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Name: Replica

"Repeated offender of the laws of physics."

Personal Email address: a99jonst@student.his.se

  • Height: Around 5'5". May vary according to personal whims.

  • Weight: Around 120 lbs.

  • Appearance: A lithe, attractive woman apparently in her mid-twenties, with short black hair (it occasionally changes colors) and blue eyes with a mischievous glint, and almost always smiling or grinning (sometimes with a lot more sharp, pointy teeth than any human should have). Replica usually wears black shorts, a t-shirt (with various logos on), combat boots, a white labcoat, and a white bandanna, though she can alternate as the situation demands. She always looks relaxed, observant and confident.

    Alternate Appearance: Identical, but with all colors inverted.

  • Fighting Style: Unknown, or at least unnamed. It's a nightmarish mishmash of half-finished martial arts moves and tricks that shouldn't really be possible to use.

  • Button style: Mortal Kombat with run button.

  • Bio: Few people know much about her, as she's never stayed very long in any reality. According to her own tales, Replica had a happy childhood like any other kid... until she was around five years old, when her reality-altering powers manifested and she found herself whisked off to another world. She coped with the situation through unknown means, and after many years managed to control the power and bend it to her will. One may wonder how she managed to survive to that point... she won't say that either. From there on, her eyes had been opened to the worlds available to her, and she decided to travel around. She could have returned home, but by the time she had managed to gain sufficient control, 'home' held less attraction than it used to.

    Replica's main power is to alter the 'reality matrix' in areas; the structure that REALLY defines what the things occupying them are. This means she can bend and alter matter, shift the laws of physics (such as making things lighter by altering how much gravity should affect them), creating glitches that can cause physical/mental trauma on living creatures, and also move herself and other things into other realities. (This is one of her best abilities, and is the base for her hit-and-run philosophy.) She's most adept at changing her own body and how it affects things; outside entities are harder to affect, and changes are rerely permanent. She believes that this stems from a greater understanding of the true reality of reality, though the possibility of an inherent ability isn't yet outruled.

    A few problems exist, however... she needs to know EXACTLY what she needs to do, how to alter the matrix correctly. This means that unless it's a well-practiced technique, she'll need to concentrate hard on it, without distractions. Also, she doesn't have her powers completely under control yet; she has to struggle to get things right. She does make it look easy, but it's much harder than that. She also involuntarily alters reality around her; her powers 'leak out'. This can occasionally cause peculiar results around her.(See glitches)

    Science of all kinds fascinate her; all the better to understand the true workings of cosmos, how it operates, and how she can manipulate it to her benefit. Some of these manipulations are mostly combat-oriented, as the problem with beings attempting to oppose her actions is ever-present. She will usually take any opportunity to learn a new type or method of science, and will try to filch most technological artifacts that interest her, or study them if they can't be stolen. She's a dedicated mad scientist, though she's getting increasingly separated from its implementations; trying to glean further comprehension from its workings rather than creating fun toys as the sole end-effect. Due to many long years of repeated thefts and burglaries across the multiverse, coupled with her ability to easily get around locks and barriers, she's also a rather accomplished thief.

    Being able to alter the nature of reality at a whim is taxing on the mind, and understanding the concept of the existance of countless alternate realities where everything except a single detail may be identical does little to maintain one's sense and sensibility. Add to that several encounters with entities far beyond human understanding, powerful ESPers, bizarre cultures, and whole worlds that defy the common way of things, and you'd wonder how Replica has managed to stay sane. In reality, she hasn't; she's snapped and unsnapped countless times, until her mind settled into a pattern of sharp sanity of an odd kind. From the wreckage of her mind, she built a complex structure, hiding her true thoughts among false fronts. While she's incapable of staving off invasive forces the caliber of Magus Jacob, the several layers of conflicting lies should give him pause to reconsider which ones are the truths.

    During one of her journeys, she picked up a fascination of dragons. She never says much about it, but she's fascinated about the creatures and what they represent, and by something she occasionally refers to as 'the inner dragon'. She can occasionally be seen with one or two of them.

