Archangel Michael  Speaks on the Holidays and the New year and New Decade of 2020~ by Marcia McMahon, MA.


Calling in Light of energy of Princess Diana, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, Jesus, the Archangel Michael and Alora!

 Collective of Angels and guides: We all gather round you in the celebration of Thanksgiving! You are reminded that this is season of Thanks, a season HOPE, season of reuniting the chords we speak of the chords the Invisible rays of light that unites you as a family of light-workers.


Light cannot be overcome by dark wherever and whatever you are. You must merely smile upon it and let it disappear, not in denial.  Do not let darkness have its power over you this evening. Where there is life, there is hope and where there's hope there is you *** (insert your name here!) there is also hope in the Youth of this generation.  


Archangel Michael: What’s the new in this century and of the new blessed year of 2020 - we tell you that there will be great changes upon the Earth.

Aspects of democracy are rising, while tyranny is fading and the while tyrants are having their way especially in Russia and in circles very high your U.S. government, but we say that this will soon give way to Divine Justice!  Yes, we say that the institutions that the world has depended on for so long, the dark institutions (pornography, child trafficking) will begin to be brought forth into the light and there will be great judgment for those who have engaged in such.

As well, money laundering and banking fraud and so many of the other crimes of this world will be brought forth and the Divine Justice, especially in your great United States will prevail!  There will not be a triumph of perversion of Justice for the current sitting President will be gradually and steadily diminished in stature! Let them speak for themselves and it's obvious that they pay no heed to the law nor his cronies, who are all and tied to crime, and are felons. There will be consequences for his cronies’. We see that the Triumph of Justice will simply be in a new president for your country!  


      We wish to encourage light-workers not to give up hope on the Democracy of Hong Kong and also of captive prisoners everywhere!  If you will but say a whisper of prayer for all those around captive and starved and tortured (foreign countries) just know this and hear this! I Archangel Michael speak For one day, all human beings will be given the Divine Rights and equality, democracy for the internet will cause it, yes the Semi dark (internet) will have a great light which will awaken in the hearts and minds of many across the world the desire for complete freedom and you will see this in the 2020's a new decade!


When the turning of the new decade commences there will also be tides rising in the next few months more Earth changes and flooding and fire upon the planet and this will continue for quite some time!  Not only I’m rearranging her (Earths’) grid, but because there are greenhouse gas emissions that are encompassing the planet and choking out her Island peoples. There are dedicated individuals like Greta Thunberg and others who stand for the Salvation of mankind and the Peace of the planet!  So are we asking, we encourage all that are fighting plastics in the ocean and all who are standing up against greenhouse gases and promoting the distribution of fair free trade-- and also wind and solar and thermal power!  Investors, look carefully at these investments for these are the way to save the planet. Electric cars coming into being in just a few years they already exist of course, but the major name brands for the general population in the United States in the major Western countries (will be available).


We ask for prayers as your U.S. Congress is quite divided and as your Abraham Lincoln said “A House Divided shall not stand!“ and it is so true even today that one must stand up to tyranny, to malice and to cover ups and lies and stand for truth! 

America will not stand for this level of debasement!  America will stand and shine brightly as a city on the hill, as your Ronald Reagan put it!  For it neither Republican or Democrat and she will learn to reunite her factions even though it appears as a dim hope, trust that a new sun will shine on a new day.

Marcia: Michael do you feel any concurrent planetary alignments?

AAM: We see solar eclipse on the 26th of December the day after Christmas and this will be an auspicious moment where cellular DNA ascension wave spectrum can be call forth during this time of missing light to call forth the inner way light and Proclaim Victory! 


As well this eclipse falls very near the solstice!  This time was once the celebration of the solar cycle winter solstice.  It is a celebration time with Solstice and Christmas and Hanukkah and birthdays and traveling and the festivals of light!  Call forth the light of all within. Make your wishes for during these times you will more easily manifest.


