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Ok this meeting will now come to order. Is there any new buisness? Ah yes, Ozzie?
Yeah, yesterday I stole some kids lunch money!
Yeah but then his older sister beat me up...
Yeah but I got back at her..I told her mom...but then she beat me up too...
Umm, hey where is the bathroom...I had too much bean dip...
Hey, where's Flea?
She owns a
Cafe now...She doesn't love us anymore...
Well too bad because once we unite we'll be invincible!!
Hey I have a suggestion. Why don't we morph into multi colored spandex outfits, get huge dinosaur robots that transform into a bigger robot and fight guys in rubber monster suits with Japanese footage randomly spliced into it...
Dammit Yakra, you suggest that ever week!! No one wants to do that...
*sniff* you've ruined my dreams!! *cries and runs away*
Why am I here? Who said I was a loser villain?
Ahh Cripes, Mammon Machine is starting to remeber again!! Reprogram him at once!!
*bzzt* *reprogram complete* I am so pathetic...
*Hic* I ussed to be queen of the dinosssourss! I wasss I tell you, queen Azala they ussed to call me. *HiC* I need some more boozes...
What is it Imp?
Someone let a CAT in here!!
Great, it's Prince Janus' cat! If we kidnap that thing we can hold him hostage and.....MWA HA HA!!
MWA HA HA one more time and I'm gunna shove this thing up your ass!
Hey give me back my cat!!
You want him back pay the price!!
*poof* Ahh he turned me into a Frog! *Ribbit*
What's going on in here?
They stole my cat!!

Ahh! my orange Cape!!
Thanks Schala, you're the best!
MHA HA HA...get em Golem!!
Ummm...ok...let's try it again! Go Golem!!
Dammit, this isn't working!! Oh cripes they got away!! Oh Well back to the meeting...hey where is everyone?
While you were busy I beat them all up!
CRAP we really are losers! Ok then, this meeting is over for now but just you wait...we've been drinking milk!! MWA HA HA
I warned you about that!!