    Replica is fairly non-muscular, but her off-kilter alignment with normal reality allows her to easily put sufficient force behind intent. She has a cool, calculating personality, but will be rather charming in a sultry way if she wishes to. She has a 'devil may care' attitude to most things that doesn't concern her, and she sees the tournament as an interesting study rather than an actual danger.

  • Intro:

    Busy with her travelling, Replica found out about the tourney apparently (*ahem*) by accident. She decided to join in, hoping that the prize of the tourney will help her gain further dominion over the fabric of reality. Failing that, at least it would prove an interesting experience.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Reali-Tease (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: One step ahead (Nik Kershaw)

    • Alternate Theme: Fire (Die Krupps)

    • Home Stage Theme: Swan lake (Tchaikovsky)

    • Alternate Home Stage Theme: June Mermaid (Xeno Gears)

    • Vs NeoVid: When a heart beats (Nik Kershaw)

    • Vs KiY: Man Behind the Mask (Alice Cooper)

    • Vs Sean: Echo Chamber (The Ark)

    • Vs Team Kaiju: It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane (The Ark)

    • Vs Misa: Airhead (Thomas Dolby)

  • Stage: The Outside, the reality outside of reality. It resembles a vast, featureless void with what appears to be stars winking in and out of existance; it's actually tears in the fabric of reality, opening and closing. Any fighters appearing here will enter through similar tears. The laws of physics and reality are easier to bend here. However, there is no ground to fight on (although fighters ARE standing on SOMETHING, and are affected by something very closely resembling gravity), so any techniques that involves the ground, such as Replica's Planet Retribution or Magus Jacob's Jan Ken Pon: Paper, are impossible to perform here. There also isn't any air, but people fail to suffocate.

    Alternate Stage: The Carnival of Despair. Ever thought that a circus was scary? Then pray you never wisit the Carnival of Despair. It's a place of madness and of horror, with evil clowns, twisted performers, and horrible freaks, where bloodshed is expected nightly and visitors tend to... vanish unexpectedly. The fighting takes place in the main arena, with a full audience. Around the immediate fighting area are several clowns, performers, and a few hot dog vendors. In the air above, acrobats will swing back and forth. They occasionally miss their ropes.

  • Weapons: The full extent of reality is her weapons, though for reasons known only to herself she favors an assortment of signs as blunt weapons.

  • Special Skills:

    • Eclectic (but spotty) scientific education.

    • Immovable cool and confident demeanor; due to what she's seen and experienced, she's very difficult to faze or scare.

    • Wise to the ways of alternate worlds.

    • Reality warping.

  • Special Resources:

    • A pet dragon, used for intimidation and company.

    • Supreme confidence; only suffers 80% of actual damage from taunt attacks, and may shrug off some completely.

    • Fortified mind; will recover from mental attacks a bit faster than average. Will sometimes also react unnaturally to those attacks, depending on the circumstances. (Specifics will be worked out during the fight, and rest assured it's not going to be used to powergame, such as ignoring powerful attacks; just to give it a bit of flavor. -Jonatan)

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: Phases into existance with a distant expression, strikes a pose (big smile, V gesture), and then grins and drops into a slouching fight stance. If the setting is on the Outside or any similar place, she'll fall in through a tear in reality.

    • Standard: Appears in a puff of smoke, poses fanservice-style, and sizes up her opponent. Makes some light (or not-so-light) smalltalk with the opponent, before starting the fight.

    • Alternate (15% chance): Appears in a puff of smoke, lights a cigarette, then realizes that she doesn't smoke and throws it away, where it sets fire to an innocent bystander. "Remember, kids: smoking is bad for you."

    • Vs. Self: Other Replica smirks. Replica looks oddly at her and says, "This is getting out of hand... prepare to be removed." Other Replica replies, "We shall see who will be removed." They then both drop into fight stances.

    • Vs. Females: Replica runs a hand through her hair and says, "Good to see I'm not the ONLY one..."

    • Vs. extremely oversized opponents like Scribulous and ClassicDrogn: The opponent will NOT be sized down to fit. Instead, Replica will phase into existance, and look up... and up... and up, while looking slightly intimidated. Then she grins and says, "Interesting. But I can match that." She then starts to grow. (and her clothing grows too. This is no hentai anime.) When she's reached the opponent's size, she stops growing and smirks at the opponent, who smirks back and replies "Interesting..." (or something else, Drogn for example will say "Hey, cool!"). The match will usually be set in Tokyo, with a lot of fires, buildings getting knocked over, and generic Japanese citizens running around screaming with badly dubbed voices.

