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December, 2010
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THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST [PG]·Comedy·1988·(2:01)
Romantic comedy/drama about a travel writer, whose
marriage has been shattered by the death of his son, and his
affair with a kooky optimist who is his complete opposite.
Geena Davis won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

ADORATION [R]·Art House·2009·(1:41)
A teen boy - years after his parents died in a car crash -
creates a new identity on the internet, faking it as the son of
a terrorist. As the story explodes in cyberspace, new
questions arise in this provocative drama. 12/29.

ALL NIGHT LONG [R]·Comedy·1981·(1:28)
Demoted from executive row, a disillusioned drugstore night
manager tells his son to end an affair with a married older
cousin - and then begins his own relationship with her!
Co-starring Dennis Quaid. 12/8,20.

AMERICA'S HEART & SOUL [PG]·Documentary·2004·(1:28)
A documentary celebrating the American way of life:
interviews and footage of the day-to-day life of ordinary
people throughout the U.S. 12/6,17,30.

THE BADGE [R]·Crime·2002·(1:43)
Murder, sex and politics all intertwine in the story of a small
town Louisiana sheriff who becomes a blackmail target while
pursuing the truth behind the strange corpse that turned up
in the swamp. With Sela Ward. 12/13.

BAT*21 [R]·Action·1988·(1:45)
Amazing true story: an Air Force intelligence officer, shot
down in enemy territory during the Vietnam War, aids his
airborne rescuer by following from memory a map of his
favorite golf holes while fighting to survive. 12/6,15.

BEING HUMAN [PG13]·Comedy·1994·(2:02)
The travails of the human condition unfold as Hector, a
mild-mannered man, journeys through time - as a caveman,
a Roman slave, a medieval traveler, a divorced father in
today's NYC and more. With an all-star supporting cast.

BEST SELLER [R]·Action·1987·(1:35)
A professional hitman, looking to expose a double-crossing
boss, tries to convince a skeptical crime author to write his
story - but mob forces work to keep the tale under wraps in
this taut, intense thriller. 12/1.

BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY...THEY GET EVEN [PG]·Comedy·1992·(1:44)
Frustrated with their multiple-married parents and
step-parents, an unhappy teen and her stepbrother flee into
the woods, with their mixed-up families chasing close behind
in this well turned comedy/drama. 11/29,12/2,3,7,13.

BIRD [R]·Biography·1988·(2:41)
The story of legendary jazz saxophonist Charlie 'Bird' Parker:
his rise as a bebop innovator, the days of fame, and his final
years of drug addiction. Directed by Clint Eastwood. 12/12.

BLOODKNOT [R]·Mystery·1995·(1:39)
The family of a recently killed soldier opens its home to a
mysterious woman who claims to be the dead man's
girlfriend - but what does this femme fatale really want? A
seriously sexy thriller, with Margot Kidder. 1/2.

THE BLUE LAGOON [R]·Adventure·1980·(1:45)
The campy cult classic! Two shipwrecked children find
themselves on a remote desert island, where they grow up
and must learn about life - and love - on their own. 12/1,5.

BLUE SEDUCTION [TVMA]·Mystery·2009·(1:31)
A washed-up rock star meets a sexy young singer who claims
to be his biggest fan - but her obsession proves deadly in this
sensual thriller! 1/2.

THE BOOST [R]·Drama·1988·(1:35)
A hotshot investment specialist and his girlfriend move to L.A.
where his business and their cocaine-fueled lifestyle booms.
But when the finances crumble, staying high drags the couple
down in this honest, convincing drama. 12/9.

BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY [R]·Drama·1989·(2:24)
A true story: paralyzed while serving in Vietnam, Marine Ron
Kovic struggles to understand what his sacrifice meant and
becomes an articulate anti-war activist. Winner of Best
Director Oscar for Oliver Stone. 12/11,12,22.

A young German boy and his military family move to a new
assignment in Poland during World War II - but it takes some
time for the lad to realize the farm next door is a
concentration camp. A mesmerizing drama you won't forget.

BOYZ N THE HOOD [R]·Black·1991·(1:52)
Riveting drama follows four young black men as they deal
with gangs, drugs and broken families in South Central LA.
With Cuba Gooding, Jr.,Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Angela
Bassett. 12/12,29.

THE BREAKFAST CLUB [R]·Comedy·1985·(1:37)
The John Hughes 80s classic! Five high school students learn
to see past the cliques and cliches and bond while serving
out their enforced detentions. With Judd Nelson, Anthony
Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy. 12/8,17,30.

BUGSY [R]·Crime·1991·(2:16)
Oscar-winning true story of dapper gangster Bugsy Siegel's
adventures in Hollywood, culminating in his dream to build a
luxury casino in an empty desert town called Las Vegas. With
Ben Kingsley, Harvey Keitel. 12/2,17,22.

CARRINGTON [R]·Drama·1995·(2:03)
True story of the tangled platonic relationship between female
painter Dora Carrington and gay writer/historian in Lynton
Strachey 1920s England - an evocative, sexually frank
award-winning drama. 12/12.

CHANCES ARE [PG]·Comedy·1989·(1:48)
The reincarnated soul of her long-dead husband returns to a
beautiful, devoted widow - in the body of a much younger
man! With Ryan O'Neal, from the director of 'Sister Act' and
'Dirty Dancing.' 12/2,14,25.

THE CLASS [PG13]·Art House·2009·(2:10)
Multiple-award winning true story of a junior high school
teacher whose struggles with his inner city class produces
success - and sometimes failure. Dynamic and realistic,
starring the real-life instructor playing himself. 12/13,17.

COME ON, GET HAPPY [TVG]·Biography·1999·(1:28)
The shenanigans that took place behind the scenes of the
cheery, chirpy comedy television series The Partridge Family
are recounted from the viewpoint of child star Danny
Bonaduce - featuring the group's hit songs! 12/20,27,28.

