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Okay, these are all old. They need some serious overhaul in order to fit into the storyline as it currently stands, since I changed it a heck of a lot. However, because they have not been modified yet, all the fanfics as they originally were are here for the reading. They are old, and so you are warned. But they are here, and you can read them if you want.
These stories are in chronological order as everything stood when written.

Warning: Take nothing you read in these stories as facts in my storyline. Everything has changed. Just to let you know. ^_^"

History of the Guardians
This Uniform Grey
Crystal Alliance
Beginnings of Ends
Not of the Same Substance
Hidden Secrets
Hidden Moments
Born to be Wildwing
Foolish Games
The Other Side
Still Standing
Sick as a Duck
The Price of Youth
Blind Ambitions
Starcrossed Lovers
Bunnies and Ducks Don't Mix
I Wasn't Hatched Yesterday
It's Just Not the Same
Puck Wars
That Monster
To Have and to Hold
Musical Mayhem
Eye of the Storm
Haven Missie DuCaine