    • Vs. Charles, before teamup: After his announcement, Replica frowns and says, "ALMOST cute enough?"

    • Vs. Charles, after teamup: Replica winks and says, "Oh, come on. You're not still upset about that, are you?"

    • Vs. NeoVid: See NeoVid's template.

    • Vs. NeoVid, alternative: NeoVid enters ultrasmarmy mode and says, "If I said you had a gorgeous body, would you hold it against me?" Replica winks and replies, "I'm not sure. Why don't you give it a try?" NeoVid promptly grows a smile wide enough to eat a Toyota. Replica rolls her eyes and tries to snap him out of it, and knocks him off his feet. The fight then starts; NeoVid has 98% life, but his super bar is slightly increased.

    • Vs. (V)ajin: Replica sighs and says, "Great. Another errand-boy of Order. I suppose you're going to be a little goody-two-shoes and report me now?" (\/)ajin stares at her bewilderedly and says, "Is there a problem with working for Madame Order?... And, why the hell do you think I'd turn you in?" She frowns and replies, "Never mind. I may be mistaken."

    • Vs. Jake: Same as his, with Replica replying, "I'd love to learn... your grasp and control of the monads is remarkable, and a clear indication of possibilities. Now, kindly step out of my head and fight. This will be interesting." ('Monads' are the basic aspects of perceptual reality, like the elements are the basics of physical reality. Consider yourself educated. -Editor)

    • Vs. Dan: Dan enters and performs a long Hibiki-esque performance. Replica taps her foot, looks at her watch, and says "Look, are we going to fight TODAY?"

    • Vs. Sean: Attempts to make some light conversation, but keeps getting broken off as Sean mimics her. Then, when she's finally starting to look annoyed and demand to know what he's doing, he walks off to correct the music. Replica remains, fuming quietly until Sean returns. He sees his annoyed opponent and asks, "Did you say something?" Replica huffs indignantly and replies, "Forget it. I'll not waste breath on unmannered oafs." Sean looks confounded as the fight starts.

    • Vs. Wyvern Neo: "You poor, miserable fool. You're just so messed up, aren't you? Maybe I'll help you..."

    • Vs. Skribulous: Replica shakes her head at Skrib's opening animation. "You're just so proud of your tricks, aren't you?" Under her breath, she then mutters "Godawful Drakkhens..."

    • Vs. Yuusuke: Replica observes Yuu's opening with silence. (Hey, she knows better than to ruin good drama!) After he delivers his line, she replies "Dreams are [lies]? Oh, how rich... the worlds are built on lies. You are definitely a [hero]." If outside, the sky will rumble (even if it's sunny); if indoors, the lighting will flicker dramatically.

    • Vs. Kyo: Bows, and says, "I'm honored to fight a kindred traveller." Kyo smirks, and says "Passion, or curse?" before taking his stance. Replica replies, "Passion, of course," and takes her stance. Kyo simply comments, "I guess that's where we're different." Both start with their super meters slightly increased.

    • Vs. KiY: Regards the King in Yellow, and scowls. "Twisted. Bent. Sick. Corrupted. Freak." KiY eats this up with a grin, bows and replies "Thank you." Replica shakes her head and continues, "But first and foremost, dependent. And that, dear puppet, is unforgiveable." Fight begins, with a slight gain to her super bar.

    • Vs Misa: Misa takes out her chainsaw faster than usual, and revs it, before doing a cross-slash. She takes her shotgun in the other hand, before growling at Replica, "Eat metal, you man stealing bitch." Replica grins and tilts her head. "Feeling jealous, little girl? Of course you are." She poses a little. "It's only natural that you'd feel insignificant compared to beautiful, gracious, oh so perfect me. You're weak, pathetic, insignificant... oh, words cannot begin to explain how insignificant you are." As Misa fumes, she adds, "Now that you mention it, I've been feeling a tad lonely. Maybe after I've pulverized you, I'll sneak off with Charles-kun and... but you're too young to know about that sort of thing. Silly, self-glorified little girl." She then laughs heartily as Misa sees red. As the fight starts, Replica will have her Super bar significantly boosted.

