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I brought Joey B. home on April 26, 1996. He's a special little guy. He is so pretty. His colors are such a vibrant green and yellow. He is a talking parakeet too! He really learned all by himself. In the beginning, I tried working with him to talk. But only for a few short weeks. And then I decided.... if he's going to talk he will on his own. Well, HE DID!!! One night while I was watching "I Love Lucy" (Joey B.'s favorite I heard this faint, little voice say "I Love You".... so I listened really hard... and thought... hmmmm is that Joey B. talking?!?! And the next thing you know, He said it again!!! From that moment on, he has talked and talked and never stops!! I just love it! It's such a delight!!

He adjusted well after I got Jasper. It was tough in the beginning but we made it work. Joey B. is Jasper's big brother. I also let him out of his cage to stretch his wings. Jasper and he play well together now. But they do like to tattle on each other at times. If Joey B. is in the kitchen on the counter Jasper will bark until I say something. And Joey B. will look down at Jasper and tell him "Bad puppy" or "go take a shower". Joey B. (which the B. stands for bird) talks non-stop. Another thing they like to do...or I should say Joey B. likes to do is Joey B. will dive bomb Jasper. Then Jasper will get up on his hind legs reaching up to Joey B. trying to get HIM back! But Joey B. is to fast! He flies away!!! Jasper gets so upset over that one! It's so cute to see!!

His favorite things to say.... "I love you" "Give me Kisses, oh sweet kisses" "I got to go to work" "I got to take a shower" "Jasper bad puppy" "Japser good puppy" "I love you Jasper" He is always talking to Jasper. He also says "give me kisses sweetie pie" "good birdie" and the list goes on and on.

One of the sweetest things that Joey B. does everyday is.... When I'm cleaning his cage and giving him fresh food and water.... He will say... "I Love You So Much"!!! Now isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard! Every morning he does that!! Rain or Shine!! He is sooooo special! And I love him so much!!

One day I know I will get the picture of Joey B. on Jasper's back. Jasper gets a bit upset at times because Joey B. won't let him give kisses. Jasper gets upset about that too. He loves to give those kisses!!

Joey B. is a good little birdie. And also a treasure in my life. He was with me when I lost my dad. He was there to say "I love you" when my dad was no longer there to say it. This is why God gave me Joey B. to hear those words. I thank God everyday for Joey B. . I thank God every day for both of my guys and pray that he gives me the power and wisdow to keep them safe from illness and harm. This is my little family. And I love them both with all my heart.

It breaks my heart to tell you this but Joey B. passed away and went onto Rainbow Bridge.
He will live on in my heart and soul and also on this homepage.
I love You Joey B.! and miss you Sweetie Pie!
hugs, love and kisses!
Momma and Jasper

In Memory of Joey B.

This is a special gift from our friends at Maggie's Place
Thank YOU! We love it!

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