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Name: Charles Boucher

Signature Quote: "...Do I really have to fight you? I don't want to hurt anyone too badly."

Personal Email address: XellossMettalium@aol.com

  • Height: 6ft. 10in.

  • Weight: 165 lbs.

  • Appearance: A lanky, albino man with black hair in a labcoat. He carries around an array of half-filled syringes and futuristic technologies to make up for his physical weaknesses. He is followed by a cybernetic version of himself that is usually immobile due to lack of battery power.

    Alternate Appearance: Instead of his labcoat, he wears a Mark 7 HEV Protective suit. This suit is worn in any area that could be harmful to humans. (Outer Space, an active volcano, etc.)

  • Fighting Style: Random Flailing. Cyber Charles uses a slower, power-based version of Panser Kunst.

  • Button Style: Street Fighter.

  • Bio: Charles had what he claimed was a "Reasonably Normal American Childhood". Parents divorced at thirteen, take a job and move in with best friend's family at fifteen, so on and so forth. By the time he was nineteen, his experiences produced a myriad of 'qualities' that managed to land him a job as a researcher at the Biological Labs of PemDas Creations, the Multiverse's Largest Supplier of Entertainment Software and Military Hardware(tm), where he works to this day in 2011. Since then, he has climbed the ranks and befriended several employees, including scientists, Gordon Freeman, Walter Bennett, and company driver Misa Kawasaki.

  • Intro: Charles was specially selected by PemDas to be in the GMCA, seeing he was the only employee who was both a fanfic author and deemed expendable enough to go. He is supposed to test out experimental weapons in a combat situation, and secure PemDas's stranglehold on the interdimensional market. However, there have been rumors of his claiming that if he won, he would become a new god, and show everyone "how it's supposed to be run." He also wants to impress Misa by winning the tournament and showing her how manly he is. (It is unnecessary, as she is as enamored with him as he is with her, but he has no clue.)

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Chaobino (Blue Nothing)

    • Chemical Love (Bust-a-Groove)

    • She Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby)

    • Mad Proffessor (ICP)

    • Why Can't We Be Friends (Smashmouth version)(Vs. any overpowered opponent that Charles thinks he has no chance of beating)

  • Stage: The PemDas labs, a lab similar to the Umbrella lab at the end of Bio-Hazard 2. Every so often, a containment tube (with monsters from Half-Life, Bio-Hazard, etc.) will shatter, and the monster inside will come out and kill a scientist who is watching the fight. The monster will then take the scientist's place in watching the fight. Misa will be in the background in any fight that he is in, and any attacks that hit the crowd will miss her, due to the fact that she is an important background character.

  • Weapons: Power Gauntlets.

  • Special Rescources:

    • Corporate Sponsorship (PemDas)

    • VM-90 MK2 Tyrant Mech (only usable in Mecha fights)

    • Constant cheery, optimistic attitude

    • Some cyberware, including neural grafting, a datajack, a Voice Emulator that lets him mimic any voice he's heard before, and Wired Reflexes that give him his great speed in a crisis situation

    • PDCRS: PemDas Compressed Reality Space. Charles's equilavent of a Pocket Dimension, this lets him access the contents of any place he's marked provided he has enough battery power.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: A Slipgate opens, through which, the PemDas Slipgate Complex can be seen. The camera rotates around to face the portal, and Charles is seen running towards the portal on a thin catwalk. The camera rotates back, and Charles is shown leaping out of the portal. He skids across the ground, and looks for his opponent. As soon as he sees the opponent, two more slipgates open, dropping out Replica and Cyber-Charles.

    • Standard: A slipgate opens ten feet off the ground, and Charles and his team are dropped out. Charles looks at his opponent, and says "Let's pretend that never happened."

    • Vs. Himself: They point at each other and yell in unison: "Hey! I never made a clone of myself! And if I did, it was in a grade 1-A containment tube, so it couldn't have got out!"

    • Vs. (\/)ajin: Yells at (\/)ajin while he's laughing. "Hop on a turtle and go down a pipe, you Mario wannabe!"