  • Taunts:

    • Verbal taunt: Ridicules the opponent with insults and barbs.

    • Physical taunt: Holds up a little white dragon plushie and pulls a cord, letting loose a HUGE gout of flame that causes one pixel damage and covers the opponent in ash if it hits.

    • Counter-taunt: When an opponent performs a taunt, Replica can sometimes retort or counter-taunt, throwing the insult back at the opponent. If successful, the opponent takes slightly increased taunting damage from having his/her taunt ridiculed like that.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Crosses her arms, grins and winks at the audience.

    • Perfect: Raises her eyebrows at the fallen opponent, says "You call this a challenge? Pathetic." She then laughs softly and walks off.

    • Ultimate/Dragon Transformation: Replica-dragon blows out another flame and flies off.

    • Desperation: Standing on one knee, she pants heavily, then glances over at the opponent and comments "That... was not pleasant at all."

    • Draw: Looks at her opponent, exclaims "How... curious. Can't we proceed? No? I wanted to see a decisive action." If the opponent is someone she doesn't like, she'll just huff derisively and walk off.

    • Time Over: Shakes head, comments "How pathetic. How... disappointing." She walks away.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "You lost... don't look so surprised."

    • "One down... more to go."

    • "Guess this answers who's the superior, yes?"

    • "Thank you for proving my theory."

    • "My fighting is chaotic and unorderly indeed... but who is the successful one, hmm?"

    • Perfect: "I reign supreme. You are... worthless."

    • Blowout: "Life is... lessons learned. You have taught me one. I thank you."

    • After Nuclear Holocaust: "...should teach you not to underestimate me."

    • After Desperation: "Omni-located matrix collapse on an infinity-looping N-scale... or, severe pain. It's all the same."

    • After Dragon Transformation: "Release your inner dragon... bathe the world in fire."

    • After Guinea Pig: "Pah. I'm disappointed in your results."

    • Vs. Sean: "If you paid more attention to detail, you wouldn't mess up so much. You still have much to learn, savant."

    • Vs Teotl: "How... formulaic."

    • Vs Charles: "If you want to be on my team, you'll have to do better."

  • Character Strategy: Replica is moderately strong and extremely fast, and her seeming independence of reality makes her a dangerous and extremely unpredictable opponent. However, she hasn't received traditional schooling in martial arts, and thus will have a few flaws that a skilled opponent occasionally can take advantage of. Her main tactics are defense (dodging, blocking, avoiding the opponent) and using special techniques, rather than relying on brute strength and similar fighting methods. Another point is that Replica prefers to use ranged attacks and other techniques that doesn't require close contact; she can't take too much damage, and tries to stay out of close range, unless she's trying to perform a close-range special/super attack.

  • Explanations for Moves:

    • F - towards the opponent

    • B - away from the opponent

    • U - up

    • D - down

    • HP - high punch

    • LP - low punch

    • HK - high kick

    • LK - low kick

    • BL - block

    • R - run

    • [] - hold whatever button/direction is inside the brackets

    • () - release the button/direction inside the brackets

    • + - do these at the same time

    • , - do these one after the other

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:

      • Catapult: Replica grabs the opponent by his/her jacket/coat/whatever, falls backwards on her back, and kicks him/her high into the air. She then quickly gets back on her feet for the follow-up attack. Move: F,D+HK, causes 2% damage.

    • Command Normals:

      • Peace Block: Instead of blocking with her arms, Replica pulls out a sign (usually with a peace symbol on, but occasionally with a witty slogan, such as "Victory through non-violence," "Meat is murder," "Happy birthday!" and "No signs allowed") from her coat and uses it to block the attack with, while putting on a nonchalant pose. This is her normal block, and not a move.

      • Distort Dodge: Normal dodge; Replica distorts reality to move herself out of the way of attacks, or alter her course through air. Easy to do, but not as effective as it may sound. Also not an actual move.

