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You're a Chrono Trigger fan, right? Then why do you want to see site after site of walkthroughs, charm lists and character profiles? Wouldn't you rather have fun?

Enter Tenchi's Chrono Trigger Insanity!

Melchoir's School for the Gifted -See what happens when Marle, Lucca and Crono go to school

Flea's Cafe - A couple of anime stars get lost and they find themselves in the hippest place in Guardia.

Celebrity Death Match: Crono vs Cloud Strife- In this corner Crono, in that corner Cloud, who will win?

International Commitee of Loser Villains - The ICOLV meeting has come to order...

The End of Time - Pretty peaceful place...unless some guests pop up...

The Library - Read Fanfics and other stuff.

Toma's Travel's ((links))-If you really must leave, this is the place to do so in...

Coming Soon:

The Millennial Fair 2000....



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