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Mad Max (1979)

the Mad Max car Never wide-released in the U.S. theaters, Mel Gibson almost didn't get the role of Max. He was in a barfight and woke up in the hospital. He checked himself out and rushed to the casting call and apologized about his bruised & battered face; but it was just what director George Miller was looking for.

In a desolate future, police are trying to keep on top of crazy drivers and roving gangs (in later sequels we're told that there's been a nuclear war). Burned out top-cop Max quits, then his wife and kid are killed by a vicious biker gang and Max sets out on high-speed revenge. The U.S. distributor tried dubbing the movie with American voices, as had been done with Hercules In New York (Schwarzenegger), then tossed it on a shelf - finally to be released after "Road Warrior" (Mad Max 2) became a big hit (hopefully the current cable-TV showings of Mad Max are not the dubbed version). A third Mad Max film (Beyond Thunderdome) came out in 1985, guest-starring Tina Turner as an evil queen who captures Max in her post-apocalyptic desert city.
George Miller is currently casting for an actor to play Max in the upcoming 4th Mad Max movie (Mel Gibson's too busy)

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