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1P Name: the (\/)ajin

2P Name: Barrigostin the Shadow Daemon

Signature Quote: "Which way to the historical archives, or whatever you call them?"

Personal Email address: paladin_holy@yahoo.com

  • Height (both): 5ft. 6in.

  • Weight: 135 lbs. for (\/)ajin, Barrigostin (being mainly shadow) has negligible weight.

  • Appearance: Wears black pants, brown hiking boots, a white short-sleeve polo shirt, a black vest, lime colored bicycle gloves that are black along the index fingers and thumbs, and a tan cap. He has a mustache, trimmed ear length sideburns, and dark brown eyes. On his back is his Bookbag of Infinite Storage. He has a generic fighting stance. In addition, he has no shadow.

    Alternate Appearance: This version is Baragostin. Basically like the Kuma/Panda thing in Tekken. Baragostin is a daemon that has posessed The (\/)ajin's shadow, and as such has the same general appearance with the exception that he is a semi-tranperent black figure(sort of like a shadow) with glowing red eyes and book bag.

  • Fighting Style: Midkemian spell casting & self-taught sword fighting.

  • Button Style: Marvel Vs. Capcom

  • Bio: The (\/)ajin comes from a reality called "The Prime." The embodiment of Order created a group of special humans, called Sleepers, to balance the creation of the Ultima of Focal Point. There are two main groups of Sleepers in Prime, and then there's (\/)ajin. (\/)ajin is refered to as a wild talent because he has traveled to more new realities than most Sleepers, but all of them had been locked down because of their current chaotic states. Many of them he was more than happy to have locked down, but he still desires to have access to a world so that he doesn't feel like his abilities are a waste. In his most recent initial Dream Slip, the (\/)ajin landed in the world of Midkemia, where he met his two current traveling companions, Baragostin the Shadow Daemon and Andrea, a priestess of Suung. During his time there, the three, in an attempt to return Baragostin to his home reality, aquired a minor mystical bond between them (because they botched the ritual that would have retuned Baragostin home) and sent all of them to Prime. (I'll have to write an omake about this to give more detail.)

  • Intro: The (\/)ajin joined the tournament as a cover to find out as much as he can about Focal Point. He met NeoVid in mid-Dream Slip to Focal Point and they decided to team up.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: Dreamcatcher (Blue Nothing)

    • Main Theme: Setzer's theme from FF6j (Nobuo Uematsu)

    • Vs. Self Theme: Princes of the Universe (Queen)

    • Alternate Theme: see "Glitches."

  • Stage: The bridge of the Airship Ultima. (An airship that is a combination of the Invincible from FF3j, the Big Whale from FF2 American, the Highwind from FF7, and both airships from FF6j.)

  • Weapons: Diamond Zanbatou (horse cutting sword like Sanosuke's in Ruroni Kenshin) called Zero Hour. Has a glow that increases as the (\/)ajin's power increases. Doesn't draw blood.

  • Special Resources:

    • Dream Slipping. This is the ability that lets Sleepers travel to realities other than the Prime. It is called Dream Slipping because usually initial travel to an unknown reality occurs when Sleepers are dreaming.

    • The Airship Ultima (usable only in special Mecha matches).

    • Bookbag of Infinite Storage (holds SPAM bombs, the Zero Hour, capsulized Epoch (hoi poi capsule), cans of melon soda, and tubes of Pringles to name a few).

    • Poorly funded R&D team.

  • Openings:

    • 1st Round: (Home Stage) Pilot seat faces away from screen, then turns around to reveal the (\/)ajin sitting in it; he then jumps in to position.

    • Standard: Does opponent's opening slightly out of sync and coming very close to mimicking their voice if there is talking.

    • Vs. Epsilon: Zones out as Epsilon does his "Critique of Doom!" final move. As Espilon waits for the desired effect to occur, he realizes that the (\/)ajin is zoned out. Epsilon yells, "HEY!!!" The (\/)ajin snaps back to reality and says, "Oh, were you saying something, EPSI?" Epsilon proceeds to "smite" the (\/)ajin and says, "Thou shalt not call me EPSI]!"

    • Vs. Chaobino: Yells, "Aaaah! It's Rei Ayanami's evil twin brother!" and then starts laughing uncontrollably.

    • Vs. NeoVid: Points Zero Hour at NeoVid and says, "And so it begins..." He then puts up his sword and they start playing Janken (Rock, Paper, Scissors).

    • Vs. Yuusuke: Says with extreme sarcasm, "Look, it's Androgynous Angst Boy." Andrea walks out with overly cute stars in her eyes and says, "I think I'm in love." The (\/)ajin (and probably Baragostin some where) face faults then gets back up and goes into his ready stance. Andrea is in the background for the rest of the fight.

