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This historic cooking web site contains thousands of links pertaining to open hearth, bake oven, wood stove and other pre WWI forms of cooking and related subjects, with more than 1,000 online historic cookbooks and about 300 museums with cooking demonstrations. Numerous categories include glossaries , period images of cooking , clothing , menus , stew stoves , recipe index , pictures, and historic measurements .

I am in the process of changing the format of the website to more information and fewer links, so in the interim, if you find a link not working, copy the museum name or book title and paste on a search. I post articles with pictures on my blog Researching Food History and images on Pinterest. Patricia Bixler Reber

COOKBOOKS online - 1,000+ free online by Date (c400-1920s) and Author

MUSEUMS - Demonstrations, Food museums

Historic RECIPES - with information and images

GLOSSARIES of historic terms (food, brewing, plants, medical, ingredients, foreign), and CULINARY TIMELINES

RESEARCH online – Converting historic Measurements, Inventories, Newspapers, Garden books, Manuscripts, Libraries

FOOD HISTORY Groups, Blogs, Images, Historic food providers, Grist mills working, Markets and prices, Slaves and Indentured servants, Clothing, Menus...

COOKING APPARATUS – Brick or metal ovens, Stew stoves, Steam Kitchens, Cook stoves, Ranges, Fireless cookers…

KITCHEN TOOLS – Utensils online galleries, Gridirons, Refrigerators, Sugar desks, Patty Pans, Muffin Rings…

DINING equipment

Ethnic foods in America

WRITINGS and TALKS - PowerPoint presentations

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