CONSENTING ADULTS [R]·Crime·1992·(1:39)
The Parkers befriend their new neighbors Eddie and his sexy
wife Kay, and soon there is an erotic tension the air - but the
decision to wife-swap has deadly consequences in this sultry
thriller. With Kevin Spacey as Eddie. 12/6,16,31.

CONTACT [PG]·Adventure·1997·(2:30)
An astronomer dedicated to discovering intelligent life in the
universe makes radio contact with extra-terrestrials, who
send her the blueprints for a Machine - whose purpose is to
travel into the unknown! From the Carl Sagan novel. 12/29.

COOL AS ICE [PG]·Musical·1991·(1:31)
A rap singer on a motorcycle courts the daughter of a couple
in a federal witness-protection program. 12/4,13,14.

CORRINA, CORRINA [PG]·Black·1994·(1:55)
Los Angeles, 1959: reeling from the death of his wife, a man
desperately seeks a housekeeper to take care of his young
daughter - and gets more than he bargained for when Corrina
takes the job in this sharp comedy. 11/30,12/24,25.

COWBOY UP [PG13]·Action·2001·(1:45)
Two brothers on the pro bull riding circuit find their loyalties
tested by old family wounds, a life-threatening injury, and a
love triangle. With Darryl Hannah, Molly Ringwald, Pete
Postlethwaite. 12/6,7,13.

CRADLE WILL ROCK [R]·Comedy·1999·(2:14)
An all-star cast shines in director Tim Robbins' story - based
on real events - of the efforts of the major players and
politicians in 1930s New York to create public theater. With
Bill Murray, Hank Azaria, Emily Watson, Jack Black.

THE CRIME OF PADRE AMARO [R]·Drama·2002·(1:59)
Love, lust and sin collide in the steamy story of a young,
newly ordained Catholic priest whose explosive affair with a
sensual teenage girl rocks a small Mexican town and
scandalizes the church establishment. 12/27.

CRIMES OF PASSION [R]·Drama·1984·(1:41)
By day she's an uptight sportswear designer - by night she's
wearing a blond wig and becomes an enthusiastic hooker.
And now an equally unbalanced man is trying to kill her in
this explicit foray into drugs, sex and insanity. 12/17.

CROUPIER [TVMA]·Art House·1998·(1:31)
A struggling writer takes a job as a dealer in a London casino,
planning to turn the experience into his next book - but then
he's seduced by a sexy gambler with crime on her mind in
this steamy thriller. 12/10.

CRUISING [R]·Crime·1980·(1:41)
Lurid, disturbing, groundbreaking film details the descent into
mental chaos of a straight police detective who goes
undercover in New York City's gay S&M subculture to track
down a serial killer. 12/18.

THE CURE [PG13]·Drama·1995·(1:39)
Two 11-year-old boys - one suffering from AIDS - plan a Huck
Finn-style river adventure and become fast friends in a small
Minnesota town. A life-affirming story, directed by Peter
Horton. 12/11,21.

DEAD RINGERS [R]·Drama·1988·(1:55)
A pair of identical twins have a single-minded career as
gynecological specialists, and often stand-in for each other -
but a broken actress comes into their lives, threatening to
split apart the psyches of all three! 12/1,27.

THE DEER HUNTER [R]·Drama·1979·(3:03) Meryl Streep
The haunting story of rural Pennsylvania buddies and the
traumas they - and their families and lovers - face during the
Vietnam War. Winner of 5 Oscars, including Best Picture and
Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Walken). 12/9,15,19.

THE DETECTIVE [TV14]·Crime·1968·(1:54)
A hard-boiled but honest NYC detective takes on a gay
murder case and an alleged suicide - the investigations force
him to face the intolerance of his colleagues and his
crumbling marriage. 11/30,12/28.

DOGTOWN AND Z-BOYS [PG13]·Documentary·2002·(1:31)
Rockin', fast-paced, award-winning documentary explores the
big bang of extreme sports: the birth of competitive
skateboarding in 1970s southern California. Narrated by Sean
Penn, featuring many of the original Z-Boys. 1/1.

EXODUS [TV14]·Drama·1960·(3:28)
The story of the creation of Israel is told, via both epic
large-scale historic events and smaller stories of individuals
battling for their beliefs. Oscar winner for Best Music, with
Peter Lawford, Ralph Richardson, Sal Mineo, more. 12/16,21.

THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS [R]·Comedy·1989·(1:54)
Performing pianist brothers Frank and Jack Baker add a surly
yet sexy female singer to their lounge act - but their
new-found success brings on a new set of off-stage issues!
You won't forget 'Making Whoopee'! 12/5,10,26,27.

FAIR GAME [R]·Action·1995·(1:30)
A Miami cop signs on to protect a sexy lawyer who is on the
run from rogue ex-KGB agents who want her dead. Screen
debut of supermodel Cindy Crawford. 1/1.

THE FALL [R]·Adventure·2008·(1:57)
In this surreal and wholly original film, a young girl visualizes
the wildly imaginative stories of a movie stunt man while both
are in the hospital - but the stories grow darker. Can the girl's
innocence save the man from himself? 12/6.

FALLING DOWN [R]·Crime·1993·(1:53)
A laid-off, stessed-out defense worker finally snaps, buys a
weapon, and sets off across Los Angeles to reunite with his
estranged family - cutting down anyone who gets in his way!
With Barbara Hershey. 12/19,23,27,31.

FAR FROM HEAVEN [PG13]·Black·2002·(1:47)
Forbidden love - a husband stuck in the closet and his wife's
feelings for their black gardener - drives a tale of taboos and
shocking scandal in a suburban world inspired by 1950s
movie melodramas. With Dennis Haysbert. 11/29,30,1/1.

FATAL BEAUTY [R]·Action·1987·(1:44)
A street-wise narcotics cop goes undercover - in a wild
variety of disguises - to track down the dealers selling lethal
cocaine in this over-the-top action-comedy. 12/8.

FIELD OF DREAMS [PG]·Drama·1989·(1:45)
"If you build it, they will come!" A voice only an Iowa farmer
can hear launches an obsessive quest that includes building
a baseball diamond in the middle of his cornfield. A
heartwarming classic! With James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta.

