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The painting, 'The Power of Music' by William Sidney Mount, 1847, shows overalls with thigh patches. An even earlier representation, from 1838, is 'In the Woodshed'. Saundra Altman, creator of Past Patterns, and Ericka Mason of Conner Prairie, described the paintings and much more during their lecture on 'The How and Why of Accurate Cut and Fit of 19th Century Men's and Women's Clothing' at Riversdale House Museum in March 2006. Listed are a few of the many sites dealing in patterns, fabric, and notions.

The Power of Music by William Sidney Mount, 1847


The Costume Gallery
The Costume Gallery Research Library
Fashion Colar Database
Bisonnette on Costume. Visual Dictionary of Fashion. Kent State U.
Glossary of 18th Century Costume Terminology
‘Had on When She Went Away’(put in SEARCH box) Garment Data in American Runaway Ads 1750–90
Glossary of Terms Used in the Runaway Advertisements
La Couturiere Parisienne
Costume Society of America
The Costumer's Manifesto
Clothing & Costumes. Cyndi's List
Cornell Costume and Textile Collection 
Costumes.org Main costume sites
Elizabeth Stewart Clark
Danish museum
18cNewEnglandLife.org - Interpretive Resources,18th Century Clothing & Accoutrements
Museo del traje 18th cen
LACMA online. LA County Museum of Art - costume
17th and 18th Century Scottish Costume. Mara Riley
French Colonial Womens' Dress, 1740-1760
University of Washington Libraries Fashion Plate Collection
Fur and Leather Garments in 18th and 19th Century New England
Art of Mourning
Short Cloaks

Costume pictures links

Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute
Eighteenth-Century European Dress
Eighteenth-Century Women Artists in France
American Portrait Miniatures of the Eighteenth Century
Empire Style, 1800-1815
Nineteenth-Century Silhouette and Support
American Portrait Miniatures of the Nineteenth Century
Nineteenth-Century American Jewelry
Ohio Historical Society - Dresses
Ohio Historical Society - Hats
Ohio Historical Society - Shoes
Shoes - 18th Century. Virtual Shoe Museum
Shoes - 19th Cenury. Virtual Shoe Museum
Museum of London prints
Victoria and Albert costume exhibit
Glove Collection. London. click links on left for more groups
Hair: The Rise of Individuality, 1790-1840
Hampshire County Museums, England - Fans, Bags, Visiting cards
Kent State University Museum
The Regency
Regency Jane Austen.co.uk
Regency Fashion Page
Regency Costume Companion
Conner Prairie Historic Clothing Collection
Conner Prairie Museum Textile Collection
Fashion Through Time


Pattern dealers list by The Greater San Francisco Bay Area Costumer's Guild
Costumes.org links for patterns
Past Patterns
J P Ryan
Kannik's Korner. Historic Patterns and Related Books...
Reconstructing History Patterns

Dry goods

Burnley & Trowbridge. Williamsburg VA
Wm. Booth Linen and Woolen Draper, Haberdasher &c
Wooded Hamlet Designs. Gettysburg PA
Traditional Fabrics. PA

Textile/dress books from HEARTH collection - Cornell

J. W. Parker, The useful arts employed in the production of clothing. London :1851.
Parnell, Edward A. A practical treatise on dyeing and calico-printing: including the latest inventions and improvements...New York :1846.
Compaing, Charles. The Tailor's guide: a complete system of cutting every kind of garment to measure, containing upwards of five hundred diagrams, London : [1855-1856].
Baird, Robert H. The American cotton spinner and managers' and carders' guide: a practical treatise on cotton spinning...Philadelphia :1863.
Frost, S. Annie. The art of dressing well: a complete guide to economy, style and propriety of costume. New York : [1870]
Lord, William Barry. The freaks of fashion: with illustrations of the changes in the corset and crinoline, from remote periods to the present time. London :[1870]
Dress. Oliphant, 1828-1897. Philadelphia .[1879?]
McLaren, Walter S. Bright. Spinning woolen and worsted: being a practical treatise for the use of all persons engaged in those trades. London :1884.
Treves, Frederick, The influence of clothing on health. London :[1886].
Lefébure, Ernest, Embroidery and lace, their manufacture and history from the remotest antiquity to the present day: London :1888.
Holmes, William Henry, A study of the textile art in its relation to the development of form and ornament. Washington :1888.
Grenfell, Henry, Dressmaking: a technical manual for teachers. London :1892.
Ecob, Helen Gilbert. The well-dressed woman: a study in the practical application to dress of the laws of health, art, and morals.New York :[c1892]
Davis, Jeanette E. The elements of modern dressmaking for the amateur and professional dressmaker. New York :[c1894].
Child, Theodore, Wimples and crisping pins: being studies in the coiffure and ornaments of womenNew York :c1894.
Dodge, Charles Richards, A descriptive catalogue of useful fiber plants of the world: including the structural and economic classifications of fibers. Washington :1897.
Ortner, Jessica. Practical millinery. London ;
Quigley, Dorothy. What dress makes of us. New York :[c1897]
Blair, Margaret J. Margaret Blair's system of model sewing and garment drafting. c1898
Abrahams, Ethel Beatrice. Greek dress: a study of the costumes worn in ancient Greece, from pre-Hellenic times to the Hellenistic age. London :1908.
Webb, Wilfred Mark, The heritage of dress: being notes on the history and evolution of clothes. London :1908.
Carpenter, Frank G. How the world is clothed
McClellan, Elisabeth, Historic dress in America, 1800-1870. Philadelphia :[c1910]
Earle, Alice Morse, Costume of colonial times. New York :1911.
Meyers, Charles Lee. Bibliography of colonial costume. [New York :c1923]
Evans, Mary, Costume silhouettes. Philadelphia :[c1923]

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