    • Vs. Replica: (pre-teamup) Yells, "You broke into my lab, stole my copy of Alpha Centauri, knocked me down, and now you're almost cute enough to make me forget about Misa-chan! Prepare to be crushed!"

    • Vs. Keori: Charles drops his facade of always being happy, turns to Keori, and says "Your father was a good man... Led astray by evil. I'll tell you more after the fight." A disapproving image of Eris flashes behind him, and the fight begins.

    • Vs. Chholsuu: Charles looks at Chholsuu and says to himself: "Great. I've fought reality warping Bishojos, a Brooder who can Manifest his dreams, and now a guy who throws exploding Beanie Babies and pukes Ki. Am I the only normal one here?"

    • Vs. Yuusuke: Yuusuke is sitting in a corner and playing his guitar. Charles grins at him, pulls an electric guitar out of PDCRS, and begins to play 'In The Flesh?' by Pink Floyd. The camera pans away, and the words "Two and a Half Hours Later" appear as the camera pans back. A group of hippies are circled around Charles as he finishes playing 'Outside the Wall', and it's fairly obvious that there's been copious drug use, things accidently set on fire, launched into Low Earth Orbit, etc. Charles puts down his guitar, grins widely at Yuusuke who hasn't moved, and says "Let's see you top that, Brooder." Yuusuke, gets up, snorts, and charges at Charles.

  • Taunts:

    • Tinkers with devices in his coat until hit. He then looks up and says, amazed, "You mean this is a fight? You should have told me earlier. I may have actually tried..."

    • Charles takes out a clipboard, and says, "Thanks. I think you've proved my Hopeless Loser Who Can't Fight Theory."

    • "Come on! I've built TOASTERS that fight better than you!"

    • Vs. (\/)ajin: Hops three times and shouts, "Ya! Wai! Yahoo!!" He then makes a little mustache under his nose with a finger before starting to fight again.

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Standard: Talks into a radio, requesting a slipgate back to the Focal Point.

    • Perfect Victory: Misa runs out of the crowd and glomps Charles while he is posing dramatically. He loses his balance so that Misa is on top of him, while he is laying on his back on the ground. They both get massive nosebleeds and pass out.

    • Ultimate Attack: After Cyber Charles beats the opponent, regular Charles jumps on his shoulder, shouting, "Let's go, Iron Giant!" They walk into the sunset, and the screen fades, playing happy music. Points are awarded to an empty screen.

    • Desperation 1: Wobbles slightly, poses dramatically, and shouts, "The answer is FIVE TONS OF FLAX!" He then collapses, and his cultists huddle around him.

    • Desperation 2: Looks at his opponent's charred form, smiles, and says "Shocking!" The crowd throws rotten fruit in reciprocation to the pun.

    • Draw: Misa runs up and says, "At least you tried..." Charles sniffs and waves dismissively.

    • Time Over: Says, "It was over that quick? I wanted to bring out the big stuff, too..."

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "You cannot beat the power of a Science Wielding Albino Freak!"

    • "Wow. Your face is really bloody... Does it hurt?"

    • "That's what you get for messing with me! That and a free vial of your own blood!"

    • "I really beat you? Wai!"

    • "And I thought I telegraphed my moves too much!"

    • After Flash Finisher: "Wow... I guess flamboyant showiness does pay off..."

    • After Desperation 1: [Cultist 1]: "The Polyfather is dead!" [Charles]: "I'm not dead yet!" [Cultist 2]: "Well, hit him with the shovel. That should get the job done!" [Charles]: "Ow! Stop it! Misa, make them stop!"

    • After Desperation 2: "Looks like we've got one for the infirmary here..."<

    • After Ultimate: [Narrator]: "And Charles and the Iron Giant lived happily ever after."

