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New! 6/13/05: Added review of Incubus Dreams. *notices pattern* I should just re-name this site "LKH Review and Bitchfest", neh? 1/2/05: And practically on the heels of my (woefully inadequate) review of A Caress of Twilight is my (somewhat bulkier) review of Seduced By Moonlight! 10/18/04: Added the belated review of A Caress of Twilight. Here's hoping I don't take so long when Seduced By Moonlight is released in paperback! Also, added a section exclusively for book/movie reviews, separate from the analyses. 5/10/04: Well, that was a long break. But finally, an update! Added a review of Laurell K. Hamilton's debut novel Nightseer.

Trippy, Fun Stuff

Apocalypse of Nature Chimerical Narcissism Cricket Mind Diamond Haze Difference in View Falling Heavenly Comment Inner State Labyrinth The Letter Light2 Madness is Catching The Never Little Things Nonsense Palindrone Paranoid Ramblings of Youth Random Brain Music (Pekingese Rap) The Rise and Fall of Gigi Starlet Sandpiper Meade Sleep of Ten Thousand Dreams Song of the Malkavian Void Poem Voluminocity The Waking Dreamer The Way of Twilight When I'm Cleaning Windows Zane Limerick

Heart-Rending Mush

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General Angst

The Act of Being Lost Blame and Shame Communal Despair Contradictions Depression Dragonfly Extinction For All The Pessimists Friends in Low Places My Generation Gap Hidden High School Low The Imperative Unquenchable Crusade of Ongoing Existence Kalidasa Lilith Manipulation and Vengeance The Next Girl Pale Truth Paradox The Passing of Faith in the Strength of Hypocrisy Peter and Betty Lou Poison Butterfly Society Absence The Spirit's Lament Time Wasted Tossed Away Traffic Jam Waiting Wintertime

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