      • Phase kick: A weak but insanely fast kick; as she performs it, she goes from "standing normally" to "foot colliding with opponent" without going through the bit in between. This is because this move incorporate a highly specific alteration that allows her to phase out that bit. Does low damage.

    • Monadic Sting: Redirecting energies to manifest a momentary expulsion of kinetic force, or a small explosion, comparable to a normal punch. Works at slightly beyond arm length. Done by making a palm strike, fingers extended.

    • Throws:

      • Full Spin: Grabs the opponent by the arm and rapidly spins around several times, then releases the opponent, sending him/her flying into the air. Move: F,D,B+P, causes 10-15% damage, depending on the amount of spin.

      • Tunnel Maker: Grabs the opponent by the sides, lifts him over her head and spins him around several times, before bringing him down, face-first into the ground. HARD. All the while, she grins viciously. Move is F+LP, and causes 5% damage.

    • Specials:

      • Reality Ripple: The very pattern of reality can be set in motion, creating a metaphysical ripple that affects the reality in front of it in a chain reaction, causing trauma to physical matter that connects with it. Replica swings her arm in the direction of the opponent, creating a ripple in the fabric of reality. The ripple will grow exponentially bigger all the time, and thus causes more damage across long distances. At full-screen distance, it's almost impossible to dodge. Moves: D,F+HP. Damage is 3-5% at close range, and max 10% at full-stage distance.

      • Exile: Technically for defensive purpose, this move is used by Replica to remove unsavory elements from her immediate presence. When this move is performed, she shoves the opponent into another reality, where he/she takes some damage from the hostile environment and/or inhabitants. (The scene will shift to that particular reality and we are shown exactly WHAT he/she has to go through.) Due to the fact that she's not travelling herself, reality will reassert itself and the opponent will be thrown back after a few seconds, but dizzy and disoriented. 8%.

      • Tenderizer: Replica swings her arms around, boxing the opponent's head hard on both sides, while at the same time bringing up her knee in the opponent's face, chest, or... other area. Causes dizziness. It can also be enhanced with energy to cause a LOT more damage. Moves: [HP]1 second(HP),tap HP to add cool energy effect and damage. 5% normally, taps up to 9%.

      • Planet Retribution: Replica drops to her knee and levels a powerful punch at the ground. As it connects, the ground under the opponent explodes, sending him/her into the air. Does not work on arenas without actual ground, such as the Outside. Kudos to anyone who knows where she stole it from. Moves: [LK]1 second(LK). 7% damage.

      • Quantum Collapse: A more powerful version of the Monadic Sting, this releases a big enough blast to knock an opponent away, or to strike a projectile (physical only, not energy-based) out of the air. Works at some distance; the burst appears at the designated location automatically, rather than travelling from her position. Moves: D,F+HK. 10% damage.

      • Seething Indifference: Defensive technique. Grants a few seconds of total invulnerability. Needs a period of time between uses to recharge. Moves: B,F+HK. Lasts for two seconds, and takes five seconds to recharge.

      • 9.82 Smash: Makes a random heavy item (anvil, refridgerator, piano) appear out of nowhere and land on the opponent. Unblockable, has a 15% chance of missing. Squashed opponent will act in a comedy fashion. Move is F,D,D+LK, and it causes 15% if it hits.

      • Unreality: Replica warps the space around her (to approx. two feet away from her), creating a field of unreality that causes damage to anyone else that touches it. Move is B,B+HP. It causes 9% damage and lasts for half a second, followed by half a second of lag.

    • Supers:

      • Phase Space: Replica smiles and vanishes. Actually she forces her reality alignment further off-track, meaning that she for a short time vanishes from the space-time continuum into another plane of existance. From there, she can move around freely, choosing any location to reappear at; she uses this ability to sneak up behind pponents, ducking out of nasty Supers, or to get some room for another technique. It costs a larger chunk of the Super bar. While on the other plane of existance, she can easily see where her opponent and all other people are, but they can't see or in any other way detect her. She can only Phase for a brief period of time, around 10 seconds, before reappearing again. The move is U,U+R, and the same move is used to reappear.

