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Marcia McMahon with the late Princess Diana is of extremely timely benefit for our current world. During this season of unrest in the Middle East, the messages brought forth from Princes Diana offer us wisdom and the comfort of knowing that the celestial forces are not only aware of our strife, but are working diligently to aid us. In the passing of years between the receiving of the messages and the publication of the book many of Diana’s prophecies have been fulfilled showing that Diana does know and is eager to impart knowledge to this world.

Through her ability to channel (the gift of speaking to the realm of Spirit) Marcia was contacted by Diana in May of 2001. Marcia's first book is a transcription of Diana's messages to Marcia concerning not only the Mid-East situation, but includes letters to her sons, thoughts on education for the new millennium, and astounding thoughts about many aspects of life.

For those who wonder about the veracity of material delivered through channeling, Diana's own words offer a wonderful insight: "Truth stands on its own merit, its own accord. The only way to verify the message is to let it resound within your soul, and if it is true, it will resound accordingly. I work through other channels and each one is a filter through which my words resonate. Some are more accurate than others, and all have human faults. In all fairness to the question (how to know if she was really Diana), I can verify the truth of this channel....But the reader must also make up their own mind, and this is so in any endeavor, in anything one reads. Put aside judgments and prejudices as you read my material so that my voice can be heard around the world and within your own heart."



Notes from John Messages from Across the UniverseNotes From John: Messages from Across the Universe is a fabulous read. It is pure John Lennon. Marcia conveys John's wit, sense of humor, and passion in an easy to read style. Her honesty in telling the story and relaying John's continued message of peace is refreshing. The message is straight and to the point, "give peace a chance." John was courageous in his quest for peace, taking on the US government when they tried to deport him because he spoke out against the Vietnam war, speaking his truth no matter what, and daring others, especially young people, to stand up for what they believe in too. Marcia and Bob Murray are no less courageous in continuing to convey John's message of peace. Let's face it, John Lennon didn't do things in a conventional way, and it is not surprising that he continues to use his voice from "beyond the grave." He once said he would always speak his truth, no matter what. I guess that meant in "death" as well. Although John is channeling his words and music now, it is no less of an impact. The music is great and the messages clear. Marcia has a way of making John's truth resonate, and Bob takes his musical assignments very seriously. The proof is in the end result. People who have no formal musical training could not come up with this on their own.



Ascension Teachings with Archangel MichaelThis is a collection of channeled messages in the form of an eBook for those who are curious and want more information on the gateway of 2012, also known as the ascension. Who is Archangel Michael? He is the head of all the Archangels, as his name means “He who speaks to God”! He is all major world religions, and revered by the Jewish faith, the Christian faith, and Islam.

What will life be like upon the Earth in the next few years? Here is a quote for a message contained herein from AA Michael, “Your truly new earth awaits and we remind you of the splendor that will be upon that plane. Earth herself will renew her energies and supplies, and will no longer rely either upon oil or the old fossil fuels. We welcome the inventions of many who are eager to assist her in her transition to newness, to life and to systems that protect life and life forms upon the planet. What could be more reasonable, yet the human race in its error of thought has forgotten so much common sense in caring for the earth!”

Many or most of Archangel Michael's yearly messages read on air on Marcia McMahon's Peaceful Planet radio show on BBS Radio, aired from 2005-2009, were yearly predictions, prophecy if you like. This fascinating seven year account with Archangel Michel and Marcia clearly demonstrates with references events that later did take place. AA Michael tells it like it is and we have a wonderful future as the New Earth beckons in all her glory! A must read for all light worker, peace workers, and all interested in what will happen in 2012 and beyond!