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 It's the French flag! just the opposite of ours, it's Blue, White, and Red!

This shows you where France is on the world map.

If you can't guess what this is, you don't deserve to ever see it in person, EV-ER!!!


Diden't anyone ever tell you that obsessive searching for hidden links and quotes can be an early sign of more serious illnesses? you should stop looking for cute little mouse-over goodies unless you really cannot tell what it is that you are seeing, or you'll spend hours on this site without actually learning anything because you thought I was sooooo cute to do little mouse-over descriptions on all the pictures! On seccond, thoughts, you actually should look for the mouse-overs, some are educational, some are kinda funny...really!

Nikkie's Trip To France  2003

Widdle Birdies!




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The Coast of Madrague

Wine and Olive Oil

Vinyards near the Castle of Agers


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Froooot!       The beach near Marseille (I was born here!)