  • Character Strategy: Charles himself is a weak character, but very fast. He can combo into or out of nearly any of his moves, except for his Summon and his Desperation. The tradeoff for this is when he fights he is the weakest character in the game. His specials have a bit more punch, but until you can do his supers, he is better at poking at his opponent and falling back. His Summon, Cyber Charles, has the opposite problem. He is one of the slowest characters, and cannot combo at all. He makes up for this with massive strength. However, due to battery limits, Cyber Charles can only fight for ten seconds. His Mech strikes a nice balance between these, being of slightly above average speed and strength, and having Cyber Charles's Hand-To-Hand attacks, and Charles's specials. Instead of a standard Super Meter, Charles has a Battery Meter that slowly rises as he moves (walking, jumping, attacks, etc.), but stops growing for two seconds after he is hit in any way. His Supers use Battery Power like a regular fighter's would use the Super Meter. The Meter has three levels, similar to a Super Meter. His Guard Breaker makes him very harsh against turtling opponents. Like Balrog, he has no kicks. Using the kick buttons will result in different punches.

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher: Upward Tendril - The gauntlets create a tendril of energy that wraps around their opponent, and throws them in the air. Uses 10% of one battery bar.

    • Command Normals:

      • Guard Breaker - He uses his disabling field to break his opponent's guard, and disables it for the rest of the round. Uses 75% of one battery bar.

    • Throws:

      • Tendril Whip - Uses his gauntlet to make an energy tendril, which then picks up the opponent by the throat and throws them into the ground. Uses 25% of one battery bar. (forward+fierce)

      • Wham Bam Scientist Slam - A squad of scientists run in, pick up the opponent, carry him or her into the background, beat him or her for three seconds, then carry the victim back to Charles, dazed. No batteries necessary. (back+fierce)

      • Judo Throw - A plain, average Judo Throw. Honest. No batteries necessary. (down+fierce)

    • Specials:

      • Taser Blast - Leaps at his opponent, brandishing his taser. If it connects, it does 5% damage, and knocks the opponent down. If the opponent is on the ground, Charles sits on his chest, and shocks him three times doing 15% damage. Uses 5% of a battery for each shock. (qcf, any punch)

      • Gauntlet Smash - Puts battery power into the Gauntlet's secondary function, and electrifies the gauntlets. Does punch damage, plus 10%. Uses 18% of battery power. (hcf, any punch)

      • Disabling Field - Causes opponent to lose the move they have used the most throughout the fight. Can only be done one per round. 75% battery power. (full circle from right, all kicks)

      • Thunder Bolt - Strengthens the Gauntlet's secondary function, using it to shoot bolts of electricity from the Power Gauntlet's fingertips. There are five consecutively fired bolts, and each do 3% damage if they hit. 25% of a battery bar. (quarter circle, top to forward)

      • - Teleports behind his opponent and hits them in the back of the head. 10% damage. 30% of a battery bar. (Dragon Punch motion)

      • Stungun - Dazes opponent, but does no damage. 20% of a battery bar. (qcf+any kick)

      • Tendril Slam - Wraps the gauntlet's tendril around the opponent's chest and slams them into the ground repeatedly. 4% per slam, 5 slams max. 40% of a battery bar. (hcf+any kick)

      • Time Blast - Slows down the opponent to half speed for ten seconds. Can only be used once in a round. 80% of a battery bar.

    • Supers:

      • OmniTaserSupreme - He raises the taser to the sky and screams. Seven bolts shoot out, each doing 5% if they hit. The bolts do not track in any way. One full level of Batteries are needed. (qcf, qcf, fierce punch)

      • Weather Machine - With a shout of "Simon Says, Go Snow!" he uses a portable weather machine to alter the area's temperature. The opponent takes 1% of damage for each second the attack is running. The attack stops whenever Charles is hit, or he runs out of battery power. Two full levels are the minimum, and it uses 5% of the batteries per second. (qcb, qcb, fierce kick)

      • Orbital Strike - Uses one of the PemDas Orbital Satellites to launch an orbital strike against the area. Both fighters take 50% damage. Needs three battery bars to work. (qcf, qcf+kick)

    • Desperation:

      • Emergency Generator - Charles uses the PDCRS to try and activate an experimental Emergency Generator to get more battery power. Either he fails and channels the electricity through his body, becoming a living Lightning Thrower (think Cartman at the end of the South Park movie) and is able to shoot electricity out of his hands that hits for 10% damage and damages Charles 1% each time, or he succeeds and gets an unlimited number of specials, but not supers, for the rest of the fight. The failure is Desperation 1, which has a 75% chance of happening, and the success is Desperation 2, which happens the other 25% of the time.