      • Nuclear Holocaust: Costs almost the entire Super bar. Letting out an inhuman howl, Replica projects a Malevolent Aura(tm) in all the eye-bleeding colors of the negative rainbow, and then stampedes forward, attempting to run into the opponent. Upon contact, the aura will explode in a huge anime-style explosion, causing lots of damage to the opponent, but none to Replica. Unblockable; trying to block it will just set it off. Causes dizziness. The difficult move is [R]F,F+HP+LP(R). 28% damage. See also Glitches.

      • Fractured Matrix: Focusing on the web of reality around her opponent, Replica carefully tweaks certain key parts in the structure to make it break apart, physically harming the opponent, as the stress is caused between the opponent's matrix and the one surrounding him/her. To an outside observer, it looks like the "picture" of the opponent fractures and then shatters like a pane of glass. This costs a full meter, and causes 25% damage.

    • Desperation:

      • Fragments of a Shattered Soul: Replica closes her eyes, raises one arm... and then brings it down abruptly as her eyes snap open, and everything around her and her opponent *shatters* like a broken mirror picture, dropping them into a void empty except for the multitude of shards, still displaying glimpses of the original stage (and its people), hovering silently. Replica then twists her hand this way and that, and the shards fly according to her motions, assaulting the opponent with their razor-sharp edges. This goes on for several seconds, until Replica can't keep it up any longer; the shards wink out of existence, and the original stage fade into view again. This is extremely taxing on her mind, meaning that after the move's finished, she's incapable of doing ANYTHING for at least half a minute but stare ahead, or possibly be led offstage. 50% damage. Outsiders will have very hazy recollections of what just happened, if they even want to remember...

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • Dragon Transformation: Replica transforms into a huge fire-breathing blue dragon, and proceeds to go medieval on the opponent's ass. Note that she doesn't suffer a personality change from it. Move is D,D,U - courtesy of Liu Kang's Animality motion. Attack damage doubles, damage received is decreased by 1/2, F,F+HP shoots high fireballs, and F,F+LP shoots low fireballs. (If you didn't notice, we're borrowing Liu Kang's fireball motions while we're at it.) The fireballs do 3% damage each. Some moves are impossible to use in dragon form.

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Guinea Pig: Replica pulls out a large device with a mansized glass container and drops it over the opponent, who ends up inside. It fills with green liquid, and the various screens, meters and dials on the device lights up, and Replica starts taking notes. Meanwhile, various computers, machines and lab equipment mysteriously appear around the place, while the actual background fades into darkness. Various scientists, including Charles and various PemDas personell, start running around in the background, gathering information, moving things around, and bumping into each other. The device holding the struggling opponent suddenly starts beeping in an alarming fashion, and everyone stops to look at it (Gordon Freeman will thump it a few times). It then starts shaking uncontrollably, and everyone dives for cover as the device explodes impressively, rocketing the victim into Low Earth Orbit. Move is U,U,D,U,U+BL+R.

    • Team Helper:

      • Deus Ex Machina: Replica appears behind the opponent in a puff of smoke (alternately, on the Outside, she jumps in through a rift) and whacks the opponent several times with a sign reading "Look behind you!", then vanishes with a smile. The opponent will be dazed. 10% damage.

    • Team Supers:

      • Atom Cutter: See Charles's profile.

    • Team Edit:

      • With Reader: Clarke's Law: Reader/Replica, whichever's onscren dizzies their opponent with a crushing stike to the head(Reader uses his mallet, Replica a sign), before leaping back to the edge of the screen as their partner enters on the opposite side.

        Reader: I STILL hold that magic can equal anything of science.
        Replica: And *I* say that your "magic" is merely a defined application of science. Merely a subsection of the greater whole.
        Reader: And *I* say put those words to a test.
        Replica: A challenge, hmm?
        Reader: If you're willing...

        The two will then randomly perform one of the below attacks.

        Lord of the Roost: Pulling out a large syringe labeled "unstable genome", Replica forcibly injects it into the hapless victim, which mutates in bizarre ways before settling into a fine example of a Cornish Game chicken. In response, Reader whips out a Ovum (an egg, slightly grey and chest-sized, crackling with green energy, 10 points to anyone who recognizes it) and tosses it offscreen, where there follows a cry cut off by a squak. For the next 5s, both opponents are chickens. Note: this does not occur if only one opponent remaining. Also, the fact that both opposing characters are poultrified is not immediatly evident...

