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Over 1,000 free historic cookbooks and manuals found online as e-texts are grouped by date and author. Many have been scanned or transcribed on several sites, but I have linked to only one site per title unless the editions or years are different, such as Mary Randolph's Virginia Housewife [1838 and 1860]. Although mostly in English, there are some French, Spanish, German and other languages. Several excellent historic cookbook collections are listed below. Goggle Books, HEARTH, Feeding America, Internet Archives, Duke Collection, Project Gutenberg, MoA, and others have search programs allowing the researcher to query by recipe name and by ingredient.
Duke University's Advertising books online have changed their URLs, so until I get time to change them all, when you are redirected to their main page, type in the author or title.

1800-Civil War
1911-World War I

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Manuscript cookbooks online and in print

Cookbook collections online

Feeding America: the Historic American Cookbook. [1798-1922] 76 books
Advertising Cookbooks. Duke University. [1878-1929] 82 books
Library of Congress. Rare Book Room. Gastronomy Books. [1480-1913] 80 books
Internet Archives search cookery, cooking 407 books
Internet Archives search The Cookbook and Home Economics Collection 3,000+ 20th century
Google books
UPenn books online - Cookery
MoA Making of America Books. U Mich.
Project Gutenberg
Szathmary Recipe Pamphlets
Recipe for Victory: Food and Cooking in Wartime. UWisconsin

British Library. Books for Cooks
The Foods of England project c1390-1960s
Canadian libraries Archives
Bon appetit! - A Celebration of Canadian Cookbooks
Canadian cookbooks online
Gallica. Bibliotheque nationale de France check on publication date, by century, on left
Feast Afrique – Digital Library of West African, African, African-American, countries of the Caribbean and Black cookbooks, culinary heritage books
Biblioteca Brasiliana - Brazil, Portugal
2,000 Mexican cookbooks, UTSA Libraries Special Collections

Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage [Lindahl]
The Medieval & Renaissance Cookery Webring - Gode Cookery
Culinary and Dietetic Texts - Middle Ages to 1800 [Gloning]
Old Culinary & Brewing Documents Online [Renfrow]
Medieval and Early Modern Cooking. [Carlin]
Norwegian and medieval cookbooks [Notaker]
Medieval Cookery. Online Cookbooks, Searchable
Manuscripts and cookery books in Medieval Europe. Maître Chiquart
Cooking and Food Links SCA

Digital Public Library of America
National Archives Advance Search
Internet Archive


Bibliography of Virginia related cookbooks
New Orleans Research Collaborative
Michigan cookbooks online
Medieval Cookbooks - An Annotated Bibliography
A Cookery Bibliography. The Medieval & Renaissance Cookery Webring
English Cookery Books to the Year 1850 by Arnold Whitaker Oxford. London: 1913

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