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And Justice for all

Started by Gaijin Dan Mastriani

Dio Brando is dead, and the survivors can finally relax. Or can they? There are still many evil Stand users in the world... Joseph Joestar now finds himself facing a new threat, and his choice of allies are... unexpected to say the least.

Jason is destined to punish the evildoers by Sometime before Hell freezes over, you lazy bum.

Chapter By Queue
Part 1:  Another Bow and Arrow
Part 2:  Kyo: The Rose of Pain
Gaijin Dan Mastriani

Omake By
Artwork:  Kyo, the Rose of Pain Yuusuke

Alien Fighter Alpha

Started by Nicholas Eckert

Alien invaders threaten Earth, and only a small group of strange martial artists stand to oppose them. But what is the aliens' *real* purpose? And what of Master Pou, the heroes' old trainer, or the mysterious Tou? What is really going on?

No one, your part in thwarting the invaders is due sometime.

Chapter By Queue
Part 1:  Chapter one
Part 2:  Chapter two
Part 3:  Triple Threat
Part 4:  Calm before the storm
Nicholas Eckert
Gaijin Dan Mastriani
Steven Scougall
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The King's Road

Started by Nathan Baxter

The adventures of Kinzoku, a most uncommon golem. Where will his journey take him and his companions?

No one, your part of the adventure is due sometime.

Chapter By Queue
Part 1:  The Journey's Beginning Nathan Baxter Sign up today!

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