        Hugging Trees: Tossing a small handful of seeds on the ground, Reader sprinkles a small portion of glittering powder over them, before snapping his fingers. In response, a large series of vines suddenly sprout from the ground, lashing out and choking his foe. In response, Replica produces a small pot with a tiny shoot, and sets it down in front of her. Taking out a vial of green liquid and dribbling a few drops into the pot causes the shoot to grow into a Pet Shop of Horrors look-alike, which in turn, swallows the hapless foe whole and chews for a few seconds before spitting them back out.

        Sparky!: Replica reaches into her coat and dons a pair of high-tech gauntlets, before giving a more impressive version of Raidens electric hold. In turn, producing a small wand, the Reader jolts the opponent with a medium sized lightning bolt. Note: should the victim in question be Charles, alert players may make out him yelling "Hey! Those look famili-" before he's shocked by Replica.

        In Honour of Urza: Producing a plain looking staff from his sleeves, the Reader taps it twice against the ground, causing the earth beneath to form into a golem which pounds the opponent into the ground with a single blow. Smirking, Replica snaps her fingers and a large shambling automaton makes its way in from offscreen, picks up the prone victim and chokeslams them with screen-jarring force. Note: if the opponent is not Charles or Misa, there is a 10% chance that Replica's automaton will be Cyber-Charles. Also, if this move is performed in a place with no ground (ie, Replica's homestage) to shape his golem, he will portal in a pile of cinderblocks for raw material.

        Newton's headache: Replica makes a few keytaps on a small palmtop, and three metal rings appear around the opponent. With another keytap, the victim is rocketed high into the sky, crashing to the ground a few seconds later. Looking over the prone form, the Reader pulls out a small green stone and gestures with his free hand, causing a dark field of gravity to crush them.

        40%, except for Lord of the Roost.

        The scene ends with either leaving the stage and the other continuing the fight, amidst some more arguing, as neither will be convinced, of course.

    • Glitches:

      • If Replica performs Guinea Pig on an opponent, and the next match (featuring other fighters) is set in a reality that could be the same as the one of Replica's match, the skyrocketed opponent may fall down in the background somewhere in the middle of the fight.

      • Vs. Yuusuke: If Yuusuke opens with his standard opening, Replica will perform her 15% chance smoking opener... both of them apparently unaware of what the other is doing. Suddenly, they pause in realization, staring at each other. Yuusuke scowls darkly while Replica gets an evil little look... The fight proceeds as normal, but every time that Yuusuke uses his cigarette taunt, Replica immediately performs her opener again, blowing up a background throwaway/large area of landscape every time. After three such exchanges, Yuu bristles in exasperation and roars, "Okay, now what the F*CK is wrong with this picture??" as Replica giggles hysterically. If Yuu manages to pull off a super before the three exchanges have been performed, he will perform his taunt instead. If the cig hits Replica, the two grimly lock eyes and then proceed with a vast cig-chucking war, Replica's attacks exploding as usual. The screen is eventually greyed out by huge clouds of smoke; giant columns of fire can dimly be seen as the the attack continues. Once the air clears, Yuusuke can be seen laying the smack down on a prone Replica in a manner similar to Yagami's SDM [Maiden Masher], finishing in a burst of crushing gravity force as he yells, "NO ONE STEALS MY COOL SCHTICK AND [LIVES], DAMMIT!!" Replica wobbles back to her feet and coughs, saying, "See, kids? Nicotine addiction hurts everybody!" Meanwhile, the landscape now resembles a section of the WWI No Man's Land, and the background people are all gone (except for those pesky Important Background Characters, like Misa and Kim :)). If Yuusuke wins the fight, his victory quote will change to, "Twelve godd*mn packs...for that."

