Historic kitchen apparatus and tools

Kitchen apparatus

Stew stoves
Rumford Kitchens: roaster, fireplace, range
Ovens, Iron wall - Rumford Roaster, Reip Oven
Ovens, Beehive
Ovens, Squirrel-tail
Steam Kitchens
Cook Stoves - Wood, Coal, Gas - in museums
Ranges - Yorkshire Range working (video)
Smoke, clockwork, bottle, and steam jacks
Fireless Cookers

Kitchen tools

Cooking and eating utensils - Online Galleries
Refrigerators Thomas Moore 1803; Mary Randolph 1825
Cannon balls and Mustard
Potting Pots and Potted Meats
Muffin Rings
Patty Pans and Queen Cakes
Sugar chests, desks, tables
Candy thermometers
Summer Kitchens