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Welcome to Flea's Cafe

Hi I'm Flea, may I take your order?
Umm, I don't know, how about some Soda?
What, oh no no no no, you're too young!
Too Young for Soda? Where the hell are we Lita?
I Dunno...excuse me sir, where are we?
I love soda, can't you tell? I'm obsessed with Soda!! More Soda please!!
Careful Lita, this guy seems a little wierd...
So are you chicks gunna order or what?
In a minute Lady!
HEY! I'm a MAN!!
Thats it, we're leaving!!
HEY!! They have Karaoke!!
Great, she'll be busy for awhile. So what can I get that isn't too old for me?
You can get a Refresh Salad! How about some Jerky?
Like Beef Jerky?
Cripes what kind of closet have you been living in? Actually..I dunno what the Jerky is made out of. It's probably Imp meat or something...
Down with Jerky! Protest Jerky!
Hey, Get back in the damn oven!!
Oh Shut up, RuPaul!
RuPaul?! RUPAUL?!! I'll Give you RuPaul!!!
Sorry, we just ran out of Jerky...
Thats ok, I'll just have something to drink...
How about Soda? I LOVE Soda!!
If you don't leave me alone I'm going to mace you!!
*silence*'re just jealous cuz the voices won't talk to you too!!
*Mace* AHH My eyes are burning...need more Soda...
Precious only friend...
HEY!! It's 5:00! You know what time it is!!
Come on Raye, lets get the hell outta here!!
Hi Guys, sorry we're late...
Yeah, we had to wait for Serena to wake up!
*Ahem* will any of your friends actually be ordering anything?
Mmmm Food!! I'm soooooo hungry...gimme the biggest thing you have!
That would be the "Crono Special" "Crono Special" coming right up

HEY! Leave him alone...*lets him out of the gullotine*
I'm gunna kick your ass for that one, Flea!!
Bring it on Spanky!!
Leave him alone...he's kinda cute!
Venus Star Power, Make Up!!
Venus Love Me Chain!

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