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I discovered I don't really know who I am anymore...


so i'm watching the olympics.

is it just me, or does it seem like the U.S. is winning a TON of medals? i mean, all I remember from the last Olympics is Kerri Strug and her Mickey Mouse voice on the vault.

I got the new magazine Shop Etc. It kicks ass. It succeeds in making me want to spend all my money on Coach purses and Michael Kors clothing, which is something that Lucky hasn't succeeded in for quite a few issues.

my computer is no longer proliferated with now I have no excuse not to upload all my wedding pictures. blah. they all start to run together after a while...sorry.


i'm bored. i wish i didn't have to make an update that said that. but when your main computer at home is the main course in a spyware lunch, being bored at work is the optimal time for updates.

i'm married now...if you cared, i've probably talked to you about it already.

i'm hungry - i ate breakfast at like 9:30 and it didn't fill me up. i'm dying for chinese food.


y'know, when you're getting married, you learn a LOT about who your real friends are. that's my only negative comment for the day.

now, it's off to become Mrs. Poehlman...see ya'll when I get back!


wish me luck...I'm driving to Detroit tomorrow to see Gomez :P