    • Vs. Perverts: see "Glitches."

  • Taunts:

    • Badly mimics opponent's opening.

    • Vs. Epsilon: "Is that the best you can do, EPSI?

  • Finishing Poses:

    • Random Standard:

      • Grins and gives peace sign.

      • Takes a can of melon soda from his backpack, opens it, and takes a swig of it.

      • Walks off with the last few bars of "All Star" by Smashmouth playing in the background, a la the movie "Mystery Men."

    • Flash Finisher: Scoffs at opponent and says, "Hey, [opponent's name], you call THAT a fight?" (In Epsilon's case, he refers to him as Epsi.)

    • Draw: Raises Zero Hour in a salute above his head.

    • Time Over: Looks at left wrist saying, "Hmn, it's a hair past freckle."

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "Keltu Verata Nicto!"

  • Character Strategy: Most of the (\/)ajin's special and super attacks are spells that can either be cast quickly (instant)(press JP when done entering the attack), doing more damage but risking that the spell will fail(75% chance of this), or slowly(2-3 seconds), doing less damage but will always work as long as he isn't attacked or he doesn't do anything else while casting the spell. When doing slow casts the spell is seen as a ball of energy held between his hands. Spells also can't be used if he is wielding Zero Hour with the exception of "Full Fury." Because of the size of Zero Hour, it has a very long range and does a large amount of damage, but it is also heavy and so is slow to attack. When fighting unarmed/hand-to-hand he has fairly good speed and does pretty good damage. This is also the only way he can do combos, which is hard to do because the majority of his attacks are either spells or require Zero Hour, which does not combo.

    (Note: For spells, only the damage for slow casts is given, damage for quick casts have 5% damage added to them, i.e. 15% for slow, 20% for quick)

  • Attacks:

    • Launcher:Windmill - (requires Zero Hour to be out) Swings sword in a counterclockwise, vertical, circular motion that hits his opponent on the "up-swing."

    • Command Normals:

      • Knuckle Sandwich - A stronger than normal punch. (backward, forward+JP+MP+FP)

      • Zero Hour - Gets out/puts away the Zero Hour. (backward+JP+RH)

      • Cartwheel - Like the name says, does a cartwheel into the opponent; will continue to do so as long as the punch and kick buttons are held down, is blocked or is hit out of it. The (\/)ajin can't do anything for 1 second after this move is stopped. (full circle, any punch+any kick)

      • Sword Block - This is just a regular block that is done when wielding Zero Hour, but decreases most types of block damage by 1%.

    • Throws:

      • None.

    • Specials:

      • SPAM Bomb - Pulls out a can of SPAM and thows it at his opponent. It explodes when it impacts somthing--8% damage to fighters near the explosion, 15% damage to fighters that suffer a direct hit. There is a 10% chance that it is a dud, in which case 5% damage if it hits a fighter. Only special that can combo. (backward+SK+JP, forward+FK+FP)

      • Drill Strike - (Requires Zero Hour to be out) Spins his sword in his hand "drill style" while he does something similar to Wolverine's drill claw. (forward+JP+MP+FP)

      • Fire Lance - (Spell) Shoots a fire projectile at opponent for 15% damage. Set up looks like flaming orb. (forward, backward, JP+RH, FP+FK)

      • Mindblade - (Spell) Shoots a green sparkling orb at opponent for 10% damage. Set up is the same orb. (forward, backward, up+FP+RH)

      • Tornado Slice - (Requires Zero Hour) Spins and sort of floats toward his opponent with sword extended. Can hit a total of three times with 5% damage per hit. (full circle, up+FP+RH)

      • Blade Guard - (Requires Zero Hour) Spins sword increadably fast in front of him, creating a "shield" for either as long as back is held or until 5 seconds have passed, in which case he won't be able to do any thing for 5 seconds. If the opponent touches the shield, they will take 3% damage. Any projectiles shot at him during this time have a 10% chance of being reflected back. (two full circles, backward)

      • Poly-arrow - (Spell) Shoots an energy arrow at opponent for 10% damage. Set up is a red orb. (forward, forward, down, up, MP)

      • Chopchop - (Requires Zero Hour) Chops up and down with sword 3 times, hitting 6 times and doing a total of 15% damage. (hold FP while moving up, then down, three times)

    • Supers:

      • Soul of the Beast - (Spell) Turns into a "swamp monster" version of himself for the rest of the fight and can't use any weapon attacks or any attacks that are specials, supers, and the like. The hand-to-hand damage he does increases to twice what it was before. Set up looks like a red orb. (back, forward, back, FP+SK, back)

      • Lightning Strike - Shoots a lightning bolt at opponent for 30% damage. Set up looks like a small ball of electricity. (up, forward, back, forward, back, down, up, FP)

