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the definative Drogn Armor
The definative Drogn Armor, though the belt buckle now has a "CD", not just "D"

minus the armor
Drogn minus the armor, from the chest up anyway.

drinking buddies
A post-card from a great old friend.

this burg needs a watering hole
creating the Blue Gecko Bar and Grill. The armor is slightly off.

TK tee #1
The first Team Kaiju tee shirt, the "98 Ton Weakling" advert. Actual production would be maroon lines on a black shirt, available in size Medium through 10^15th X. The armor is quite messed up, however.

microcomic p1 microcomic p2
Drogn appears in the two-page microcomic that he tried drawing as an experiment in sequential art... this particular fight is not likely to be continued, or atleast not without replacing the backgrounds and panel lines, but as he enjoyed doing it more pages are apt to be forthcoming later.

CD toy front CD toy side CD toy back
"Hiya out there!" "Preeeesenting... DARKWYND!" "Huh? What?"

CD has gotten the first proof of his action figure back for approval - he says it needs a little bit of work still, but is mainly accurate. The final produced version should have a better utility belt, slightly bigger ears placed further back, and overall smoother sculpting, espescially on the rather blocky tail. The chestplates are a little low also, they should be even with the collarbones, making the abdomen plate about twice this height, and of course it needs the CD logo on the belt buckle.
product placement

Pocky is the hat. I whomp you.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA! And now, while you are distracted by the pretty lights, I will steal your cheez!