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it's official...this is the most boring day ever. you know how i can tell? i haven't gotten a single email at work for over TWO HOURS. That's gotta be some kind of world record...


Of course, the house thing isn't going through and we aren't closing till FRIDAY now...grrrr...
We're supposed to close on the house tomorrow...cross your fingers for us!!!
Maybe THIS is why my insurance rates are so high...
Saturn SL Is Most Stolen Vehicle in US


First of all, I think the new layout of Blogger sucks ass :P

I'm starting the Atkins diet today, after the realization at my dr's office that I have officially put on every last pound I took off two years ago. I kinda/sorta started it two days ago, just to see if I could do it, and it wasn't so bad. Any diet that lets you eat cheeseburgers and brownies (granted, low carb, but even those are pretty good) is OK by me!


Life is making me really, really crabby right now.
I need chocolate.


the retirement home story - names changed to protect the not-so-innocent
cut-n-pasted from my email to Missy:
OK here's the whole story behind why I am quitting the retirement home:
Like about a month ago, we had this big "staff meeting" about how PH
(our parent company) is laying off a bunch of security/receptionist personnel,
but how it wouldn't effect us. Not a big deal.
Then, a couple of weeks later, on a Monday afternoon around 5 pm (I work till 5:30), I got a phone call from my boss there.
D (the boss) says to me "I need you to come in for a mandatory staff
meeting." Guess when she wants to have it? Like 1 pm the next day? Um, can we
say "short notice?" So, I re-organize my lunch hour and piss off like 3 people
in my dept. so I can come to her damn meeting. THEN she calls me back at like
7:30 that night and says "M can't make it, so we have to reschedule on
Thursday." Um, duh. Like you could really expect 5 people to come together on
like 8 hours notice. Now all my fellow employees and I are calling each other
thinking "What the hell is this meeting about?" We're all (esp. the full time
people) thinking we're laid off or something terrible is happening. I even ask
D "What is this all about?" but she totally avoided answering me.
Now, let's backtrack for a minute. You see, L (the housekeeper) discovered
a few weeks back that P (one of the full-timers, a night security guard)
was doing quite a few bad things, and she informed D about them. D
did not immediately fire Pedro for these things, which included:
1. not doing his rounds 5x per night like he was required (the dumb boy didn't
even record them on the log, so it was obvious to everyone that he was not
doing them
2. SLEEPING in the guest bedroom during his said night shift (therefore NOT
being alert to any/all danger such being the point of his job)
3. not only sleeping in the guest room, but JACKING OFF in the guest room. This
was the evidence discovered by the housekeeper.

So yeah, we go into our meeting thinking "Ok, either we're all laid off or
P's finally getting fired.?

Now, backtracking yet again. We have this FT employee named H, whose job
it is to coordinate all the activities for the old fogies. Emphasis on the"whose job it is" part, because apparently H thinks that all her jobis, is to sit at her desk and research wedding websites, even though shes
only been with her boyfriend for like 6 months and who blabs to the old people
about how she moved in with her bf after like 2 months. I dont like her very much,
because whenever she has a problem with anyone she'll send a scathing email
in a VERY condescending tone and copy D on it, rather than being a MATURE
person and dealing with the person herself. Plus she likes to boss me around
and she's only like 24. ANYWAYS she started in like September and went to
great lengths to change EVERY single thing the person before her had done.
Including the fact that she kept moving this table tent that got changed every
week, that was supposed to stay on her desk. So, every week, we'd put the
new stuff in it, and she'd move it back. Then, she of course whined to
Debbie that "someone keeps moving things on my desk" and D of course
suspected it was us. THEN we found out that some other things had been
happening to her besides us moving her table tent - ie people leaving her
threatening notes and things saying "We hope you quit!" The old people
like her just about as much as I do. But all of this stuff had happened like 3
months ago, so I assumed it was all fine and dandy.

Ok so back to the ill-planned meeting. So, I again re-arrange my lunch (to the
joy of those at my other job) and arrive at this meeting on Thursday. Imagine all of
our anger when, after all this rearranging, lost sleep over worrying about
losing my job, etc, all D does is hand us a memo and read it to us. The
memo was about ABSOLUTELY nothing - ie "take your trash out, mr. B died
Sunday, etc." Then, she proceeds to ramble on about the heating system for
like 30 minutes (when I made it very, very clear that I could stay there for
half an hour AT THE VERY MOST). Finally, she gets up to find us something (I
don't know what) and is gone for like a really long time. I finally lose my
cool and find her and say "I HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!!!" and she WILL NOT let me
leave. She forces me into her office and starts asking me "Do you know
anything about anyone putting stuff on H's desk?" And (thinking to
myself "this is the REAL reason you called this meeting?") I tell her
"not since we last talked about it. Can I go now?" And finally, she lets
me go.

So, in the next few days I find out several very interesting other things that
have happened:
1. P was NOT fired.
2. M and K (my two friends) were questioned about the H'sdesk issue, but NO ONE ELSE was.
3. L(who was one of our other friends) was fired for (get this) leaving a
piece of fake moss on H's chair. We assume this fake moss was the real
"emergency" requiring the meeting.
4. There is something else that they made M do that I haven't even
found out about yet, but I guess they made her wait like a day to know if she
still had a job. I think they made her take like a lie detector test or
something. Isn't that terrible?

So yeah, after the continual melodrama that made me fearful of losing my job,
that turned out to be something as miniscule as someone leaving a piece of moss
on someone's chair, I said "Enough of this drama!" and put in my
resignation. Can you blame me?