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Welcome to Haven, the dimension within all the other dimensions. The place were dreams are real and what is real is only a dream...


Believe or not, we were actually asked all of these questions. If you want to ask us one, send us an email at and we'll answer it for you.

1. What is Haven?

Haven is the Guardian Stronghold, located inbetween dimensions. It's also our website, where we record everything that happens in our universe.

2. Is ducks your whole life?

Ouch. No. We write/draw about Sailor Moon, Matrix, X-Men, Batman Beyond, Original stuff, and tons of other stuff. We do have lives.

3. Is Missie the only one who draws and writes here?

Uh, no...but the others don't want there stuff up. If you want your stuff up here too, send it to us at so we can put it up.

4. Will you draw a picture for me?

Sure. We have a Commission Form that you fill out to get a FREE picture.

5. Will you write a story for me?

Uh...if you want one. You can email us with ideas and characters if you'd like. It might take a little while to get done, but stories usually do.

6. Who runs Haven?

Missie. But Rose and Christé help, since they're co-runners, but Missie is the Web-Mistress.

Haven © Missie DuCaine