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The Winners of Our Awards!

WhoooHooo! We loved these Sites! We hope you do too!
Please take time to visit these great sites! We have webpages here with all kinds of different subject matters. We are so pleased that these people applied for our awards....And WON!! Each of these sites is special in their own way. I'm sure you will find something here to interest YOU! I know WE did!

Annie's Room

VdkaSunRise's Dream World

Robin's Place

Black Russian Terrier

ƒancymay's Links

The B-BS

Michal_Filly_Astra's Homepage

Yoda's Den

J-Ann Shibas

Ulla's Poodle Page

ARTTU, Timneh African Grey Parrot

FallinStar's Dream Zone

Skye's for Birds

Brandy's House

Dog Lady Barks

Lethal Injection~Mud Racing

Michele's Homepage

Adelle's Official Page

Pat's Cats Etc.

Our Critters by Rita

Ruth's SCCA Racing

Welcome to My KC

Birdboy's Page

Paulie's Info Center

Cuddly's Corner

Atkayma's Site

The Arnts' Asylum

Home of SugarBear & Twinkie

Tafi Mae & Mollee Anne's Home

Amy's Beatles Site

Joker's Gifs

Hobie's Doghouse

Bubbles' Home

The Kids' Page~Crackers & Cookie

Tito's Home

Vista Real Ranch Jack Russell Terriers

The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself

Owned by a Cat~Domino

Anna's~Our Brave Young Dog

Welcome To Riddell's Island

A Tail of Two Shih Tzus

The Corgi Doghouse

Puffin's Place

Casey's Celtic Charm

Poonchy's Page

Earle's Pages


ItalianLuvr~HTML Help

Lee's SnowGlobes

Meg's Merry~Go~Round

Zeus' Memorial Page

K9 Korner

Schubert Land

Luke Skywalker~Blue Great Dane

Lyyti the Shih Tzu

Ollie's Homepage

Boris & Natasha

Island Illusions Stone Pets

Dominoe's Paw Prints

Annie and Katie's Home

Scampy and Scooter Playing

Grace O'My Sunshine

Our Shih Tzus by Barb and Dave

Scarlet and Medieval's Real Audio Knights

Dancing Dingoes

Princess Ramses and Friends

Tzu's Tzu

Robbie's Roost


Australian Bulldogs

Sar K9-70

LabraDox Land

The Vernevaux's Shih Tzu Homepage

Chyna and Danny's Very Own Website

Gorda's Turtle Tank

Merlin's Cage: The Tiel Station


Meow Crazy Cat

Puppy Pals

Sassy's Photo Album

Shady Nook Aviary

Smiley's Golden Pages

Palmenhof's Japanese-Chin

Brandi's Dog House

Beetle Mania

Angel's World

Heavenly Shih Tzus

Paw Prints On My Heart

Julie's Artwork & Harvest Moon Art Studio

Maxnjay Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Courteous Canine, LLC


Dog Breed Rescue on the Web

Family Tree of the Taylor's of Broadsea

The Dog Pack


Dwight Yoakam and the Babylonian Cowboys

LABRAHARVEST Labrador Retrievers

Shirley's Doll Adoption Agency

Michelle's Furbabies

Edward745's Homepage

Southern Spaniels

EagleRock German Sheperds


Great Danes Are Special

Ron Jones Realty

Spring's Gifs


Waycool's Autographs

French Fancies Yorkshire Terriers

TanjiaTMS:Tibetan Mastiff

Miniature Schnauzers Life

Planet K9

Stormi's World

Alex and Boas' Place


Dusilla Whippets

Soprama Boliva

Barker's Nook

Steve's Shih Tzu Site

Keeping Chinchillas as Pets - A Guide


Gallery of Colby

Jia En & Dixie's Cosy Cottage of Dogs



Krystal Kourt JRTs

Maggie's Place

Forever Precious Shih Tzu

The Muellers' Site

Kampfratte_Kimba's Homepage

Jasmine and Jasper

Franse Golden Cavaliers

My Pet Haven

Terri Mueller

Copper's Kennel

Zachary the Blooming Butterfly

Cheyenne and Friends' Place

Animals in Distress

The Search Party

Murphy's Cyber Manor

Come Fly With Me

Maxy's Memorial Page

Alpha Buttons Benefits Rescue

Pets in Utah

Tails a Waggin' Online

Crissy & Sandy's Page

Doc Jim's Help Page!

Samantha's Place in Heaven

The House of Shih Tzus - Kodi, Kaleb & Sean-Lei

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Nordom Chesapeakes

Felix Bonger's Webpage

Steen's Hjemmeside

The Premium Puppy Party

Our Guinea Pig Corner

Zachary's Shack Soul

Deckum Schipperes

Our Chihuahuas

The Dogs of TruDol

Max & Tiki's Horse Page

Peke Heaven

Prima Aussies

Welcome to Japanese Chins

Krull the Chihuahua

My Budgie Bible

The North Beach Bark Park Project

If you have applied for our award & won and you do not see your site on the Winner's List, please email me and I will get it on right away. Thank You!

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