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Reading with the Archangel Michael consists of three questions that you have, I will go into deep meditation and ask the angels what you need. I will l write out about 2-3 pages of information for you. this will emailed to you plus we set up a session on Skype or Face time to clarify! this takes a few days. Prepayment is expected for the purpose of allowing me time and effort given to you!

Marcia McMahonMarcia McMahon, M.A., is a  gifted psychic medium, a channel for Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Princess Diana, and the Archangels. She offers divine feminine retreats and reiki circles featuring her wonderful messages from the Magdnficne of the Highest Light of the Divine feminine sources. She has been interviewed all over the USA, CA, and AU and is best known for her work with Diana. 
Marcia McMahon,M.A.

Announcing Readings with the Archangels! Through the grace of The Archangels, Marcia is now offering readings from the archangels! She will answer three questions via channeled information from the angelic realms. This is a wonderful opportunity to find out your spiritual mission and purpose.  To book a reading or simply sign up for my newsletter email  Marciadi2002@yahoo.com

Ascension Teachings with Archangel Michael

Chalice well, Dedicated to Mary Magdalene in Glastonbury, UK,

 The Red well at the Chalice Well, UK