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You know our country (U.S.A.) biggest exporting product is "films"/"movies". I (Sal) heard this somewhere, but if you realize it-it's true! Our country is known throughout the world for it's movies.

Inspirational Documentaries

After filling out so many profiles for all these network sites, I can honestly say what type of movies I really like. I love documentaries with real-life stories that are based on true-stories-does this make sense? I jut love inspirational movies that just gets me motivated in life. Stories that have the fight for survival (e.g. Shackleton), courage, love, and redemption.

"Evil vs. Good"

Also, I love "good vs. evil" movies. I just watched "Transformers the Movie" (80's cartoon, but better than just a cartoon) and saw the "spiritual" symbolism-Autobots (angels) vs. Decepticons (devil-deceiver). If you watched the end of the movie, they have the "ruler" of the Decepticons (Megatron changes to "Galvatron", who becomes a "slave" to the evil "ruler"-Unitron?). This "ruler" is a huge planet that sucks everything in it's way and transforms to this huge robot that looks like the "stereotypical" Satan (e.g. with horns on it's head and wings like a dragon).

Good Examples:

Lord of the Rings
Lord of The Rings - Super Trailer(about 7 mins)

*see UMMAlpha: Britain
The Matrix Trailer

Chronicles of Narnia
The Chronicles Of Narnia trailer
*see UMMAlpha: Britain


I love watching comedy movies to get a good laugh-especially difficult times in life when we all need one!

The Naked Gun 2 in 10 minutes

"The funniest parts of the movie stuffed into this 10 min. clip."

Favorite Movies from the 80's

  • Back to the Future

  • Back To The Future Tribute

    "As a massive fan of the Back To The Future trilogy I've been thinking of slamming a video together for some time now. This is the result, I hope you enjoy it."

    Reccomended Resources


    Family Bookstore in City Centre Mall. You can rent Christian-Family focus videos for only $1. Check out their selections!

    UMM Campus

  • Bruce Johnson, UMM Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients 02'

  • *founder of PorchLight Entertainment with the founding vision to "tell good stories that impart moral lessons." (networks with Thomas Nelson, publisher of Christian books
  • Emmy nomination for former UMMer Judy Riley on Thursday, Apr. 27, 2006

  • Brent Roske, now creative director of Skycastle Entertainment in Burbank, Calif., was nominated for an Emmy for a series he co-produced, titled "Sophie Chase." Roske attended UMM from 1992-1994.
    ""Sophie Chase," by Roske and Chuck Bowman, has already won the Audience Choice Award at NATPE (The National Association of Television Program Executives) 2006. The Audience Choice Award was selected by the NATPEMobile audience after viewing selected clips of the nominated films, and then text messaging their winning selection to be counted live, on-site."
    Read more about "Sophie Chase" by visiting


  • Minnesota Films
  • Prairie Home Campanion, featuring Garrison Keillor (2006)
    a friend-former UMM Alumn James H. is an extra!
    -'Prairie Home Companion' movie already getting rave reviews
    "The Altman film, based on Garrison Keillor's long-running radio program, was shot in St. Paul over the summer with a cast including Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson, Lily Tomlin and Kevin Kline. The working title was "The Last Broadcast," but Berney, aiming to capitalize on the name recognition of the 31-year-old radio program, recommended that the title revert to "A Prairie Home Companion."



  • Bells of Innocense, starring Chuck Norris

  • Reviews: (Christian Cinema)


  • Robert Duvall Top 10 Movies, from
  • Articles

  • "Hollywood Christians Working in the Inside, by CBN
  • "Hollywood Gets A Conscience", by
  • "What is being done to change the values of Hollywood?", by Christian
  • Biblical

    Ted Baehr's top 20 movies of the 20th century from a Christian perspective:
    -Ben Hur, from Christian Cinema
    "Most expensive film in history at the time of release, 7 years in the making and the winner of more international honors and praise than any other movie in history.
    The film�s subtitle is � A story of the Christ �. It chronicles the life of Judah-Ben Hur and his rise to fame and power as a Jew in the midst of the persecution of Rome. Paralleling is the story of Jesus strating God�s kingdom on the earth. Tremendous drama is played out in the struggle of Rome�s power verses God�s love in Ben Hur�s life.
    Also included in this video is a one hour documentary on the making of the film by Christopher Plummer. Actors: Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins, Stephen Boyd, Hugh Griffith, Haya Harareet, Martha Scott, Cathy Donnell and Sam Jaffe."
    -from faith centered resources
    His Words: General Lew Wallace, creator
    There is a cool scene where Ben Hur's sister and mom get healed from leprosy!

  • Leprosy Info, from World Health Organization
  • Leprosy Mission International, based in UK
  • Samson & Delilah
  • -Ten Commandmants

    Davinci Code
    Breaking The Da Vinci Code So the divine Jesus and infallible Word emerged out of a fourth-century power-play? Get real., By Collin Hansen | posted 11/07/2003 (Christianity Today)
    Leader U

  • One Night w/the King, a true story of Esther (Old Testament)

  • Coming Fall of 2006!
    Reviews: imdb, Christianity Today, etc..

