work together and that "we would hold each other up" (saying encouragement from Dave Johnson, who critique our presentation) to this! This trip made me want to seek God more on how I and the church can be used more effectively in our communities-partnering in our common vision with others to make a difference in our different ways to do so.

    Please keep these public officials in prayer:

    Carol Wilcox-Mayor of Morris
    Stevens County Commissioners
    Terry Westrom-State Representative of District 11A
    Dallas Sams-State Senator of District 11

    "Meet the Candidates"
    (local/state/national/ representative, county commisioners)
    will be at the AMerican Legion on:
    Thursday, October 14th @7pm
    American Legion (on W. 5th St./Hwy 28 by Casey's)
    Sponsored by: American Vets

    Local Morris 2004 Election (SAMPLE) Ballot: Candidates
    Vote Smart: Local Candidate Biography

    Cy Thao-State Representative (UMM Alumn 93')


    Keep the following officials in prayer:
    -Tim Pawlenty-Governor
    Government Cabinet Level Departments Minnesota Judicial Branch, courts
    Minnesota Court of Appeals

    -Norm Coleman, U.S. Senator (former St. Paul Mayor, who I met in person when he came over to my social studies class back in Harding Senior High School during Spring of 1995)

    Letter of encouragment on Tuesday, January 24th of 2006:

    "Dear Honorable U.S. Senator Norm Coleman,

    I just wanted to e-mail you an encouragement to keep up the good work in the federal level you are in. As a former St. Paul (move to Morris after graduating from UMM in 1999) resident, it's been awesome to see you grow in your influence from a local to global level. I remember when I first met you in person-back in 1995 when you visited my social studies class at St. Paul Harding Senior High. I was very quiet back then, but did listen to your awesome vision for our city; which came true!

    I'm currently living in Morris, MN where I feel God has put me to make a difference. I just want to let you know I'll be praying for you as you make in impact for our state and the world. Keep up the good work as God leads you to fulfill the plan (Jeremiah 29:11) He destined for you and the people He has you to influence....

    Proud Minnesota/former St. Paul resident,

    Career/Job Opportunities

  • Serve Minnesota-Americorps

  • *UMM Connection-Tim (worked with at Divine House, Inc. in 2005)


  • Chaska School Board of Education: District 112, Carlos Gallego of Carver County-UofM Extension Service (Carver County-4H, newsletter, etc..)


  • Progressive Minnesota, Hmong connection-Nicoly Ly, UMM Alumn 02'
  • Evangelism

    Aug. 7-8 Saturday-Sunday

    Twin Cities Luis Palau Festival

    At the State Capitol. Twin Cities Christians, join the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association in praying for a mighty harvest of souls to be reached through this event. Invite friends & family. Join us at the Capitol in St. Paul. 952-929-1421.


  • Midwest Chaplains
  • Pray for: Dan Hall-a local church connection involved with this ministry to our state legislatures

    Voting Rights-Privileges

  • Minnesota E-Democracy
  • Minnesota Secretary of State, voter registration card!

  • *Pre-Register by Oct. 12th for the general election on Nov 2nd
  • Redeem the Vote, non-partisan, non profit organization

    "In God We Trust"
    in our nation's monetary
    Commit to Pray (map of prayer warriors)


  • Firt Gov: Agencies A-Z
  • Campaign


  • Alan Keyes On Imposing Christian Values in 96' Pres. race
  • Obama for Illinois, running for U.S. Senate

  • A friend-former UMM Alumn 00'(Randy Gardley): A&O, is currently helping behind the scenes of this campaign


  • Christian Freedom Party, got a flier (8/15/04) after attending church with my family in St. Paul
  • Green Party
  • Branches of Government

  • U.S. Courts

  • U.S. Court of Appeals
  • NEWS 10/25/04:
    U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist has "cancer" (prayer request)
  • Biography-, from Legal Information Institute
  • Doctors split on Rehnquist prognosis Surgery may signal aggressive cancer, from MSNBC (The Associated Press Updated: 7:47 a.m. ET Oct. 26, 2004)
  • Rehnquist May Return to Work at Top Court, from CBN

  • *Rehnquist's hospitalization at National Naval Medical Center in suburban Bethesda, Md., gave new prominence to a campaign issue that has been overshadowed by the war on terror. The next president probably will name one or more justices to a court that has been deeply divided in recent years on issues as varied as abortion and the 2000 election itself. President Bush won that after the Supreme Court issued a key 5-4 decision in his favor, with Rehnquist as part of the majority.

    Current Issues

  • Grassfire's "Friend of the Court" brief supporting keeping the phrase "under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance
  • *an e-mail petition sent 2/6/2004
    Dear friend,

    I have just signed Grassfire's "Friend of the Court" brief supporting keeping the phrase "under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance.

    Grassfire has submitted this official brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of hundreds of thousands of citizens who support the Pledge. Their goal is to rally 200,000 citizens who want their support of the Pledge noted in the official Supreme Court record of the case.

    With the U.S. Supreme Court set to decide whether or not the phrase "under God" can stay in the Pledge on March 24, signing this important brief gives citizens like us one final opportunity to demonstrate our support for keeping the Pledge as it is.

    I would be honored if you added your name with me to this historic document. It takes just moments, and it is absolutely free:

    Thanks for taking action with me.
    Mr. Randall Buffie

    P.S. After signing, please send this message to as many friends as you can, urging them to follow your lead by signing this brief.



  • Head of State z review
  • *I personally thought this comedy brought some good points concerning "racism" in politics


  • APJC, October 22nd at U.S. Capitol Mall
  • Prayer

    Pray for President Bush (2000-2004 Term) through Presidential Prayer Team
    President Bush "Inner Strength"

    "...1Ti 2:1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 1Ti 2:2 For kings, and for all that are In authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. 1Ti 2:3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior; Rom 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Rom 13:2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. Rom 13:3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: Rom 13:4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to Execute Wrath upon him that doeth evil. Rom 13:5 Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. Video free download from "LetFreedomRing";in various formats"

    GEORGE WASHINGTON (1789-1797)
    (Member of Vestryman, Pohick Church (Episcopalian)

    “Almighty God, We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy Holy protection…and that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with…Charity, [and] humility…which were the Characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed Religion. Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

    JOHN ADAMS (1797-1801)
    (Member of First Church, Braintree, Massachusetts)

    “I pray Heaven to bestow the best of Blessings on this House and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof.”

    Forwarded e-mail from Dante, Pennsylvania Christian Leadership Fellowship President


  • Vote-Smart, links to your local candidates' biography

  • *referred from IVCF's forward e-mail on 10/25/04-Awesome resource!-thanks Luke!


  • United Nations

  • UMM Alumn: Political Careers

    Name: Randon Gardley
    Year: 2000
    Major: I have majors in Psychology and Human Services. I also hold minors in Sociology and Political Science.
    Occupation: Director of Outreach – U.S. Senate campaign of Barack Obama
    How are you involved with political activism after UMM? Please check out my resume for details. I started as an intern with the Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus through the Illinois Legislative Staff Intern Program. While there, I worked on two State Senate campaigns, in addition to handling press and legislative tasks. This is where I met my current boss, Illinois State Senator Barack Obama who is the Democratic nominee for United States Senate.

    Attention UMM Alumns w/political majors or current related career work. Please contact Alisande Allaben of Alumni Relations at about your current status on how are you involved with "political activism" after UMM. She'll be doing a feature in the next UMM Alumn Newsletter on this topic. Thank You!

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