Markets will be unstable, the stock markets all over the world and this will be a reflection partially of the disruption of the political systems as it moves into the new energy of the new decade, but eventually we do see that markets will stabilize and remain steady. There is a undercurrent of devaluation in the oriental markets that includes China and Japan, (Yen) as well we see that the United States will having a slight recession until the ending of the current presidency. The steady incline toward the use of ethical design and innovations will boggle the mind! 

With this we turn to the United States and other innovators in the European Union who will solve some of the worst climate crisis through Chemistry. The Ascension wave is on the way we give no date event, but all of you who know and feel in your heart are called to it should continue to do your inner work of clearing; clearing out the old sometimes your closet friends, text friends and so on until you emerge into the light being that you're destined to be!


 With this I give you many blessings for the holiday season a joyous Christmas, Hanukkah and a equally auspicious New year of 2020 I am Archangel Michael!

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Archangel Michael and Serapis Bey                                   

The Grand Lineage of the Divine Feminine                         

Channeled in the Fall, 2015


Archangel Michael: “We were present with you this evening while watching the creation of the Hubble telescope, which tells of the creation of the universe, as we know it over universes. While it is captivating to the imagination, it only confirms that life, as you know it, is here in the present and within the multi-verse. The Milky Way is just one galaxy among millions of galaxies. So, while understanding the Ascension process of the Earth, one must also look at the cosmic implications of the millions of planets and galaxies and solar systems and black holes.”


Serapis Bey, master of beauty, cosmic order and divine blueprint: “There was an ancient knowledge of the star systems in Atlantis and Egypt a long time ago. And, as well, the Holy Family began reincarnating in Egypt, for it is the home of all knowledge as we know it. Akhenaton and his queen Nefertiti were aspects of divine beauty, perfection and knowledge. Akhenaton communicated directly with the sun. Nefertiti was co-regent with Akhenaton and, as such, embodied the divine feminine in such an early time in Earth's history. Prior to her, of course, Isis ruled, and did so very well, even in the Atlantean times.

Akhenaton and Nefertiti began the new religion of Aten. Akhenaton communed with the sun, as did Nefertiti, and with all of Egypt. But, he actually spoke with the father-Sun God. And this is no pagan rite, but it is an understanding that the divine is in each and every heavenly body. And so, the predecessors of the Holy Family, which we are discussing at this retreat, existed in early times in Egypt, and prior to that in Atlantis. One might even say that the Holy Family and all holy families existed from eternity, for we all began as a divine spark, a star in the heavens, as a thought of God and a breath of God.


From looking at the stars you can imagine the power of your sun, and how life giving it is. And you can also imagine that the power to commune with the Sun is a God-given divine right of every human being. This is why the indigenous cultures also worship the sun, because they understand its life-giving powers, even in the fires and fire ceremony.  So, to honor a woman, to honor the Divine Feminine, is also very ancient and present in the Sophia literature of your Bible. Sophia exists before the Elohim and before Yahweh. Sophia is the preeminent birth figure and cosmic feminine divine.


You might consider the Divine Feminine to be an empty container for which the Divine Masculine energy is the positive energy and the Divine Feminine is the emptiness. The emptiness needs to be filled by the Divine Masculine. The sun is masculine, while the moon is always feminine. This is not a pagan conference in any sense, as it gives you the background needed to understand the beautiful dynamics of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.


All humans have Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine parts and partnerships, whether or not they are aware of themselves as such. One really cannot exist without the other. Yet, oddly, one human being is a universe within himself or herself. The Divine Feminine has been called many names, Sophia being among the first, meaning wisdom. Isis is the great Goddess of Egypt, the great mother, the great mother of initiations, the great knowledge, and the mother of the resurrection of Osiris.


And then following Nefertiti, the Holy Family moves up out of Egypt and into Israel, and a new lineage is born out of the house of David. Of course, we speak of Mother Mary, Anna her mother, Anna and Joachim, and of course Joseph and Jeshua, the firstborn of Marianna. And then we speak of Mary of Bethany, Mary Magdalene, and Miriam. We speak of other characters and of other traditions. All of these names carry the hallmarks of great feminine mastery. Yet, at the same time, only now are we an awakening to the potential of the true Divine Feminine as that of working in partnership with the Divine Masculine.


