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Rosie's Romantic Writings

The following may contain adult language
and descriptions of sexual situations!

Note: This is a work of fiction. Characters, names, locations, & events described herein are purely the invention of the author's twisted, perverted mind, or are used in a ficticious manor. Any resemblence to people - living or dead, names, locations & events is purely coincidental.

Forever More
by Rosemary Starn
ęCopyright 1998

Summer 1985

    1970s rock and roll idol Scott Taylor was breathing a small sigh of relief. He had parted with the headlining band that had brought him notoriety and a very comfortable life-style to pursue a solo career. His personal life had settled also. A mistake of a first marriage and subsequent relationships were in the past as he now enjoyed stability with the one woman who he not only shared his home but also his love of living.

    Then Rebecca came into his life. He was not looking when he found her. An artist. The widowed mother of two young sons. It was not a situation that he would have considered. But before he was aware she and her children had unwittingly worked their way into his heart.

Part I - Hope . . .

Chapter.1   Chapter.2   Chapter.3   Chapter.4   Chapter.5   Chapter.6   Chapter.7
Chapter.8   Chapter.9   Chapter.10   Chapter.11   Chapter.12   Chapter.13   Chapter.14
Chapter.15   Chapter.16   Chapter.17   Chapter.18   Chapter.19        

Part II - Faith . . .

Chapter.20   Chapter.21   Chapter.22   Chapter.23   Chapter.24   Chapter.25   Chapter.26
Chapter.27   Chapter.28   Chapter.29                

Part III - . . . And The Greatest Is Love

Chapter.30   Chapter.31   Chapter.32   Chapter.33   Chapter.34   Chapter.35   Chapter.36
Chapter.37   Chapter.38   Chapter.39   Chapter.40            



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