FINAL ANALYSIS [R]·Drama·1992·(2:05)
A psychiatrist begins to question his own sanity after he falls
for his patient's sexy sister and becomes immersed in a
murder plot. A steamy thriller, with Uma Thurman, Eric
Roberts. 1/2.

FLAWLESS [R]·Comedy·1999·(1:51)
He's a straight-arrow middle-aged security guard who
requires rehab after a stroke. She (he) is a flamboyant drag
queen whose singing lessons offer hope of recovery in this
odd couple comedy. 12/19.

FLY AWAY HOME [PG]·Drama·1996·(1:47)
Based on a true story! The soaring adventure of a 13-year-old
girl and her estranged father, who learn what family is all
about when they adopt an orphaned flock of geese and teach
them to fly. 1/1.

THE FLY II [R]·Latino·1989·(1:45)
The son of the mutated 'fly' is recruited by an evil scientist
bent on using his father's discoveries for world domination.

FRANTIC [R]·Action·1988·(2:00)
An American doctor is plunged into a dark underworld when
his wife mysteriously disappears from their Paris hotel room.
Relentless paranoia and eccentric characters punctuate this
suspenseful thriller.

G.I. JANE [R]·Drama·1997·(2:05)
As a political ploy, the elite Navy SEALS team accepts its first
female recruit into its rigorous training program, where no one
counts on her will to succeed. Directed by Ridley Scott
(Gladiator), co-starring Anne Bancroft. 11/29.

THE GLENN MILLER STORY [G]·Biography·1954·(1:56)
The story of the legendary jazz and big band leader, from his
early beginnings to the days of sold out shows and hit
records. Featuring music legends Louis Armstrong and Gene
Krupa. Oscar winner for Best Sound. 12/3,4,14.

GOLDEN GATE [R]·Drama·1994·(1:31)
At the height of anti-communism fears in the 1950s, a young
FBI agent has a hand in the wrongful imprisonment of an
Asian man. Years later, he falls in love with the man's
daughter and must find a way to make amends. 12/9.

GOOD TIME MAX [TVMA]·Drama·2007·(1:19)
Max has a near-genius IQ and a talent for self-destruction -
he convinces his doctor brother Adam to bail him out of New
York and relocate to California, where more trouble awaits.
Written/directed by James Franco. 12/2,13.

GOOD WILL HUNTING [R]·Drama·1997·(2:06)
A math genius denies his gift to hang with his old friends and
work as a janitor, finally coming to terms with his past when
he meets a quirky psychologist. Oscars for Robin Williams
and Best Original Screenplay. 12/3,9,23,31.

GORILLAS IN THE MIST [PG13]·Drama·1988·(2:09)
The true story of Dian Fossey, who journeyed to Africa in 1967
and - with no experience - began to document the vanishing
mountain goriila. But her perseverance is tested by
bureacracies and poachers. Nominated for five Oscars. 1/1.

GORKY PARK [R]·Literary/Book Based·1983·(2:09)
In Moscow's Gorky Park, the discovery of three dead corpses,
with fingerprints removed, sets a Russian detective on a
complex and twisting mystery. 12/30.

The life of Jesus of Nazareth unfolds in this epic production,
featuring an all-star cast and big-name cameo appearances,
including Claude Rains, Sidney Poitier, Martin Landau, John
Wayne and more. 12/25.

HARRY & SON [PG]·Drama·1984·(1:57)
This drama centers on the agonies and delights of a father
and son trying to salvage the relationship that is slipping
away from them. 12/10,22,28.

HAVANA [R]·Drama·1990·(2:24)
As the dictatorial Cuban government is falling apart, an
apolitical American gambler falls for the beautiful wife of a
wealthy left-wing activist finds himself helping the
revolutionaries in director Sydney Pollack's drama.

HIGHER LEARNING [R]·Black·1995·(2:08)
A modern university campus is the melting pot for students of
all races and economic standing as they confront ethnic
tension, crime, and adult responsibility in this riveting drama.
With Jennifer Connelly and Ice Cube. 12/2,20.

THE HITMAN [R]·Action·1991·(1:34)
After surviving an attempt on his life by his former partner,
officer Cliff Garrett goes undercover in Seatlle as a gangland
hitman to exact his revenge! 12/10.

A HOME OF OUR OWN [PG]·Drama·1993·(1:45)
The heartwarming true story of a resourceful widow living in
L.A. who takes her six kids and moves to Idaho to start a new
life - where they encounter new hurdles and a learn the true
meaning of family. 1/2.

HOUNDDOG [R]·Drama·2008·(1:38)
A young troubled girl, surrounded by a dysfunctional clan in
the 1950s south, finds a savior in the form of Elvis Presley. A
dark drama, with David Morse, Piper Laurie. 12/3,16.

HOW TO KILL YOUR NEIGHBOR'S DOG [R]·Comedy·2002·(1:47)
A once-successful playwright struggles to write another hit
while his wife longs to get pregnant, a noisy dog won't quit
barking, an eccentric stalker prowls the neighborhood, and a
talented 8-year-old girl appears. 12/12.

HOWARD'S END [PG]·Drama·1992·(2:22)
The barriers of class and the dangers of repressing true
feelings power this elegant, rewarding drama set in early 20th
century England. Winner of three Oscars, including Best
Actress (Thompson). With Helena Bonham Carter. 12/7,18.

HUSH [PG13]·Mystery·1998·(1:36)
A young woman is set to marry and agrees to visit her new
mother-in-law's Virginia horse ranch - but she doesn't know
that the unstable mom has already decided the new wife is
expendable in this suspenseful thriller. 12/10,18,27.

I SHOT ANDY WARHOL [R]·Art House·1996·(1:43)
Reknowned pop artist Andy Warhol and his entourage's sex,
drugs and an ultra-bohemian lifestyle is violently interrupted
when a radical female screenwriter pulls a gun. 12/14.

