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Marcia's Recent Appearance, April 23rd,2013 on Angels in the Buff with Stephanie Lodge, and Jenny, as Marcia channels John Lennon and Princess Diana live on "What you can do for World Peace!!"!

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Marcia's Recent Appearance, July 23rd, on Liquid Lunch with Hugh Reily in toronto, Canada, Marcia channels Princess Diana live!!

Marcia's Recent Appearance, on Talk story TV, with Dorothy Mercer, of Talk Story USA , Marcia channels John Lennon's message to his fans and his new lyrics on the other Side, excerpts from Notes from John, Messages from Across the Universe, her new book, as well as Princess Diana on the Divine feminine live!

Send an Email to Marcia McMahon Would you like to know more about what is your next step? Now you can get a reading with the Angelic realms  focussing on spiritual growth, ascension, and direction in life! Would you like to know more about what is your next step? Now you can get a reading with the Angelic realms  focussing on spiritual growth, ascension, and direction in life!


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IN this exciting new e book available in pdf format ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, THE ELOHIM and RA, All explain what to expect as our third dimensional planet transitions to a 4th and then 5th dimension planet, also referenced as the New Earth.

Our PLANET will be a planet of glorious light where all will walk in peace. PEACE HARMONY JOY AND LIGHT will now prevail!

Archangel Michael explains that glorious changes are coming to earth. Those of us who have chosen Ascension will move with the planet to the higher dimensions! This will be a place free of war, poverty and disease!

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Spirit Messages Blog - Diana and Many Masters Speak

"What Is Channeling?"
How Mine Began

Diana on the Divine Feminine

Princess Diana Speaks on the Birth of her First grandchild and on New Revelations about her Death!

Princess Diana's Message to William and Kate on the Wedding!

Diana's Plea for World Peace

**Special: Updated MidEast Plea**

Diana Speaks
On September 11 Bombings

Diana Speaks
On Peace in the Mid-East

Diana Speaks
On Her Causes and Palestine

Diana Speaks
on Educating Children

Diana Speaks
On the Anniversary of her death

Diana's Letter to William

Diana's Letter to Harry

Diana's 2005 Christmas Message To Her Sons

Diana's Letter Concerning Harry and Iran 2006

Mary Magdalene Speaks on the Divine Feminine

Archangel Michael's Messages and Art

Ascended Masters Page

Ascended Masters Art Gallery

John Lennon Messages Page

Heavenly Hosts/Angels Page

RA Speaks on The Egyptian Hierarchy!

Special Message From
Mother Teresa

Conversation About Princess Diana’s Message
With Jesus

Marcia McMahon

Princess Diana Paintings

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