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An article about my cousin in Iraq

My cousin Matt Hendges is quoted in this article. Mom was so upset to hear that he smokes :)


rethinking the "anti-feminist"

for some reason, this weekend I've watched two movies both dealing with females in situations of abuse and power struggles. Last night I endured the awful, awful J. Lo flick "Enough," and tonight I watched the quintessential chick movie "Thelma and Louise."

Both movies made me think back to when I was 15 and put into a situation where I was manipulated by a member of the opposite sex that I'm still quite honestly trying to work through. And for the first time I finally started to realize what all the feminist fuss is about. There are so many ways men can dominate women, especially because they are for the most part physically stronger. I wonder if subconsciously that plays a role in why so many women stay in so many bad relationships. I know that's jumping across leaps and bounds...but i'm still thinking this all through in my head. for once, however, my mind isn't telling me to accept these things for the way they are; I'm finally starting to realize how I wish that that part of the world would change.


I took down a big chunk o' my "real website" tonight. Now all that's on it is this blog and my personal stuff. I figured, if I write something that's that interesting, I'll post it here. I like the thought of having a website that I have to use HTML to update only about 1 time every year or so.

Still, I did change my "favorites" page to a "current obsessions" there's at least something new to look at...if you're so bored...


bad things that have happened since my deliriously happy post

1. I turned on the coffee pot this morning, after being proactive and putting the filter and the water in last night, so that all I would theoretically have to do in the morning is hit "On." Well, that was all fine and good...until I realized it's probably helpful to have coffee in the pot as well!
2. There is still no hockey.
3. This was the top article when I opened up Lions may release Harrington
4. My CD player broke, rendering me to listen to the 3 tapes I have in my car.
5. My hair dryer is constantly overheating.
6. I lost my Auf Der Maur CD.



Creative Update

Knitting: finished a hat (which I'll put a link to on craftster eventually...but if you're curious you can visit Knit Happens. The project I did is in Stitch n Bitch, about 4 clicks in...called "hot head") Working on a felted bag, but it has been delayed drastically because...big dramatic pause...

WRITING: my muse, which has been on an extended sabbatical, has returned! We're talking poems, updates to my big-huge-YA novel project, AND also a new chick-lit project that I'm really, really excited about. FINALLY a way to put all my adolescent sex fantasies to good use :)

I'm so happy and encouraged to be writing again after I had so many doubts, and for such a long time. That's all. if you're nice, maybe I'll let you read some of it someday...


so I wasn't totally lazy

I uploaded a bunch of pictures of my crafty projects (including the baby blanket I made for a co-worker) to Craftster's
gallery. Take a look if you want. I know my picture taking sucks, but it at least gives you an idea of what I've been doing (and the excuse I give myself for not writing more regularly!).

i know, i never update this thing...

um...I tried working on my story today, telling myself that if I worked for 1/2 hour, I could go have a cookie. so, all I did was regurgitate a paragraph that I had written down somewhere else, and reorganized all my random thoughts on the story. i guess it's better than nothing though, but it's probably a bad sign when your own novel bores you!

i've knitted a lot lately. I'll be taking pictures of two of the scarves I made so you all can see them. I love knitting, it gives me an excuse to watch TV :)

that's about it...