I'VE LOVED YOU SO LONG [PG13]·Drama·2008·(1:57)
The story of a brutally frank and disconnected woman
returning home after serving fifteen years of prison - her
uneasy re-entry into normal life, and the revelation of her
crime, makes for a powerful, award-winning drama. 11/29.

The story of Industrial Light & Magic - the special effects
company started to create Star Wars - is told via clips (Iron
Man, Star Trek, Jurassic Park) and interviews (George Lucas,
Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, more). 12/1,28,29.

IN GOD'S HANDS [PG13]·Adventure·1998·(1:38)
Follow the exploits of three surfers as they travel from
Madagascar to Bali to Hawaii in search of the perfect wave -
an often crazy and dangerous pursuit. Spectacular action
shots and breathtaking scenery! 11/29.

IN THE LINE OF FIRE [R]·Action·1993·(2:09)
A brilliant but deranged assassin sets his sights on killing the
president - and torments the maverick Secret Service agent
who failed to stop the murder of President Kennedy in 1963.
With Rene Russo. 12/3,9,26.

THE INSIDER [R]·Drama·1999·(2:38)
The true story of a tobacco corporation chemist who defies
his bosses - and personal attacks - to blow the whistle on
industry secrets. Nominated for seven Oscars, including Best
Picture and Best Actor, directed by Michael Mann.

IRIS [R]·Drama·2001·(1:31)
The true story of the romance between novelist Iris Murdoch
and John Bayley - from meeting as young teachers through
Murdoch's battle with Alzheimer's forty years later. Jim
Broadbent won Best Supporting Actor Oscar. 12/19.

JAGGED EDGE [R]·Drama·1985·(1:49)
A defense attorney falls for the fatal charms of a wealthy San
Francisco newspaper publisher accused of murdering his
heiress wife. A gripping thriller, with Peter Coyote. 12/19.

JUDY BERLIN [TV14]·Art House·1999·(1:31)
A solar eclipse appears to exacerbate tensions, eccentricities
and insecurities among the residents of a small Long Island
community. 12/19,23,27.

JUMANJI [PG]·Adventure·1995·(1:44) Robin Williams
Two kids dust off an old board game - and get much more
than they bargained for, hurled into a jungle-themed fantasy
world of big-game hunters and charging beasts! With Kirsten
Dunst. 12/1,7,16,25.

JUNGLE FEVER [R]·Black·1991·(2:12)
A married African-American architect and an Italian woman
embark on a charged sexual affair - their interracial romance
is a springboard to explore a host of modern issues in this
powerhouse drama. With Samuel L. Jackson. 12/13,24,29,30.

THE JUROR [R]·Crime·1996·(1:58)
A single mom serving on a jury in the trial of a mobster finds
her son's life threatened by a hit man - and even when the
trial is over, the dangerous game is not! With Joseph
Gordon-Levitt, Anne Heche. 12/2,14,26,27,31.

K-PAX [PG13]·Drama·2001·(2:00)
A psychiatrist is treating an unusual patient - a man claiming
to be an alien from another planet who has enough veracity
to make the doctor doubt his own diagnosis.

KABLUEY [PG13]·Comedy·2008·(1:26)
A sad-sack man helps his frazzled sister-in-law care for her
two energetic sons while his brother serves in Iraq - and he's
got a job as a life-size corporate cartoon mascot. A uniquely
absurd and touching comedy, with Teri Garr. 12/9,13,14,29.

THE KARATE KID PART II [PG]·Action·1986·(1:53)
Daniel travels with martial arts mentor Mr. Myagi to Okinawa,
where both must settle scores with rivals in the high-kicking
sequel. 12/4,21.

THE KARATE KID III [PG]·Action·1989·(1:52)
Defeated by Daniel and Myagi, a former foe returns with an
evil plan - pretend to befriend Daniel to set him up against a
military-trained karate master in a tournament. Can Daniel
prevail? 12/25.

THE KARATE KID [PG]·Action·1984·(2:07)
Daniel, a New Jersey teen, moves to California and finds
himself the target of bullies - but then he meets Mr. Myagi
and discovers martial arts! The original 80s classic, with
Elisabeth Shue. 12/2.

LAST CHANCE HARVEY [PG13]·Comedy·2008·(1:33)
In London for his daughter's wedding - where nothing goes
right - Harvey, a rumpled jingle writer, meets an intriguing
woman. For both of them, this might be their last chance. A
wry romantic comedy with James Brolin, Kathy Baker.

A close look at the disappearing venues where rural blues
originated. A Starz Original Production. 12/11,28.

THE LAST PICTURE SHOW [R]·Drama·1971·(2:06)
The lives of two high school senior boys, a debutante and a
lonely wife intertwine in a dusty, dying 1950s Texas town.
Best Supporting Actor Oscars for Cloris Leachman, Ben
Johnson. With Cybill Shepherd. 12/2.

A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN [PG]·Comedy·1992·(2:08)
Based on a true story: during World War II, the first women's
pro baseball league begins play, and two sisters join a team
managed by a flummoxed former major leaguer. 'There's no
crying in baseball!' With Madonna. 12/29,30.

LEAN ON ME [PG13]·Black·1989·(1:48)
True story of controversial principal Joe Clark, who raised test
scores in an urban jungle high school while brandishing a
baseball bat and chains to challenge the miscreants - and
the school board. 1/2.

LEGENDS OF THE FALL [R]·Drama·1994·(2:13)
The sweeping story of a man and his three sons, growing up
in the last frontier of Montana - and the beautiful woman who
will impact all their lives. With Julia Ormond, Aidan Quinn.

LIFE IS HOT IN CRACKTOWN [R]·Drama·2009·(1:41)
An unflinching look at the realities of lives on NYC's Lower
East side - strong performances in a tale of drugs, small-time
crooks, transsexuals and more. With Kerry Washington, Laura
Flynn Boyle, Illeana Douglas. 1/2.