      • Vs. ClassicDrogn: If Replica uses the Nuclear Holocaust attack, the quick-cut that shows the ridiculously huge fireball will also show it colored bright pinkish red with darker red smoke, instead of the normal white with grey smoke. When we cut back, ClassicDrogn is nowhere to be seen, unless perhaps as the slightly squishy red stuff that's ankle-deep all over the ground and spattered over the surrounding buildings (Replica fights him at kaiju-size, remember?). Replica can be seen in the middle of Drogn-puree, eyebrow raised. Before the match can be called, though, something that looks like CD's Desperation move, but with golden FX instead of green, will sweep all the Drognbitz offscreen and clean up the splatter, having no other discernable effect. Then, he'll reform in a quick halo of gold, which will fade down to nothing as he says, "Damn, I like your style, girl!" and settles back into his stance. Replica just stares at Drogn during the next three seconds or until he performs an attack (whichever comes first), and is during that time unable to attack.

      • Due to an involuntary background effect of Replica's powers, opponents fighting Replica may occasionally find that various things about them are... subtly altered; clothing changes color/appearance (Replica and Skrib switch color scheme in dragon form), weapons change into other types of weapons, powers have different effects or different performances, people who use hammer/pocket/other-space accidentally reach into someone else's stash (Yun and Keori), and so on. The effect is merely cosmetic, and never weakens an opponent directly (despite looking wildly different, the Chiha Noethan still causes the same damage), but the effect can be unnerving, and the opponent may find themselves wielding a weapon they are unfamiliar with (Yun and Keori will find themselves in a bind due to this). Some items of high integrity (such as the Zero Hour) may be immune to this effect, and fighters with insanely high control of the reality around them may also be immune. Conversely, fights against chaotic opponents like NeoVid, Drogn and Wyvern Neo will be... freaky to say the least.


...Will not be found here. However this E-Z Understand guide, written by GMCA standards, have been submitted.


    Replica is constantly searching for new pastimes, new experiences, and new sights; being able to travel anywhere across all of creation makes one reluctant to settle down. In the same vein, she's looking for people to get acquainted with, powerful, insightful people who are above and beyond the petty "dime a dozen" people she usually encounters; she wants to meet people on her own level, the ones who take the center stage, lives their lives for their lives, who grows beyond their small and restricting worlds. She's also searching for ways to improve her powers; to help her understand the truths of reality and existence in order to further her influence and abilities.

How Replica talks:

Replica speaks in a rather cool, distanced fashion, choosing her words to sound impressive; she occasionally sounds overly formal. She doesn't slur or use slang, and she will rarely let out blurbs or say things involuntarily. Replica speaks with a slight, hard-to-place accent; (V)ajin might be able to imitate it perfectly, but he'd be hard pressed to figure out where it's from. She dislikes talking about detail about her past, except with people really close to her.

How Replica acts:

In between fights, Replica is fairly social; she won't be extremely outgoing and force her presence upon someone, but she wouldn't mind hanging out with others, chat about things, spar, or other things. She'd happily exchange stories about various places she's been to with other travellers. She likes to tease and annoy other people, especially if they seem to carry a grudge towards her (such as Misa), and also likes flirting with anyone male who catches her interest for the time being. (Whether this leads to anything else is of course up to the situation.) She'll be hesitant to form any binding relations, though; she's had some bad experiences (ask her about Menta sometime), and although it doesn't have to happen again, she'd still be reluctant.

Replica is rather self-centered; to her, she's the only one of importance, and other people will be cared about only if time and inclination permits. Hopefully this might change during the course of the tournament. (There ARE a few people she's encountered during her travels that she likes, repects and/or cares for... but they are very few and far between.)

Replica has a great dislike for people and things that try to restrain her and limit her freedom; anyone who shows obvious tendencies to boss her around or force her to do things against her will usually goes on her 'bad people' list.

Due to a long life travelling around the multiverse, Replica has seen a lot of very odd things. She's thus very difficult to surprise, shock or even faze slightly. She's lost quite a few illusions along the way, and she doesn't believe in right and wrong anymore. Instead, she believes that life is incredibly unfair and cheating, and the only way to get anywhere is to fight against the system, to force the world to play along with her rules. She considers herself pretty successful in that aspect.

Thanks to Vidstudent for figuring out fitting moves and damage quotas for the techniques!

The character "Replica" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to Jonatan Streith.

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