      • Maelstrom - (Spell) Calls in a very large storm that causes 35% damage to all fighters on screen, including himself. Set up looks like a small ball of electricity. (full circle, up, down, back, forward, reversed full circle, SK)

    • Desperation:

      • Full Fury - Lets out a roar/yell. A flaming red aura surrounds the (\/)ajin and he pulls out Zero Hour. He then "disappears" while fight sounds occur in the background. Occasionally various energy bolts or "spell" effects appear; all the while the opponent looks like they keep getting hit. After 5 seconds of this, the (\/)ajin reappears and waits for a bit then falls to one knee, leaning on Zero Hour for support, and stays there for 5 seconds. The opponent falls over while the (\/)ajin waits. If the opponent is not defeated by this then they get up as the (\/)ajin falls to one knee and have a chance to attack him then. If the opponent is defeated then the (\/)ajin pants and says, "Damn that was hard." The attack competely uses up the power bar and does 45% damage that can't be blocked. If he is attacked while he is yelling or pulling out Zero Hour, then he will not go into the move. (up, down, *left, *right, full circle, all punches, all kicks, FP+RH) (*the way (\/)ajin is facing doesn't matter for this attack)

    • Ultimate Attack:

      • Rift War - (Requires Zero Hour) Does a downward slash, creating a temporary tear in space, a "rift." He runs though and appears behind his opponent and slashes at them; at the same time he creates another "rift" be below himself and falls through. He then appears out of another rift and does the same thing. This rift teleportation continues for 6 seconds with the (\/)ajin hitting his opponent every time and ends with him dashing from another rift that is behind his opponent, doing a running slash and stopping where he started the move. There should be a total 10 hits to the attack, each doing 5% damage (or 2% if blocked) adding up to 20-50% damage to the opponent. Like all ultimate attacks the power bar must be at level 3. (same as Full Fury], except that left and right are now back and forward, respectively)

    • Flash Finisher:

      • Slasher Beam - (Requires Zero Hour) Points Zero Hour up and accumulates energy into it, then points it at his opponent. At this point, it fires a beam of energy that is proportional to the level of the power bar. This attack does 40% damage and is blockable. (back, up, down, back, forward+FP) Quote: "SULASHYAA...BIIIMU!!!"

    • Team Helper:

      • Pheonix Blades - (if teammate has a weapon) Comes out and casts a fire spell on teammate, which increases the damage they do by half.

      • SPAM Bomb - (if teammate doesn't have a weapon) Slightly weaker version of the special without the risk of duds.

    • Team Supers:

      • Team Edit: Casts Maelstrom.

      • The Two Stooges: Welcome to the Rift - (\/)ajin performs Rift War, but instead of him exiting from the last portal it's NeoVid, who immediately executes his Welcome to the Focal Point. The whole attack does 50% damage.

  • Glitches:

    • Vs. Perverts: There is a 50% chance that he will run off the screen and let his team mate fight. Otherwise, if attacked with a pervert-based special, then there is a 25% chance that he'll go catatonic for 5 seconds.

    • Not On Own Stage: There is a chance that half way though the match the timer will stop and the (\/)ajin will change the music to either "All Star" by Smashmouth or "Info High" from Macross Plus: The Movie.

  • Motivations:

    • The (\/)ajin's main goal is to find out as much information about Focal Point and the people in charge of the GMCA.

    • Something else that the (\/)ajin wants is to correct what happened a few years ago in Midkemia, but he is suspicious of any thing that would be an easy solution to this (i.e. the Master's prize).

    • He hasn't really considered what he'd wish for if he won the tournament.

  • How (V)ajin talks:

    Most of the time, the (\/)ajin speaks in a very casual manner. He also says "Shitagi!" in place of expletives. In addition he has a tendecy to change accents when talking to people. He also has a tendecy to imitate the way people talk, or even their voices, almost flawlessly.

  • How How (V)ajin acts:

    In order to cope with his life, the (\/)ajin has become prone to "random" acts of sillyness. He is more than willing to poke fun at someone, even himself. He'll pick more on anyone who is at an extreme about something (like the angsty Yuusuke). He is also generally a nice person, but he has an explosive temper when dealing constant barrages of insults or when he is frustrated. He is also very prudish ((\/):PLEASE, don't do that stuff around me! Save it for when you're in private! Creator sweatdrops]) (anyhoo...) Though he is observent about most things, other things he is totally oblivious to (don't expect him to make the connection that NeoVid is from Focal Point unless he is specifically told). He also has a near perfect talent for mimicry (you can use this how ever you want). He's not very fond of angst and less so of overblown egos.

The characters "the (\/)ajin" and "Barrigostin" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to the real (\/)ajin

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