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Welcome to Jasper's Home!
Jasper is my 12 year old Shih Tzu dog. Feel free to browse through Jasper's links, see photos of Jasper, learn all about Jasper and meet Joey B., my talking parakeet! We also have some Friends' Pictures and webpages for you to visit! Fun Stuff to Do! And a lot more!


My heart is broken, my life has changed. My precious Jasper went to Rainbow Bridge on October 4, 2010 at 12:15 am.

He was the sunshine of my life. He was my heart and soul. He was the love of my life. I will love and miss him forever. I feel so lost without him.

I was with him when he passed away. He went peaceful on his own with me by his side. God was good to us. God let us say good-bye at home together. Jasper died of liver disease. His health was going down but there was no reason to put him to sleep. God took him gently in his sleep. Jasper called out to me with three little howls, from the end of the bed, before he left. I went to his side and petted him and asked if he was okay. I did not know this was the end. He looked up at me one last time then put his head down and passed away. I petted him and petted him and kept saying how much I love you and thank you for being mine, crying all the way. He did not suffer at the end. I thank God for that. I did not have to make that decision to have him put to sleep. I was surprised that Jasper left me at that time. We had a good weekend together. He seemed to be feeling fine all weekend. When we went to bed that night, he seemed fine. But for some reason, God wanted him that night at Rainbow Bridge.

God brought us together and gave us the best life together. God took him so gently and sweetly. I thank God for giving me Jasper. I thank Jasper for being mine. I will love and miss you forever. Life isn’t the same without you….

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It breaks my heart to tell you this, but Joey B. passed away June 15th at 10:16pm. I was holding Joey B. as he passed away and Jasper was by my side. I do not have the heart to remove Joey B. from the webpage. I have decided that Joey B. will not only live on in my heart and my soul but also on this webpage.
I thank everyone for their support. It means the world to Jasper & me.
I will be getting another parakeet soon. But there will never, ever be another birdy like Joey B.! He was a special Gift from God! I Thank GOD, for Joey B.!!!
We love you Joey B.! and miss YOU Sweetie Pie!!
Love, Hugs & Kisses, Mama & Jasper

Joey B. with his toys, my favorite picture of him

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