Message from Mother Mary – “The Divine Feminine”

Received By Marcia McMahon on June 3, 2006


Mother Mary: “I have come to speak to you today, my child, about the Divine Feminine. In my womb I bore the embodiment of the DIVINE LOVE OF GOD. I have been many things to many cultures, and I am still revered as the Queen of heaven. Jesus and I were part of the twin souls during the early days of earth in Lemuria, at that time known as MU, and our physical vehicle was the same soul.


We also are twin flames, and Magdalene is part of that twin flame being part of the DIVINE GODDESS energy, as well. I helped her after the crucifixion, but she had to be ushered out of Palestine in the strictest secrecy. That is part of the mystery of the incarnation, that my son had no father but the Father Mother God, and I also was born immaculate.


Mary was also in our circle of love; and we found no fault with her. The child, my granddaughter named Sarah, was raised far away from me, but I was there at the birth in Egypt, just like we had to flee to Egypt when Jesus was a child.  Egypt is a place of shelter to all holy families, and also was to be a shelter to the beautiful Princess Diana, whom you work with.


The mystery of God and this magnificent creation does not always end up in the history books or religions either. That is why I am larger and bigger than all the lore that is said about me. I am Mary, the Immaculate, Mother of Jesus, and Mother of all earth children. Come to my arms and rest from your burdens. I love you one and all with the love of the Mother.”




Mary Magdalene on the Divine Feminine and her relationship to Jesus!

by Marcia McMahon, June 3, 2006 

Marcia: “Dear Mary: You came to me last night in prayer and meditation. Is there anything you with so say about your relationship to Jesus?”


Mary Magdalene:My child and friend, it is true of our romantic relationship. I was the woman who sat at the feet of the master Jeshua, described in your Bible as the house of Martha and Mary. I was the receptive one to him and fell in love with the Master Jeshua.


We held a friendship for many years before our romance blossomed shortly before the crucifixion. Those were both wonderful and terrible days!


I gave birth to the child of Jesus, named her Sarah and raised her in Egypt, and then in France.  Because of the fiery persecution of all followers of Christ or Jeshua in the Roman Empire or ‘Gaul’, as France was known then, our identity was a secret to all but a select few. Sarah was my Sunshine Child and my consolation in losing the love of my life, my husband Jeshua.  She provided for me an outlet of Joy!


I did write down the teaching of the Master recorded in my gospel. However, that book has been distorted also by the church fathers.


I am of the DIVINE FEMININE and I speak with compassion about the power of the Sacred Feminine. It was the mission of the Master Jeshua to bring me to leadership in our circles, which did occur with the apostles who supported me. It was later removed, and my memory denigrated to that of a harlot. Call upon me for strength, compassion and for help in childbirth.


My SACRED BLOODLINE exists even today in France and England, I leave you with a thought:

History is told by the ones who control power. Look again within yourselves to the Kingdom of God/ Goddess within for truth!  My love to all who hear and recognize me.”


Mary of Magdalene 



Mary Magdalene, Power of the

Divine Feminine and her Rose! Channeled by Marcia McMahon, MA

August 3, 2015


“I come to you today to speak of dreams. I brought the divine feminine to highlight Jeshua‘s work in the Divine Masculine some 2000+ years ago now. I was His appointed apostle.

The external church was the rock Simon Peter, and of course the inner way church was that of the Divine

Feminine, which was carried on throughout the middle Ages through both my bloodline and the many convents that were built in my honor.

There were other continents, other divine aspects of the feminine that were brought honor and also dignity.

You know these names well: Saint Catherine, St. Therese of Avila, St. Lucia and, of course, St. Mother Mary as in Jeshua’s mother. I was also recognized in the early church as a saint and, of course, everyone knows that saints in the Western tradition are ascended Masters in the Eastern tradition. Sometimes an Ascended Master will project them into another lifetime for a teaching purpose, which is what I did, and this is why there are many soul aspects of myself these days. It is a grand reunion of souls at this time, is it not?

Jeshua was concerned that the male patriarchal system would take over, and so it did. There were great efforts made through inspiration throughout the ages to bring awareness of the Divine Feminine, and my gospel was also changed by the church fathers. You can read about it online, and you can read segments of it online, but a lot of it had decayed in the desert sands. There were others of my Gospels that I wrote in France, still buried in caves. They will be discovered at some point before the ascension of the planet. All of this is coming to light through archaeology and through past life research in order to weave a more careful garment for the Master.

Jeshua wore a white seamless garment, and all of the Grail hunters in the world could not possibly replicate

the work that we did at that time, as you well know. Jeshua encourages balance in your life times, as they are dreams in a way of speaking, with the way of the Master and the perfect balance of Yin/Yang and Divine Feminine/Divine masculine. It is not necessary to become all one or the other.

I don’t need adulation or reverence. I need a willing heart and mind to be open to my message. You, too, are gifted and this is the way that Jeshua taught. He taught Love!

I am forever grateful for your loving heart and kindness to the Divine Feminine power.

I leave you with this thought: history is told by the winners. All are but dreams but yet Truth is at the heart of every good dream. I am inviting all who hear me into the circle of the Magdalene Rose today. I am Mary Magdalene, keeper of the wisdom school.”

About Marcia: Marcia McMahon, M.A. RMT, NGH, is an artist, author of four books. (“With Love from Diana, Queen of Hearts”,” Notes from John: Messages from Across the Universe”, Ascension Teachings with Archangel Michael) angelic healer and channel, and works for Peace and healing of all. She does readings and Reiki sessions with the Angels, and teaches angels courses, Reiki ,and also specializes in reading and past lives regressions. Reach Marcia at * * *