LITTLE CHENIER [R]·Crime·2008·(1:40)
In the Louisiana bayou, a man and his mentally handicapped
brother become the prime suspects when a young woman is
found murdered in their house. An effective, atmospheric
crime drama. 12/9,30.

THE LONG GOODBYE [R]·Crime·1973·(1:52)
Raymond Chandler's private eye Philip Marlowe meets a fun
couple in 1970s Los Angeles. Directed by Robert Altman.

MACARTHUR [PG]·Biography·1977·(2:10)
The fascinating military career of the legendary General
Douglas MacArthur, from his bold recapturing of the
Phillippines during WWII, to his dismissal by President
Truman at the height of the Korean War. 12/7,18.

MATEWAN [PG13]·Drama·1987·(2:13)
Based on a true story: in the coal mines of rural West
Virginia, a miner takes on the perilous job of organizing his
fellow workers to combat brutal working and living conditions
in a company town. With James Earl Jones. 12/31.

MEMENTO [R]·Art House·2001·(1:53)
Unconventional story of a man trying to identify his wife's
killer - but a head injury from that night leaves him without
any short-term memory. Are his friends trying to help or
hinder him? A mind-blowing mystery! 12/6,29.

MEN OF RESPECT [R]·Crime·1991·(1:53)
An ambitious mob underling, urged on by his maniacal wife,
decides to eliminate the competition and rise to the top of the
underworld in a bloody, urban-set retelling of Macbeth. With
Peter Boyle, Rod Steiger. 12/12.

MIDNIGHT RUN [R]·Action·1988·(2:06)
An acerbic bounty hunter nabs an accountant - who ripped
off a major mobster - after he skipped out on bail. But getting
him across the country with the FBI and crooks on their tail
isn't going to be easy! A classic action-comedy! 12/1,23.

MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ [PG]·Comedy·1971·(1:55)
Minnie is a former prom queen who's having relationship
issues as she turns 40 - and all of her suitors are eccentrics
in the extreme! A bouyant comedy from director by John
Cassevetes. 12/6,17.

MOLLY [PG13]·Drama·1999·(1:31)
A man's autistic sister is released from an institution into his
care. He allows her to undergo an experimental medical
treatment, with unexpectedly drastic results. It transforms
her into a genius. Loosely based on a true story.

The true story of Father Damien, a Catholic priest who gave
his life - literally - to the care of leprosy patients exiled to the
remote Hawaiian island of Molokai at the turn of the last
century. 12/4,20,21,27.

MORNING LIGHT [PG]·Documentary·2008·(1:38)
Sweeping yet intimate documentary about the "Morning Light"
- a sleek boat with a group of young sailors enduring intense
training for the Transpac L.A.-to-Hawaii open-ocean race,

MOTHER'S BOYS [R]·Drama·1994·(1:35)
She left her family without explanation three years ago, and
has now returned - but when she can't win her husband
back, Mom begins an eerie campaign to recapture her sons in
this dark thriller. 12/8.

MR. JONES [R]·Drama·1993·(1:54)
The story of a charming but manic-depressive man and the
attractive doctor whose interest in him becomes more than
just professional. With Anne Bancroft, Delroy Lindo. 12/27.

A veteran rodeo rider returns home and finds his family in
disarray - so he retrieves his dad from a retirement home and
strikes up a romance with a former flame. With Ben Johnson,
Gary Busey. 1/1.

NATURAL BORN KILLERS [R]·Action·1994·(1:59)
Uncompromising, dark satire of America's fascination with
violence via two lovers/killers and the media machine that
makes them folk heroes. With Robert Downey, Jr,, Tommy Lee
Jones, directed by Oliver Stone. 1/2.

NEEDFUL THINGS [R]·Horror·1993·(2:01)
The Stephen King novel comes to the screen! In this dark
comedy, the Devil opens a curio shop in a small town - but
the "favors" he grants citizens will come due in an explosive
way! 12/5,1/2.

NIGHT AND THE CITY [TV14]·Crime·1950·(1:36)
London's underworld catches up to a hustler doomed by his
wrestling promotion. Directed by Jules Dassin. 12/10,18.

NOTHING IN COMMON [PG]·Comedy·1986·(1:59)
A young, successful advertising executive finds himself in the
middle when his parents divorce - while his mom is happy,
his flinty, cantankerous father is going to need some attention
in this comedy/drama. 11/30,12/11,28.

ONE [TVMA]·Art House·1998·(1:26)
Recently released ex-con tries to put his life back together
while his friend's life falls apart. 12/8,16.

THE PAPER CHASE [PG]·Comedy·1973·(1:51)
A first-year Harvard law student is struggling in a tough class
with an acerbic yet legendary professor - who is also his new
girlfriend's father. Best Supporting Actor Oscar for John
Houseman. 12/10,28.

PARADISE NOW [PG13]·Drama·2005·(1:31)
Gripping, detailed drama of the final 48 hours before two
nervous young Palestinians - friends since childhood - cross
over into Israel, laden with explosives, to become suicide
bombers. Will they succeed? 12/5,15.

PARIS 36 [PG13]·Art House·2009·(2:00)
In a working class 1930s Paris neighborhood, the manager of
a dying music hall finally hits the jackpot when he discovers
a slinky, sexy young singer - but will the new star be enough
to save the day? An award-winning drama. 12/15.

PATHS OF GLORY [TV14]·Drama·1957·(1:28)
Director Stanley Kubrick's searing World War I drama about a
general, far from the front lines, who unblinkingly sends his
troops on a doomed mission - then decides to punish the
men for their failure. Unforgettable storytelling! 12/2.

PRICK UP YOUR EARS [R]·Drama·1987·(1:50)
The tormented life of British playwright Joe Orton - a
flamboyant, irrepressible force whose comedies rocked the
London stage - is told in impeccable style, from his early days
to his horrifying murder. 12/15,23.

PROJECT X [PG]·Comedy·1987·(1:48)
A young troublemaking pilot is assigned the task of
monitoring a military flight experiment with chimpanzees -
but when he learns the real reasons behind the testing, he
decides to buck the system. 11/30.