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      • Cyber Charles - Cyber Charles gets powered up and goes in to fight in Charles's stead. He lasts for ten seconds and his hand-to-hand attacks do three times the damage of Charles's. He cannot do special attacks or summons, and using him drains the entire battery bar. (two full circles, all punches and kicks)

        Cyber-Charles has three modes: Berserker, Fighter, Tactical. In Berserker, he just attacks, without thinking about himself, or opponent weaknesses. In Fighter, he tries to find weakness and protect himself, but hurting the opponent is first and foremost. In Tactical, he looks for weak spots, and tries to protect himself as much as possible, while using specific attacks to soften the opponent.

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Whips a Slipgate Grenade at his opponent. If the opponent is hit, they are swallowed into Charles' home dimension, Earth Prime, and into a PemDas holding cell. They return after Charles is pronounced the winner. (qcf+fierce when opponent is under 10% health)

    • Team Helper:

    • Running Scientist Strike - Charles runs out, with his Power Gauntlet activated. If the attack hits, it does 10% plus the punch damage for the button used to call him.

  • Team Supers:

    • (Science & Technology) Atom Cutter - Charles and Replica both use synchonized movements and slashes, Charles using his Gauntlets' Psion Blades and Replica using Reality Ripples, to attack their opponent. It ends in a jumping cross slash from both sides. The attack goes on for several seconds, and does 40% damage if all of the hits connect. It uses one Super Meter from both Replica and Charles.

  • Glitches:

    • Vs. All: Will occasionally claim to be Buddha, for no readily apparent reason.

    • Vs: Any Serious, Angsty Fighters: If they go into anything even resembling a brooding monologue, Charles will start to gag uncontrollably.

    • Vs: Any Female Fighter: The Tinkering taunt is replaced by Charles yelling, "You aren't as cute as Misa-chan!" and things to that effect. The next attack the he gets is a slap whose damage is directly proportional to the amount of time that he taunts, with a maximum of 10% damage.

    NEW AND IMPROVED Character info! Now with EZ-Rite? technology!*

  • Motivations:

    • Charles is the laziest sonuvabitch at PemDas. He would like almost nothing more than to get his employers off his back while still getting a regular paycheck.

    • He wants to become a God so that he will be able to influence reality and show everybody "How It's All Supposed to Be Done." Be creative, writers--this could mean nearly anything that's not evil, given Charles's level of eccentricity.

    • He needs to summon the guts to ask out Misa. Their friendship should have gone into the romantic stage long ago, in both of their opinions, but neither has the willpower to do anything about it.

  • How Charles talks:

    Charles's manner of speech is extremely laid back. He never calls his employers anything other than "Chief" or other nicknames for a boss. He is always vaguely polite to people he doesn't know, but considers such things to be a waste of time with people he is already acquainted with. He has a Boston accent, and severely hurts anyone who makes fun of it. Around Misa, he constantly says stupid or inappropriate things due to his nervousness. He speaks in scientific jargon whenever he explains anything that has the most remote roots in science, ranging from cyberware to an inclined plane. He also speaks to everyone exactly the same, whether thay are male or female. If they are male, Charles doesn't care what they think is wrong with his manner of speech, and if they are female, he figures that he doesn't need to impress her, as he is already busy with Misa.

  • How Charles acts:

    Charles always does what he feels is the right thing to do to further his cause at the moment. He has no remorse for anyone who happens to get in his way. He is the high priest of a cult that worships the ancient Greek goddess of Chaos and Discord, Eris, and tries to convert people to his faith quite regularly. Charles's secondary purpose is to fight against what he deems to be evil. However, he often overreacts to things that affect him, and deems anything that disrupts the regular flow of his life, or even gets close to hurting Misa, to be evil.

    * note from the programmer: EZ-Rite? Technology doesn't exist, except in the overhyped minds of the Marketing pukes

    The character "Charles Boucher" and all attributes thereof are ? and 2000 to the real Charles Boucher

  • MUAHAHAHAHAHA! And now, while you are distracted by the pretty lights, I will steal your cheez!