It is now time that the Divine Feminine must heal the planet of more war, of separation consciousness in religious ideology with male-dominated religions, in favour of compassion, nurturing love, and creativity.


We of the spiritual hierarchy acknowledge all that you are birthing in this scared moment and we honour you today. We know who all of you are. Amen and amen. This is Lady Isis, Mother Mary, Sophia, the Master Serapis Bey and Nefertiti.



OM… Aum …” C. by Marcia McMahon

Archangel Michael on the Momentous Occasion of the Solstice Dec 22, 2011on the year of 2012!

Channeled by Marcia McMahon

Marcia: Is now a good time to ask about the new year?

AA Michael: Now is the time of the Solstice the date of Dec, 22n 2011and my beloveds this is the date to one year of the glories of the beginning o the Ascension of mankind. We want to remind so many of my light workers who still suffer pain in any way or depression to be joyful as the New Earth awaits you in all her splendor – a paradise unimagined by the human mind at this point.

So again we ask you to prepare your bodies, minds and spirits this precious last year of your earth time. For you know not the time exactly of your personal ascension although I have given you the date of the commencing of the graduation party.

I still regret to say that many are unaware of this momentous occasion or how to adequately prepare. In the body, healthy eating and eating less is advised. In the mind, the clearing of past lifetimes filled with trauma and pain- and even this current lifetime so many of my light works have endured abuses and sorrows.

Hypnosis is a very good and efficient method of removing this debris and I wish to recommend my light worker as one of the highest integrity and loving service to you.

Now as to the Spiritual preparation be awake, alert and especially aware that any suffering is to be cleared as much as you can but at the same time viewed with the perspective that it is totally temporary and to not dwell on it. For in the New Earth the true land of milk and honey await all mankind if they so choose to end karma and death and rebirth and return to source at some point in the journey.

Many have the love for God in their hearts and for one another but are unsure of all of this and I tell you I hold my sword of truth and will cut all illusion from your mind if you will but ask for my healing guidance.

Imagine a most peaceful island where all the islanders are living in total harmony with the earth ad the sea- and with one anther and this is but a glimmer of the glory that does await those of you who wish to live in that 5th dimensional world.

On this earth this year there will be more earth changes including volcanoes and torrential rains and floods- but if your divine blueprint is to not experiences these calamities then no harm will befall you and fear not in any case. Yes there will be movements of the plates under earth’s crusts as she adjusts to the new energies being emitted by your Sun. The sun will undergo great change upon her surface this year and thus her ascension also awaits as she enters the fifth dimension she will change her appearance and appear more as a light blue dwarf.

Have no fear my beloveds for you are under my wing and I shall protect you from every imagined harm and nothing shall touch you if you only believe it.

I look upon each one of you with great love and anticipation your arrival upon the New Earth. Call upon me whenever you are in trouble and I will shelter you with my wings and bring my sword to bear upon any difficulty you may face.

In peace and love, Archangel Michael

About Marcia McMahon. Marcia is an author and artist and works with the spiritual hierarchy including Princess Diana and Mother Mary. She does readings with Archangel Michael, and your guides. She also guides others on their ascension path and does hypnosis for clearing karmic debris. She is a reiki master and does angelic reiki. Hypnosis is located at Her readings are available here on the site index, Reiki information is available at Reach her at

Earlier Messages from Archangel Micahel 

Archangel Michael Speaks on the Year 2007

Arch Angel Michael Speaks on the Year 2007 Channeled by Marcia McMahon, Jan 6th, 2007 

Dearest Arch Angel Michael 

I come today as set aside from the world to attune to your wisdom on prophecy. 

My Child it is I Michael. Whenever you call I will come as promised. This new year of 2007 holds the promise of ages, of all the prophecy given since the ancient times, the promise of salvation and messiah, if you are Hebrew, and the return of Jesus if you are Christian. Yet, none of the messiahs sent in the past can compare to the coming of the Christ within each one! My light workers and I have labored in the vineyards against the odds of the mainstream society, which denies our truth. I ask all listening to your show to hear these words for they are true! 

