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Welcome to Our Friend's Page!
Aren't they all cutie pies! Some of our friends have webpages too! You can visit their sites by clicking onto the pet's photo.
If you have a pet you'd like to add to Our Friends page just email me the scanned photo. It must be in .gif or .jpg format. I might have to alter the picture, cut the picture down abit to have it fit on the page. Not to worry, I will only cut out the backgrounds. Or you may do that yourself. Please, Photos only, no banners or buttons.
Enjoy Our Friends!! :-)

Sadie before haircutSadie after haircut

Ken's Sadie
I have to tell you.... Jasper is in love with little Sadie!! He has never met her but as soon as he saw her photo he was wagging his tail and panting! He's IN LOVE with SADIE!! That's why we had to move her to page one of the Friend's page. She's a special little doggy... Ken found her in the streets of Detroit all by herself. It was a cold winter night and she was covered in snowballs and crystals. Ken brought her home and nursed her back to good health. He probably saved little Sadie's life! Thank you Ken for watching out for our Furbuddies!


Tim and Patty's Zimba


Bobby & Dee's Jawz


Prince "Whirlwind" Zachary



Libby's Woodfield

Tboob's Julian & Sebastian

Jim & Nancy's Mike

Theo's Cowboy

Verne & Norma's Tag

Wilbur & Norma's Suzzie

The Gests' Gabby

Dan & Rita's Benji

Wor's Breeze

Dan & Becky's Petey & Feather


Sisko's Wilma

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