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the week has turned around considerably. WE'RE GETTING OUR HOUSE!!!!
pics coming soon!


Reasons why today sucks:
1. it's snowing (although they are promising 70 degrees tomorrow).
2. got stuck covering for someone at the hellhole known as CVE, so I have to work tomorrow night.
3. our lovely lil website-technology device just blew up, meaning everyone is grumpy and panic stricken.


everyone who is owed emails (who happen to be the 3 people i have told that this blog exists) - they're coming this weekend, i promise.


it's only 9:05 and i've already given myself a concussion and gotten into a near-accident. lord.


I'm so overjoyed. About a month ago I lost my favorite lip gloss (L'Oreal Colour Juice in case you care). Just looked in my purse and saw it sitting on the bottom of it. How I've completely missed it while emptying my purse out 50 times looking for it is beyond me. But makes the day a little bit better.
I get to go pick up my car after work today...let's just pray it doesn't cost me a fortune.
i promise i'll explain about CVE after i'm good and gone :)
this week should be fun - stamping with melissa on wednesday, (hopefully) going to see rent on Thursday. if you haven't gone to see rent and you live in GR, you should definitely go!!! it was a life-changing experience for me and hopefully will for you too.


there's some really crazy shit going down at my other job...I WANT TO GET OUT OF THERE!!!


and I'm aware that this is probably the most boring blog known to man right now. But it will get better, oh yes.


Another random thought - head of my company told me I'm doing an "excellent job" today. I've been complimented so many times this week I'm starting to wonder what's going on. Oh well, I better just enjoy it :)
Saturday - library, post office, room cleaning - work 4-9.
Sunday - relax and bask in parents not being home for once - maybe read? work 4-9 again. Must try to find time both days to watch/listen to red wings game.
Sound boring? Probably. I think this is the most un-busy weekend I've had since I started working :)
anniversary didn't go exactly as planned, but it's OK. alex spent WAY more time than planned at the tire place (he was misled when told it would "only take two hours") so he didn't have time to do a lot of the things he planned on. so, today's the day for my home cooked dinner and all that other stuff. which is great because it's like, extending the length of the occasion. it's similar to those Christmas parties that take place on like Dec. 29 - so like, when Dec. 25 ends, you think to yourself "Christmas isn't over! I've still gotta go to such-and-such party on the 29th!" and you can disillusion yourself to feel better about the fact that Christmas is 365 days away again.
OK, i don't know if that made any sense. it's called too little coffee and not enough food yet.
i gotta go get some work done...


To do:
1. buy Lisa a return "just because" present
2. finish A's anniversary gift (which may not actually happen until tomorrow, the actual day of our anniversary)
3. finish that damn scarf and get through the pile of magazines sitting in my room
4. rifle through information overload and pick out wedding flowers
5. run over to Calvin College and buy tickets for G. Love and Special Sauce


I finished the kerchief and looked all kitschy like Stitch n Bitch promised.

House update - still waiting to see if the seller can short sale the home and use the money to pay our closing costs. Nerves shot all around as I read decorating magazines and plot all the things that I want to do to this house, that could very soon be ours, or not be ours.

Tomorrow - calling Mrs. Dryer and other tedious jobs. Maybe try to finish Spin Sisters before I rack up a huge library fine.