RACHEL GETTING MARRIED [R]·Art House·2008·(1:53)
Coming out of yet another substance abuse rehab stint, a
struggling young woman returns home for her sister's
wedding - can she, and her family, keep it together for a
weekend? With Debra Winger. 11/29,12/2,8.

RAIN [TVMA]·Art House·2002·(1:32)
Lust, betrayal and a young woman's coming of age combine
in a story of a mother and daughter who both vie for the
romantic attentions of a young man during a beachfront
summer vacation. 12/9,22.

RISING SUN [R]·Action·1993·(2:09)
A young woman is found dead in the L.A. headquarters of a
Japanese corporation - a volatile team of investigators and
cops find more than they bargained for as their investigation
starts to uncover government corruption. 1/2.

A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT [PG]·Drama·1992·(2:04)
In the woods of Montana, the two sons of a preacher grow
into men whose lives take very different paths but always
share their love of fly-fishing. Oscar-winner for Best
Cinematography. 12/4,17,18,21.

THE SANDLOT [PG]·Comedy·1993·(1:41)
A summer of youthful fun goes sour for Scotty Smalls and
friends when his father's prize possession - a baseball signed
by Babe Ruth - ends up on the other side of a crochety
neighbor's fence. Watch out for that dog! 12/5,14.

SCANDALIZE MY NAME [TVPG]·Documentary·1999·(:54)
This documentary examines several prominent
African-American performers in the American film and
television industries during the McCarthy Era.

SCENT OF A WOMAN [R]·Drama·1992·(2:36)
A prep school student lands a job escorting a blind retired
military man on an upscale holiday weekend - but the
colonel's abrasive manner alienates almost everyone he
meets. Pacino won the Best Actor Oscar. 12/10,26.

SEA OF LOVE [R]·Mystery·1989·(1:53)
A cop goes undercover to find a serial killer using the
personal ads to lure victims - but he's on thin ice when he
falls for the beautiful prime suspect! A sexy thriller, with John
Goodman. 12/19,30.

SENSE AND SENSIBILITY [PG]·Comedy·1995·(2:16)
Delightful Oscar-winning version of the Jane Austen classic
tells the story of the Dashwood sisters, left bereft financially
and searching for husbands. With Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant,
directed by Ang Lee. 12/4,12,24.

SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET [PG13]·Drama·1997·(2:16)
After escaping from a WWII British prisoner-of-war camp in
Kashmir, an Austrian man finds refuge in the sacred land of
Tibet - where he unexpectedly becomes both tutor and
student of the young Dalai Lama. Based on a true story. 1/1.

SHOWGIRLS [NC17]·Drama·1995·(2:11)
A beautiful young woman arrives in Las Vegas determined to
become a successful dancer - but the glamor comes at a
high price. A turbulent, erotic, extremely adult story, with Gina
Gershon. 11/29.

SID AND NANCY [R]·Art House·1986·(1:53)
The true story of punk rock icon Sid Vicious and his
girlfriend/groupie Nancy Spungen, and their harrowing, darkly
comic odyssey through sex, drugs, rock and roll - and
murder. 12/26.

SILENT FALL [R]·Crime·1994·(1:41)
An autistic boy is the only witness to the savage murder of
his parents - can a troubled psychologist reach into the boy's
mind and unravel the mystery? With John Lithgow, Liv Tyler.

SINGLE WHITE FEMALE [R]·Drama·1992·(1:48)
A New York career woman - stunned to discover that her new
roommate has been slowly assuming her identity - finally
confronts her 'twin' in this chilling psycho-thriller.

SISTER, SISTER [TVPG]·Black·1982·(1:38)
A moralistic woman trying to keep her youngest sister on the
straight and narrow must cope with the arrival of a swinging
third sister and her teenage son. Written by Maya Angelou.

An affluent Manhattan couple's insulated world turns upside
down when a charming and mysterious black man with all
the right stories comes into their lives. Film debut of Will
Smith, Oscar-nominated performance by Stockard Channing.

SPHERE [PG13]·Literary/Book Based·1998·(2:14)
Scientists descend to the bottom of the ocean to investigate
an amazing discovery - an alien spaceship apparently buried
for hundreds of years. And it seems to be alive! With Samuel
L. Jackson, Liev Schrieber, Queen Latifah. 11/30.

THE STING II [PG]·Comedy·1983·(1:41)
Two 1930s Chicago con-men rig a prizefight in a bid to fleece
a shady nightclub owner. Co-starring Karl Malden and Terri
Garr, from the writer of "The Sting." 1/2.

THE SUNCHASER [R]·Drama·1996·(2:02)
A teenage hoodlum with a terminal illness kidnaps his rich,
annoying yuppie doctor and heads for the desert in search of
a non-traditional cure - with the cops on their tail! 12/6.

SUSPECT [R]·Mystery·1987·(2:02)
A Supreme Court justice commits suicide, his legal secretary
is found murdered, and a homeless deaf-mute has got her
purse - now it's up to a workaholic public defender to unravel
the mystery. With Liam Neeson. 12/24.

TENNESSEE [R]·Drama·2008·(1:39)
When Carter Armstrong (Rothenberg) left Tennessee in 1993,
with his mother and baby brother Ellis (Peck), he didn't look
back. Years later, however, a diagnosis of leukemia forces
the two now-motherless brothers to his the road again

TRIUMPH OF THE SPIRIT [R]·Drama·1989·(2:00)
A Greek boxer fighting to get ahead ends up fighting for his
life and the lives of others when he is deported to a
concentration camp in this painful but inspiring story. 12/1.

UNLIKELY HEROES [TV14]·Documentary·2004·(2:00)
Ben Kingsley narrates this documentary about the
extraordinary lives of seven unlikely heroes - including Robert
Clary of tv's Hogan's Heroes - whose courage stood out during
the Holocaust. 12/6,11.

THE VANISHING [R]·Drama·1993·(1:50)
A man searches relentlessly for his girlfriend who
disappeared without a trace - three years later, the grisly
answers come tumbling out. With Sandra Bullock.

