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Jasper was born on March 6, 1998 in Southgate Michigan. I brought him home on May 3, 1998. One of the happiest days of my life!!

He felt at home right away. This was his home from the very moment I carried him through the door. His first day here he played and slept like he had been here all of his short little life. He played with the toys like he knew everyone of them! I had bought him toys months in advance and would sit the toys with me so he would smell my scent on the toys and feel me close by when I was not here. His favorite toy then and to this very day, is still the brown stuffed doggy we call "Freddie". He loves all his toys!!

He is a very loyal and loving doggy. He follows me everywhere I go and must have me in sight at all times. He follows me when I clean the house, do the gardening and even when we go visiting if I leave the room.... He Follows!!

He loves to kiss.... that is a Shih Tzu trait and Jasper honors that whole heartedly. No one can leave here without getting a kiss from Jasper. He also loves to play and go on walks. He loves going bye-bye in his carseat. His favorite outing is to Petsmart where he can meet other doggies and socialize with them.

He loves looking good and wearing his bandannas. We have a drawer in the kitchen with just bandannas in it and he will sit by that drawer and bark for me to put on one on him!! He also loves to be brushed. I cannot go to bed without brushing him. We keep his brush on the coffee table and he will go to it and bark to be brushed. On my days off... to be brushed 3 times a day is not even enough for him. He just loves it. And that is why I reward him with the longer coat. But not to that he can still play and have fun.

Jasper will sit outside the shower and wait for me and have my slippers waiting for me. Although, he sometimes thinks my slippers are his toys and will try nibbling on them as I walk! And when I tell him 'no no' he get's so excited and does this thing that we call 'crazy doggy' which is another Shih Tzu trait and that is.... he will run and run as fast as those little legs will carry him in a big circle thru the living room and dining room and sometimes even the kitchen. Another Shih Tzu owner I met calls that the 'B-52 Bomber'. It is so funny to see.

Jasper loves people, especially little kids. He knows where all the little kids live on our block and when we walk by their houses he will pause a little to see if any of the kids are coming out to play.

He has a Shih Tzu girlfriend who lives down the block. He always hopes to meet up with her on our walks. Jasper just loves to go on walks. In the beginning he would not go off our block. Then one day this pretty little Shih Tzu named Katie came along and showed him it was okay to walk off the block and out of sight of home. And from that day on... Jasper would go on the long walks. And always looking to meet up with his girlfriend, Katie.

His favorite chew things are pig ears but I've switched him to Pedigree's Dentabones, they are better for his teeth. Another favorite is doggy lollipops. He eats that right up and chews on the stick for along time. He has a favorite pillow with a blanket on it in the living room that we call 'the chew pillow'. Once I tried taking the pillow out of the living room because I was having company. I put the pillow and blanket in the den and Jasper would not have that. He stayed in the den on the pillow and would not come out. Needless to say.... Jasper won and the pillow came back out to the living room!!

Yes, I say I live in Jasper's house.... he does not live in mine!!! Jasper is the master of this house!!! Nah.... he isn't spoiled!! The heck he ain't... he deserves it!!!! Jasper is the best thing that has came into my life in a long time. He gives love and he takes love. He is the best little companion you could ever want! God has truly blessed me with Jasper. I thank God every day for him. Jasper is my treasure in life. I love him with all my heart. My little doggy!!!

~~Training Jasper~~

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