Marcia McMahon

BA, Ursuline College
MA, Case Western Reserve University
The Cleveland Institute of Art

Marcia is an accomplished artist and author and has her art in numerous private collections throughout the US, Europe, and Canada.

She was recently named in Who's Who in America 2002 and for 2003 for her accomplishments.

Marcia's newest release highlights messages from Princess Diana that can if implemented save the world more terror, particularly the United States and countries in the Middle East. Princess Diana in life knew most of the world's leaders, and it should not come as a surprise that she chose her channel to assist our planet as it transforms to ascension.

In fact, as Diana says, without peace in the Middle east there can be no mass ascension! Mother Teresa, Jesus and John Lennon also speak on peace within Marcia's latest book, as well as two other well known Princess Diana authors! To order the book visit

This is truly a unique venture into the next millennium with Diana, who serves us as a guide for our children and gives advice as to the world we so wish to co-create as a united humanity.

Diana's predictions have proved chilling and accurate; her plan for peace sound. Her words have great power and grace; and are healing for many who are seeking a message of hope and upliftment now.

The title of the painting below is Diana, Angel of Althorp, visionary watercolor by Marcia McMahon, 2002. Marcia's art is inspired directly by Diana, and she channels her energy as she paints. Princess Diana rests peacefully here on the Oval Island at Althorp, the estate of her brother Earl Spencer. Marcia's other Diana Galleries can be found elsewhere on this site. Diana Gallery Index

Marcia gives powerful lectures and readings of Diana's messages. She brings her artwork to accompany the reading of Diana's words. Marcia also does radio and TV interviews.

You can hear her radio show at Blogin Services Peaceful Planet Radio Show:

Peaceful Planet

Sundays 12:00-1:00 p.m. PST

To request her in your area, Contact Marcia @

Also visit the Web Site to view her prior speaking engagements.

To order art work of Princess Diana, go to the above Diana Gallery link.