A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT [R]·Literary/Book Based·2004·(2:13)
A young French woman relentlessly searches for the truth
about the disappearance of her fiance in the trenches of
World War I - an intriguing, gripping quest told in a stunning
visual style from the director of "Amelie." 12/24.

THE VILLAGE BARBERSHOP [R]·Comedy·2009·(1:38)
Things will never be the same at the local barbershop when
the owner is forced to hire a woman when business take a
turn for the worse. 12/16,25.

VIRGINIA'S RUN [TVPG]·Drama·2002·(1:44)
A teen girl tries to overcome the death of her mother in a
horse-riding accident while patiently nurturing the foal of her
mother's horse - secretly hoping to run in a grueling
cross-country race. First-rate family drama! 12/7,28.

VISION QUEST [R]·Drama·1985·(1:47)
A high-school wrestler in Spokane is distracted by many
things on his way to make the state finals: family, job and a
mysterious, beautiful woman who moves into his house.
Quintessential "80s greatest hits" soundtrack. 12/5,29.

WHAT MAKES A FAMILY [TV14]·Drama·2001·(1:31)
Based on a true story: Two lesbian women partner to raise a
child - but when the biological mother is stricken with a fatal
disease, her partner discovers she has no legal rights to the
child. With Whoopi Goldberg. 12/6,14,21.

WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS [PG]·Drama·2003·(1:25)
In Depression-era Oklahoma, a young boy trains two pups to
become expert coon hunters - he plans to enter and win an
annual contest that will give his poor family a much needed
cash prize. Singer Dave Matthews stars. 12/14,25,26,31.

WHILE SHE WAS OUT [R]·Action·2008·(1:26)
A frazzled woman on the verge of a Christmas Eve breakdown
heads for the mall - but finds herself fighting for her life
against against teenage hoodlums. They picked the wrong
woman in this tense thriller! 12/7,8,20.

WILD HEARTS CAN'T BE BROKEN [G]·Drama·1991·(1:29)
The inspiring true story of Sonora Webster: fighting the odds,
she became an Atlantic City horse diver, found love, and
battled a physical disability to find her place in the world.

THE WINTER GUEST [R]·Art House·1997·(1:49)
In a snowbound Scottish town, a recently widowed woman
attempts to connect with her estranged mother, while her son
woos a tomboy - just two of the four stories dramatically
interwoven by director Alan Rickman. 12/1.

A WORLD APART [PG]·Black·1988·(1:53)
Exceptionally well-acted drama of a mother whose political
activism against the oppressive South African government of
the 1960s causes her to neglect her family - and especially
her angry teenage daughter. 11/30,12/1,5,11,18.

YENTL [PG]·Drama·1983·(2:13)
A young Jewish girl dresses as a boy to enter into religious
training in the musical adaptation of the beloved short story.
Oscar-winner for Best Music, directorial debut of Barbra
Streisand. 11/30,12/11,21,25.

ZEBRAHEAD [R]·Black·1992·(1:42)
A Jewish boy and a black girl fall in love in an integrated
Detroit high school - but the racial tensions threaten to
explode for everyone. 12/3.

ZIGZAG [R]·Crime·2002·(1:41)
A emotionally torn autistic boy with an abusive father makes
a bad decision and robs a restaurant safe. When it looks like
no one can help him, a counselor steps in - but is he too late?
A powerful drama, with Wesley Snipes. 12/4,28.

12 [PG13]·Drama·2007·(2:40)
Award-winning, Oscar-nominated drama: a disparate group
of 12 Russian jurors struggle to reach a verdict in the case of
a teenage Chechen boy who allegedly murdered his army
officer stepfather. 11/29,12/5,26.

                                  Previous Movie descriptions:

ABSENCE OF MALICE [PG]·Drama·1981·(1:56)
An engrossing drama of jounralism and its human toll. Paul
Newman is a legitimate business man unjustly implicated in
a labor boss's murder. He manages to clear his name, get
revenge, and engage in a romance with Sally Field.

ALWAYS [PG]·Drama·1989·(2:02) Richard Dreyfuss
Director Steven Spielberg's romance fantasy about a dead
firefighter pilot who returns to make sure all is well for his
successor - and his devasted girlfriend. With John Goodman,
featuring the last film role for Audrey Hepburn. Spencer Tracy
starred in the original version, A Guy Named Joe

ANNIE [PG]·Comedy·1982·(2:07)
John Huston directs this story of little Orphan Annie, Daddy
Warbucks, and Miss Hannigan. 

BRAZIL [R]·Comedy·1985·(2:11)
In director Terry Gilliams's futuristic fantasy, a meek clerk
rebels against the oppressive System when he falls in love
with a beautiful woman who may - or may not - be a terrorist.
Inspired by a novel by George Orwell

THE BURNING BED [TV14]·Drama·1984·(1:36)
A battered wife with three children sets her marital bed on
fire with her drunken husband in it. 

CALL OF THE WILD [TV14]·Adventure·1993·(1:37)
Jack London's tale of young man who turns his back on a
comfortable yet stifling middle-class life and plunges
headlong into the great Yukon gold rush.

CITY OF JOY [PG13]·Drama·1992·(2:15)
A disenchanted American surgeon arrives in Calcutta seeking
enlightenment - instead he's mugged and taken to a free
clinic in the slums, where he finds a new purpose for his life.

COCOON [PG]·Comedy·1985·(1:57)
A group of senior citizens discover a fountain of youth - and it
belongs to friendly aliens from outer space who offer them an
exciting, once-in-a-lifetime invitation! Ameche won Best
Supporting Actor Oscar, directed by Ron Howard.

FLATLINERS [R]·Science-Fiction·1990·(1:54)
A group of brilliant medical students decide to literally play
with life and death as they place themselves in various states
of suspended animation - what could go wrong? With Kevin
Bacon, Oliver Platt. 