The Angels and Masters and those of the earth planes have a plan for peace for 2007. Your work with Princess Diana is a part of that vision, as she has shared her vision of peace with you now for almost seven years. We in the angelic hierarchy would like the people of the United States to stand up against tyranny and more war. We ask you to become vocal in whatever way you can to write congressmen and women, and ask that this situation be brought to swift and final justice. 

We ask that a conference on religion be held in Iraq or anywhere in the Middle East that leaders come together and discuss differences. We cannot condone religions that promote hate and violence and this needs to be addressed for earth’s sake. 

There will be more earth changes this year as Mother Earth Gaia cleanses herself of war and negativity from the people of earth who have abused her. As more population is lost, more people who are light workers will be needed to speak words of comfort and to do the work of assisting in these areas of devastation. 

Can you say where some of these earth changes will be Michael? 

The so-called ring of fire in the Pacific rim, with tidal waves, eruptions and possibly tsunami, and there is a possibility of earthquakes and tremors in California. There are other volcanic eruptions possible as this has been set in motion and it would be best for your audience to not focus on fear. We ask all listening to learn to attune to our vibration so as to gain intuitive ability through this channel or others who teach channeling or ascension as this channel does. To listen to mainstream media does not teach one how to work with finer energies. 

My colleague Arch Angel Gabriel works with the Middle East situation and you will hear from him in future messages and he will confirm your work with princess Diana and John. We see that your show and the BBS network will find success in the New Year both on air and with new ventures. We see all of those whom you work blessed in the New Year with abundance, prosperity and healing. Only my light workers will be able to lead in this New Age about to dawn. 

Only my light workers and those who work on being light workers will take the reigns of power from this last cabal, and bring in the new government about to dawn. America must take the helm, must lead out of the tangled mess she has made and be victorious in teaching and leading in peace and justice. We are at a perilous juncture and every hand is needed, every light workers voice must be heard. I leave you in peace, justice and mercy and thank you for letting me speak to your audience. 

Arch Angel Michael


Arch Angel Michael Speaks on the Year 2007 Channeled by Marcia McMahon, July, 2007 

( My questions were about the physical changes anticipated in the Solar system and Milky Way Galaxy concerning our Earth home planet ‘s relationship as she moves into the fifth dimension) 

Marcia: AA Michael I wonder if there is anything you wish to say about all of this. 

M: My child just call and I am here. We have been working on your ascension for quite some time and your clearing of karma. The final pieces of the puzzle are falling more and more into place, and you need to release some situations in life if you are to progress on the ascension wave. 

Marcia: I know and sense it keenly. What can I do to move out of fear ? 

M: Ascension is power my child. It is dimensional warp; it is life in material and physical. The new wave of humans coming in now should turn your frightened mind to the truth; there is no extinction of the planet, but there are cleansings; many. 

As well,the planet and her sun are all ascending and this will in turn cause changes on all planets of your solar system. 

Michael: In time all of you in my group, conclave, will be brought to the Golden Galaxy, where life will begin again for you. 

As ascended beings and yes I am leaving earth with all who do ascend who wish to ride the electromagnetic waves through time to another time. 

So yes to answer your heart, in time your sun will become a dwarf star and will leave on her etheric chords to a higher plane. If it happens now or in a million years from now does that make a difference? 

Marcia: I guess not, but I do not want to exist in ethers. I still want to have the 3 D sunlight, flowers art, experience. 

M: You are a good human being. An ascended master in the making. Believe what you wish to believe the New Earth is waiting for you and all of my followers. I will not abandon you. Others may do so but not I, I am of the love vibration. 

Marcia: I love you too Michael. Thanks so much. 

Michael: You are welcome my child of the light. I leave you to ponder the mysteries of Ascension, to look to the stars as your future home. With my love, Archangel Michael.