*****Journey back in time with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Joseph of Arimathea with eyewitness accounts of the many supporters of Jeshua, in the aura of the Divine Feminine.  Drink from the Holy Grail chalice of the Christ/Magdalene energies as the codes are woven through the story! Join the female disciples as they come to life through past life regression and channeling, revealing new events of Jeshua and Mary’s life, and new truths! If you have wondered about the possible marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene or their child, the author reveals astounding details about his ancient bloodline, while its purpose and meaning are brought to further light! 

Mary Magdalene Speaks: by James Murray, author-artist, www.thestarsstillshine.com



 the Holy Grail, the Bloodline, and Secrets of the Divine Feminine by Marcia McMahon



Be prepared to question your beliefs. Marcia McMahon has astonishing stories to share about her past life with Mary Magdalene, Jeshua (Jesus), Mother Mary, Joseph of Arimathea, and their family.  The book also reveals secrets and compelling information about artifacts and more.  



Robert Murray has corroborated with Marcia on other book projects and as as  guest on her radio shows. Using his psychic abilities, he has contributed to Marcia's latest book providing insights into her past life during the Jeshua's time on Earth.***** 

***** A review by Nancy Calumet, RMT , RN 



 This book."Mary Magdalene Speaks", comes to us with perfect timing as things are changing with women taking their rightful place in the affairs of the World.

It records direct revelations from Mary Magdalene, The Blessed Mother, Martha of Bethany, among others.



We come to know Jesus the man, remembering His sacred teachings and mission on Earth.



It calls to Light Workers every where the need to BALANCE the sacred masculine with the sacred feminine energy to create special, holy relationships.

It helps ground us to our own sacred mission by connecting us with the heart of Mother Earth through nature visits.In addition, there is much useful information contained in this treasure trove of historical fact.

Highly recommended, I give it a 5 star rating.



Nancy S. Calumet, BSN, Reiki Master Teacher .



“Mary Magdalene Speaks,” is a powerful manuscript full of wisdom and truth. As I began reading it, an undeniable connection with its words filled my entire being.  So strong yet subtle that it is hard to put it into words. It encouraged me go deeper on it.  

The author identifies herself as Marta, Magdalene’s sister. A great deal of information keeps pouring throughout the book, as she undergoes several soul retrievals for herself as well as for other important members of Jeshua’s sacred family at the time.

Marcia’s connection to that age is so evident, that when she was writing this treasure, she attracted those who made part of that circle as well. How can that be? Is this perhaps a time for truths?



This marvelous book sheds light through insightful knowledge about Jeshua and Mary Magdalene that had been hiding from the public.




I would like to share a personal experience I had while going through page 105. I would say that my soul wanted me to acknowledge that the scene was rather familiar.  In an undisclosed way so far. When reading the part where Jeshua came to rescue Mary Magdalene from imminent death, I began shaking and crying; all of a sudden, I fell into a deep trance state, to then, find myself receiving a codified message from Jeshua. What a gift! Lucero T.