MIDNIGHT MOVIES [TV14]·Art House·2005·(1:26)
The history of 6 landmark cult films - "The Rocky Horror
Picture Show", "Eraserhead", "Pink Flamingos", Night Of The
Living Dead and more - is told through clips and director
interviews. A Starz Originals Production.

NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR [R]·Drama·1984·(1:50)
Brilliant adaptation of George Orwell's grim vision of a future
totalitarian state, and the lovers who become revolutionaries
against the government and Big Brother. Excellent
performance by Richard Burton in his final screen role.

POINT BREAK [R]·Action·1991·(2:02)
An FBI agent goes undercover to infiltrate a gang of crazed
surfers who rob banks - while disguised as presidents - to
support their free-spirited lifestyle in this action-packed crime
drama. With Gary Busey. 

THE ROAD WARRIOR [R]·Action·1981·(1:35)
A loner becomes the reluctant champion of a group of
post-apocalyptic survivors as they battle barbarian bikers for
fuel and food. A landmark sci-fi action adventure featuring
unequaled chase scenes! Sequel to Mad Max

ROCKY [PG]·Action·1976·(1:59)
A young part-time boxer - whose ring career has never taken
off - gets a once-in-a-lifetime match with the heavyweight
champion. Winner of 3 Oscars, including Best Film and Best
Director. Screenplay by Sylvester Stallone.

ROCKY II [PG]·Action·1979·(1:59)
Even though he didn't win the title fight, Rocky Balboa earned
a big purse and new business opportunitities. But he winds
up nearly destitute with a pregnant wife, and realizes a return
to the ring is his only hope.

ROCKY III [PG]·Action·1982·(1:40)
Rocky Balboa has successfully defended his title ten times
until he is beaten by an upstart brawler - with his confidence
shattered, former adversary Apollo Creed agrees to help the
fighter regain his championship.

ROCKY 4 [PG]·Action·1985·(1:31)
Rocky Balboa's old friend Apollo Creed dies in a Russian
boxing match with a steroid-pumped giant named Drago -
now the champ is flying overseas to take on Drago in a brutal
revenge bout!

SCARFACE [R]·Action·1983·(2:50)
"Say hello to my little friend!" Cuban-immigrant drug lord Tony
Montana has become a cultural icon, and the story of his
ultra-violent rise and fall is a contemporary crime classic.
Directed by Brian DePalma.

SCENT OF A WOMAN [R]·Drama·1992·(2:36)
A prep school student lands a job escorting a blind retired
military man on an upscale holiday weekend - but the
colonel's abrasive manner alienates almost everyone he
meets. Pacino won the Best Actor Oscar.

SOMEWHERE IN TIME [PG]·Drama·1980·(1:43)
A successful young playwright, obsessed with the woman in
an antique photo, realizes he met her years earlier when she
asked him to "come back with me." And so he does, travelling
back in time in this engaging romantic fantasy.

TAPS [PG]·Drama·1981·(2:06)
Military cadets barricade themselves in their school when the
trustees decide to turn the property into a condominium
complex. Early roles for Sean Penn and Tom Cruise (his
second film), featuring George C. Scott.


(click to play movie trailer)

2001: A Space Odyssey

A science-fiction narrative, produced in 1968 as both a film (directed by Stanley Kubrick) and a novel (written by Arthur C. Clarke). Both projects are based on a screenplay developed by Clarke and Kubrick in collaboration, which was loosely based on Clarke's 1950 short story "The Sentinel" and incorporated elements from various other Clarke stories. Although the film has become more famous due to its groundbreaking visual effects and ambiguous, abstract nature, the movie and book were intended to complement each other. Clarke says Kubrick told him roughly what type of story he wanted, then the two phoned each other with various ideas which were incorporated into both the novel and screenplay. The story is based in part on various short stories by Clarke, most notably "The Sentinel" (written in 1948 for a BBC competition but first published in 1951 under the title "Sentinel of Eternity"). The first part of the novel (in which aliens assist the evolution of human ancestors) is similar to the plot of an earlier Clarke story, Encounter at Dawn.

Stanley Kubrick commissioned Alex North to write the score for his film, but decided not to use it in favor of previously recorded classical music. North, unaware that Kubrick had decided not to use the score in his film, was "devastated" at the 1968 New York City premiere screening of 2001 not to hear his work, and later offered this account of his experience: "Well, what can I say? It was a great, frustrating experience, and despite the mixed reaction to the music, I think the Victorian approach with mid-European overtones was just not in keeping with the brilliant concept of Clarke and Kubrick." On hearing the score as it might have been in the film, film scholar Gene Phillips argued that "it is difficult to see how North's music would have been an improvement on the background music that Kubrick finally chose for the film." In his notes for the Jerry Goldsmith recording, however, Kevin Mulhall argues that "there is no doubt that 2001 would have been better if Kubrick had used North's music. Even if one likes some of the choices Kubrick made for certain individual scenes, the eclectic group of classical composers employed by the director... resulted in a disturbing melange of sounds and styles overall." This theme music made its public debut in early 1993 as part of the Telarc compilation CD "Hollywood's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2" by Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, and there it was titled "Fanfare for 2001". It would eventually be used by North for his later score to "The Shoes of the Fisherman."
From Wikipedia

The sequel novel "2010" was written by Clarke alone, and adapted as a movie by someone else. Arthur C. Clarke (90) died March 18, 2008. President Mahinda Rajapakse mourned the death of Clarke and paid tribute to him as a "great visionary." His death was a loss to Sri Lanka, the author's adopted home since 1956, Rajapakse said. A few days ago, Clarke reviewed the manuscript of his last novel, "The Last Theorem" co-written with American author Frederik Pohl. The book will be published later this year. The Sri Lanka President had attended Clarke's 90th birthday party, which he refered to as "90 orbits around the sun." Clarke, who in 1945 predicted the establishment of communication satellites (he correctly predicted that as few as 3 satellites would make global wireless communication possible), wrote more than 80 books. He was Sri Lanka's best-known resident guest and has a scientific academy named after him.

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