  • Jesus in the Movies, from
  • Books

  • "How Movies Helped Save My Soul", by Gareth Higgins-Revelant Books
  • Box Office Movies

  • TV-Links from UK, view the latest movies in the theatre
  • Children

    Mary Poppins Legend

    " few sections of a Walt Disney Movie "Mary Poppins""


  • Jimmy Stewarts Top 10 Movies, from
  • -80's
    The Pirates (82')

  • Fast-Rewind
  • Drama

  • The Matrix

  • Matrix-Trailer

    "Movie - Matrix 1,2,3 Music - Matrix 2 Final Trailer Immediate Music "Lacrimosa" Soft - Final Cut Pro 5"


  • Arabic Films
  • End Times

  • Cookie Film, movie industry
  • Tribulation
  • Vanished
  • Filmmakers

  • Francisco Aliwalas, director of Disoriented Movie

  • Current-My Stream
    "Francisco Aliwalas is a Manhattan based filmmaker. His documentaries, series, and promos have aired on MTV, Discovery Asia, and AZN. For the Travel Channel series, 5 TAKES, he has been the Director, Videographer, and Series Producer for three seasons. Francisco has made web content for Current TV, Google Travel, Ford Models, Aviation Week, General Electric, and Dress for Success."
    MySpace Site

    Insights on Movies

  • Insights Into Pop Culture, at Hollywood Jesus
  • Media-Entertainment Fellowship Groups

  • Good Times
  • Inter-Mission
  • Media Fellowship International
  • Ministries

  • Jesus Is The Answer Ministries, Hollywood fro Jesus (founded by an African-American Actor)
  • Testimonies of Celebrities (more...)

  • Hollywood Actor to Preacher
  • Jean Carson - A Fun Girl Finds Joy, from Christian Activities online
  • Missions

  • End of the Spear, based on a true inspirational story in Ecuador
  • Miscellaneous

  • Ad Communications, hollywood outlook
  • Cooke Film Pictures
  • Movie Guide
  • Oscar Winners

    CNN Results


  • Christian Cinema, categories: drama, family, children, etc...
  • Christian Films
  • Schools

  • Film School Directory
  • TV Channels

  • T.V. Guide, look for local listings

  • Trinity Broadcasting Network
  • From : GFA News & Updates
    Reply-To :
    Sent : Tuesday, February 24, 2004 8:42 AM
    To : "Salvaoor Monteaguoo"
    Subject : [GFA Update] Life of Christ Film...

    Gospel for Asia Update - February 24, 2004 - Vol. IV Issue 7

    Life of Christ Film in Asia -

    Dear Salvaoor,

    I have just learned from one of our field leaders that a GFA pastor and his church are under severe attack (story below). Please pray with us for this pastor and his flock.

    As you likely know, "The Passion of the Christ" hits theaters this week. Many people have an opportunity to view perhaps the most riveting film ever made on the sacrifice of Christ.

    While we certainly pray and hope for revival in this country, we must continue to remember the millions of people in remote Asian villages who have yet to hear about Jesus for the first time.

    Through God's provision, native missionaries with Gospel for Asia are reaching their people with "Man of Mercy," a film on the life of Jesus that was made in India [Info:]. Viewers do not watch this movie in a theater. Rather, missionaries set up the film outdoors, often drawing large crowds of people. As these precious people see the sacrifice of Jesus for the first time, many respond to His love with tears and weeping.

    By God's grace, tens of thousands have already become Christians through a "Man of Mercy" showing. Yet 500,000 villages in India alone are still still lack even one Gospel witness. Pray these communities are soon reached with the hope of Christ!

    For those who have never heard,
    John Schwartz


    It's All True (1942) made in Brazil by Orson Welles, who was cursed by a witchdoctor...
    How do you get rid of a curse? Repent and ask God to forgive you all of your sins
    Related Sites:
    News from Brazil
    " The story behind this film that "never was", is filled with cruel tragedy, and Orson Welles himself, claimed it was the manifestation of a curse. According to Welles, this was the curse of a macumbeiro, (from the Afro-Brazilian religion Macumba); or as Welles more dramatically claims, it was the curse of a "Brazilian Voodoo witch-doctor" he had met in Rio de Janeiro in 1942. Whether the story of the curse is true or not, the rest of the story is all true...."
    "It's true that Welles faced pretty much nothing but professional disappointment from that point forward. Touch of Evil, his potential masterpiece, was also famously taken away from him, and much of his remaining work was either left unfinished, or is for various reasons still little-seen. He became something of a gypsy in his later years, and was notoriously forced at various points to both take humiliating commercial voice-over work and to crash at Peter Bogdanovich's manse, where he earned his keep through performing the uneviable task of teaching Cybill Shepherd how to act. And, crazy as it may seem, a lot of people think The Curse of '42 has something to do with all that. A group of filmmakers reportedly hired a priestess to lift the curse in the early 90s; still, the myth continues to hold a certain kind of weight. According to Oja Kodar, who was Welles' girlfriend in the later years, an unamed Welles scholar "refused to come" to a Welles retrospective held at the recent Locarno Film Festival, "because he believes that everything that talks about Orson Welles is kind of cursed." Still others maintain that Welles' troubles had nothing to do with the supernatural realm. "There is a curse on him," says film historian/sometime Welles associate Joseph McBride, "But I think it is more from capitalism." "
    "A witchdoctor due to take part in the film puts a curse on Welles, sticking a red-threaded steel needle through the script after Welles tells him the money has run out.
    Forever after, Welles's career was dogged by misfortune. Legal disputes over his films have raged since his death in 1985, and much of his work remains unseen."

    ...was the title of an unfinished Orson Welles documentary about South America shot in 1942.
    Welles was asked by Nelson Rockefeller to make the film to help support the war effort, and was sent down to Brazil to shoot the footage on location. RKO quickly cut the funding for the project after dissatisfaction with the way the project was being run. All the footage shot by Welles was locked up in the RKO vaults, and for many years was believed to be lost, until it resurfaced in 1993. The original documentary would have consisted of three short pieces, My Friend Bonito, Carnaval, and Four Men on a Raft."

    -Orson Welles

    Special Feature

    The Passion, personal view

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