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Good News UMM

Good News UMM

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"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." -Mark 16:15"


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(New Site in Construction) the Good News Homepage. This ministry is dedicated to the table ministry (history archive) I (Sal Monteagudo) used (1999-2001) to do to share the Gospel to the students, faculty, staff, and any others who pass through the Student Center of the University of Minnesota-Morris..

campus in the rural college community of Morris or "motown" in west central Minnesota, U.S.A. We do not represent ourselves with any denominational churches, but rather the church body of Jesus Christ as a whole. Now, I'm just using the website for more of a resource outreach tool.

UMM Campus Tour (East-South) on September 9th 2009

What information can you find in our site?

-FREE Bibles, library-books, (others)resources to help build your faith and relationship with Jesus Christ, files on many different local, national, and international ministry non-profit organizations, online catalogs sites for ordering other christian materials (eg. music cds', bibles, books, t-shirts by Living Epistles

Win a $5,000 College Scholarship!

Watch this video to see how you can win a college scholarship for $5,000. The Be Prepared Video contains candid student interviews about their transition from high school to college. 120 students were interviewed on four university campuses to #!^emble a true-to-life depiction of the challenges, consequences and importance of connecting with Christian friends, roommates and ministries. The DVD helps students understand how important a ministry connection is, to withstand the stress and temptations they will confront when leaving home, and shows them how to make a connection online before arriving on campus. This practical tool should be shown to every graduating senior before they leave home"

What are other services we offer?

-E-mail GoodNewletter Suscription (local to global news), FREE church or campus ministry calender events publicizing, prayer requests (needs/wants that we can be in service: ride?), list of community volunteering opportunities (make a difference?), questions about the Bible or Christianity overall, need to find a local church, career or church counseling, Brag about God? (share your testimonies on what God is or has done in your life by e-mailing us:, or any other suggestions are always opened to prayfully consideration

Are you an UMM Alumni?

-If you are a UMM Alumn, please e-mail us if you would like to know what God is doing at UMM and how you can support His work here. Or if you would like to be part of our UMM Alumni Christian Network list, which you may be contacted by current UMM students (student organizations) about questions, career opportunities, or even to speak/share what you have in your heart to encourage them in their growth with Christ as students!

Why do I do this?

Personal Testimony

Resource Links:

{Are You Going to Heaven?} {Christian Life} {FAQ} {Issues} {Liberal Arts} {UMMAlpha-multicultural} {Movies} {Music} {Performing Arts} {Sports} {UMM Campus Outreach}

*see Bible

Thank you for visiting GoodnewsUMM! Please feel free to e-mail me (Sal) at on any comments, suggestions (e.g. any new websites),complaints, or anytype of feedback to improve this website.