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By Jonatan Streith, Adminus Primus

June 4, 2001: Behold!

Behold! We now have our nifty-nifty front page, as promised. I've made some modifications and rearrangements on things, but none too troublesome.

Further... well, MS' intro is up now, as is our second MSTing. I also took the iberty to put up a few more characters; Amanda and Fungee.

I'm STILL waiting for those profiles and intros! Prove you're not dead, people! ^_^

May 16, 2001: After a long hiatus...

Well, first I'd like to point out that everyone here is LAZY! LAZY LAZY LAZY! Then again, so am I. So feel free to ignore my complaints.

Our main point on the agenda, however, is our new fanfic section. We now have a page for regular fanfics (unlike the GMCA, which is very irregular), featuring Dan's fic, "And Justice For All". Ain't it lovely, folks? It's just a tentative version, but it's nice to have something solid while we dream up better stuff. Suggestions are welcome, fics moreso.

Beyond that, not much has been done yet. Once I'm free for summer, I plan to put up the MSTing, as well as some of my new characters, and hopefully Zenith's intro.

Whee! :)

March 26, 2001: Stuff happens...?

I heroically defy a terminal case of cold to... not do a damn much this week. Aren't you supposed to be *working*, people?

Anyways... team as-of-yet-unnamed is up, Sean and Caine's profiles have been lightly tweaked to reflect their new status, and our beloved PsychoShonens have been moved to the section for Retired (?) Characters.

The GMCA is ready to roll, people. As soon as we figure out what's wrong with the ignition.

March 10, 2001: Updated profiles!

With no thought for personal security, his own or anyone else's, your coconut-scent fresh admin braves unspeakable dangers and face deadly odds to update the site!

Yes, as... not many, actually... can attest, I've spent the time since my elevation doing... updates!

Yes, updates! Heedless of terrors such as sleep, hunger, finals and social life, I've tweaked dozens of things and put up actual profiles! The profile page now contains all profiles I have access to. Not only that, but everything works! (I hope...) In any point, a lot of profileless characters now has profiles, plus I updated Replica and Reader, as per requests. Profiles, profiles, profiles. Isn't it a beautiful word? Prrrroofiles. Read them. Write them. Spread them on your toast! _BE_ _PROFILES._

Ahem. ^_^;;

Well, not only that, but Drogn continues his artistic pursuits by making a nifty art page! Only DrognArt for now, but I've asked him to put together art pages for everyone who has it, which is a lot. Is that cool or what? I hereby appoint him the title of Admin in Hiding and Mystic Master of Arts and Mambo.

...It's good to be king. ^_^

Next project: Who's up for stories?

March 19, 2001: Team change and stories...

Latest news: The first intros are up! Intros for Broadcast Announce, Science & Technology, Knowledge & Power, The Unspeakable Cow, R.O.K. and Sake Connection, and The Two Stooges are up. Others are being in the process of html'izing as they arrive. Also, Caine and Midnight Star's profiles are up.

On a much less pleasant note... apparently BWA and Yuusuke will withdraw their team due to lack of net access in the future, as well as RL taking up time. It's sad news indeed, as the team had made an impact on everyone. We hope that the duo will still drop by as much as possible, and not vanish into the void. If the team actually does withdraw, fighters Sean and Space Pirate Caine have been suggested for taking over the position.

What's the holdup? We have all regular fighters, almost all profiles, and an admin who has no problem with manning the site (with the irreplacible aid of my eager assistant admins, Yun and Drogn, of course). Let's get to the writing! Okay? ^_^

Doom Doom Doom... "Another one bites the dust!"