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Ministry: Healing


"Then he said to him, “Rise and go; your faith has made you well.”-Luke 17:19

"Healing Rain

After coming to a growing personal relationship with Jesus, I learned more of his love and healing. The words in the Bible came to life on healing more and more.

Personal Testimony

Growing-up as a little kid (still today), I would get cuts and bruises-calling it an owe! I got a band aid or some rubbing alcohol to help heal the wound. Well, those "owes" become more serious when you get older and it takes more than those overthecountertop medicines.

It was my freshmen year at UMM when I went skiing with some international students at Andes Tower Hills. I got injured from making a "stupid" mistake...more

I remembered watching all those movies of Jesus and admired when he healed all types of people. Well, I believe God could heal me and my faith grew after the doctor told me that I didn't break anything after an x-ray...Praise God!

I can share countless stories of God's healing because I called out to Him. I try to first call to Him before I seek actual physical medical help to show my trust in Him. Then I ask for wisdom on what to do, which He tells me at times to seek a physical doctor. Not only physical healing, but emotional healing of all sorts of issues in daily life.

I personally reccomend of reading God's word, which is better then over the counter/prescription drugs (too many side effects). Try it, you never know what may happen, but read it (some verses from Luke is reccomended as the author was a physician/doctor)in faith and expectations!

Healthy Choices

Today (Monday, May 28th of 2007) I decided to add more on this after this topic has been big lately. I want to share the health aspects relating to healing. Diabetes runs in my mom's side and two years ago my doctor told me I'm close to border line-unless I make some dietary changes! I can quickly ask God for healing if I did get diabetes and be healed, but I rather choose to start now and avoid getting diabetes in the first place. The last two-eight years, I've cut down on my sugar-intake (e.g. refused pop as much as possible and cutting down on eating white-rice, which I ate a lot growin-up) and my recent visit to the doctor diagnosed me as not border-line or even close to diabetes-praise God! I thank God for giving me wisdom and self-control to be able to do this and I need to keep doing this in the future. What I'm trying to explain here is that we can avoide many of these health-related diseases/sickness if we just make right-choices!

Spiritual Medication

Yes, you can can immediately go to your local drug store for medications for "quick" (not always) healing of pain or some sickness. However, there are always side effects-physically! For me, I like to go to Scriptures-spiritual medication! This not only helps build my wisdom and knowledge of God's word for future references, but also it builds my faith!

"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever."-Hebrews 13:8

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    Last night (12/29/04), I was in a weekly "Homegroup-style" Bible Study. We covered on "Attitude: Faith-Healing", which was definitely a faith building time. I just wanted to get out in the community and lay my hands on people to be prayed for healing! Below are some testimonies of healing:

    -In a bible study in 1978/1979, a person was terminally ill of cancer. He/she was prayed for and lived 1 1/2-2 years more!
    -A father's faith grew after his daughter with leninjities was prayed for and healed
    -a friend had a bowel "untwisted" after being sick of bowel twisted in the 1980's, which the local county hospital Doctor Stock was amazed!

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    "I just recently returned from a missions trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. I was asked to shoot the video for my church We traveled to a small village outside of Puerto Penasco along the sea of Cortez. We had an outdoor barbecue with live music for the residents. The young boy in this video had never walked before. It was caused by a Birth condition where water got into the placenta.He had never felt his legs before so you can imagine how scary and shocked he was. People at the grill cooking. Said they could not tell what was going on but, could feel the presence of God so strongly! Even though they were standing in front of a blazing grill they got goosebumps. Pastor Carlos the man who was in charge of the event. Had a similar experiance with his own son at birth he was not able to walk. Pastor Carlos, prayed to God if You heal my son I will serve you. So God healed the boy. I saw him running an playing at the Church.When this healing happened he was called by God to start a church in Puerto Penasco. It was a very powerful moment!! A life changing experiance for everyone!!! My faith in God for healing has increased since I was blessed to be apart of this incrediable miracle.â??Glory to God !!!!! If you would like to see more about Our ministry Checkout :" *see healing [Pure Heart Ministry]
    FALLING TO HEAVEN" ~Mickey Robinson

    "After surviving severe burns resulting from an airplane crash while skydriving, Mickey Robinson had a "Death's Door" experience and spiritual rebirth that radically changed his life. During the long period of time required to recover, he not only received several miraculous healings, but also struggled with finding his purpose in life. video from"
    1) Pastor Marcus Wade Deridder,LA - brother testifies of knee healed Apostolic Miracle in Derrider.

    "My right knee was bothering me and just that day I'd been told by my doctor that I had a torn cartilage in that knee. He told me that I'd have to go to an Orthopedic surgeon for surgery and rehabilitation to repair and correct the problem. I never had the chance to tell my pastor anything about it. When Bro. Ashcraft told us to come up for healing, I went up and was healed. Praise God! I knew I was healed! The minister prayed for several other physical problems that I'd been having, not knowing anything about me, but I'm healed. I'm just so happy to be healed! Thank You Jesus!!!"

    NOTE: Please feel free to e-mail me for your testimonies or questions/prayer/needs/etc....

    "One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice."-Luke 17:15

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