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The Descendants of Johann Nicolas Wichner

Fifth Generation (Part 2)

Children of Zenon Rodrigue and Magdalena Celeste Lageman:

  1. Marie Elmire Rodrigue, born July 26,1819 (SJB), married January 21,1839 (ASM), to George Hermogene Clause, born ca. 1815, son of Michel Rodrigue and Anne Elizabeth Aisene. George Hermogene died November 17,1857 (SPH), and Marie Elmire died May 28,1889 (SPH). At least eight children were born to them.
  2. Marguerite Urma Rodrigue, born February 8,1821 (SJB), married May 18,1840 (ASM), to Hubert Arseneaux, son of Alexander Arseneaux and Marie Aimee Blanchard.
  3. Zenon Florentin Rodrigue, born April 12,1823 (SJT), married January 21,1848 in Plattenville, LA, to Clementine Blanchard, born April 17,1827 (ASM) daughter of Florentin Blanchard and Eulalie Arceneaux. At least six children.
  4. Marguerite Rodrigue, born November 26,1825 (SJT), married Francois Varaldi, and they were the parents of three sons.
  5. Appolonne Rodrigue, born July 24,1828 (SJT), died September 4,1832 (ASM).
  6. Theodule Rodrigue, born May 29,1830 (ASM), married April 20,1852 (SEZ), to Josephine Marcelite Simoneaux, born February 10,1827 (ASM), daughter of Ubert Simoneaux and Clementine Bourg. Theodule died February 2,1876. Seven children.

Children of Edouard Rodrigue and Anasthasia Lageman:

  1. Florian Rodrigue, born July 1,1819 (SJB), was never married, he died October 25,1855, and was buried in Plattenville, LA.
  2. Norbert Rodrigue, born November 17,1821 (ASM), married June 8,1846 (SMI), to Noemie LeBlanc, born March 30,1826, daughter of Joseph LeBlanc and Eugenie Melancon. Noemie died January 20,1888, Norbert died June 4,1906. Four known children were born to this couple.
  3. Anasthasie Rodrigue, born June 22,1824 (ASM), married Cesar Nanetti. Anasthasie died November 1,1907, and was buried in Plattenville, LA.
  4. Edouard Rodrigue, born October 20,1826 (ASM), married January 19,1871 (ASM), to Emelie Eliza Keady, born September 9,1836, daughter of James Keady and Mary Herndon. Emelie Eliza died September 24,1913, Edouard died February 19,1917. One known son was born to them.
  5. Jean Telesphore Rodrigue, born January 24,1829 (ASM), married January 24,1856 (ASM), to Claire Verret, born ca. 1834, daughter of Carville Nicolas Verret and Azelie Landry, and the widow of Nicolas LeBlanc. Claire died May 16, 1911 (SEZ), Jean Telesphore died February 16,1918 in Belle Rose, LA. At least six children were born to them.
  6. Celestine Eliska Rodrigue, born July 7,1831 (ASM), married Jean Baptist Octave Vicknair, born January 31,1831 (SJB), son of Jean Jacques Vicknair and Emeranthe Rodrigue. Jean Baptist Octave died September 7,1853 (SJB), Celestine Eliska never remarried, and died December 26,1912 (ASM). One daughter was born to them.
  7. Leon Edouard Rodrigue, born January 27,1834 (ASM), died April 4,1837 (ASM).
  8. Edmond Rodrigue, born May 17,1836 (ASM), died October 18,1855 (ASM).
  9. Thomas Villemont Rodrigue, born September 30,1838 (ASM), married in New Orleans, LA, on June 29,1868, to Marie Aline Peralta, born December 11,1844, daughter of Jose Hortaire Peralta and Therese Vinot. Thomas Villemont was a veteran of the Civil War, and he died August 29,1878. At least three children were born to them.
  10. Marie Celima Rodrigue, born March 7,1841 (ASM), married May 23,1867 (ASM), to Theodule Chauff, born April 2,1837 (ASM), son of Jean Louis Chauff and Marie Louise Streck. Theodule died August 27,1896, Marie Celima died August 16,1923. Nine children were born to them.
  11. Clarantine Rodrigue, born September 27,1843 (ASM), married October 26,1891 (ASM), to Maurice Cullie, born ca. 1831, in Montpellier, France, son of Mathieu Cullie and Rosalie Ramondenc. Maurice died April 27,1902, and Clarantine married Amedee Blanchard, son of Pierre Blanchard and Amelie Pelletier. Clarantine died March 17,1931.
  12. Leoville Florentin Rodrigue, born February 23,1847 (ASM), died single on September 25,1878.

Children of Jean Philip Knoblock and Marie Marguerite Lageman:

  1. Elise Emilie Knoblock, born January 23,1824 (SJT), married in Thibodaux, LA, on February 19,1840, to Justin Aubert, son of Pierre Aubert and Marguerite Barras. Justin died in Thibodaux, LA on October 6,1853 (SJT). Three children.
  2. Gustave Adolph Knoblock, born May 28,1825 (SJT), married June 10.1845, in Thibodaux, LA, to Cleophine Florisse Bernard, born March 25,1824 (SJT), daughter of Jean Baptist Bernard and Constance Boudreaux. Gustave Adolph died June 21,1851 (SJT), Cleophine died September 2,1853 (SJT), and were the parents of five children.
  3. Leo Philip Knoblock, born April 9,1827 (SJT), posterity unknown.
  4. Marguerite Hyda Knoblock, born December 11,1829 (SJT), never married, died in Thibodaux, LA, on May 3,1912.
  5. Catherine Ernestine Knoblock, born January 6,1832 (SJT), died September 4,1853 (SJT).
  6. Ernest Edouard Knoblock, born December 6,1833 (SJT), married May 17,1860 (SJT), to Marguerite Odilia Hebert, born March 24,1843 (SJT), daughter of Francois Hebert and Victorine Toups. Ernest Edouard died in Raceland, LA, on August 8,1907, Marguerite Odilia died April 6,1920
  7. Jean Wilfred Knoblock, born March 26,1836 (SJT), married October 19,1869 (SJT), to Marie Myrtilia Tregle, born September 7,1842 (SJT), son of Jean Tregle and Delphine Labiche. Marie Myrtilia died October 2,1878, Jean Wilfred died May 28,1895 (SJT). Five children were born to them.
  8. Victor Justin Knoblock, born March 5,1839 (SJT), married January 9,1866 (SJT), to Helenas Thibodaux, born December 19,1834 (SJT), daughter of Paul Thibodaux and Seraphine Thibodaux. Victor Justin died June 29,1904 (SJT). Five children.
  9. Celeste Victoria Rodrigue, born March 6,1841 (SJT), married January 29,1868 (SJT), to Jean Cyprien Azemar, born ca. 1839, son of Jean Azemar and Catherine Lavolette. Jean Cyprien Died December 14,1889, Celeste Victoria died August 4,1924. Six children were born to them.
  10. Adelard Voltaire Knoblock, born December 26,1844 (SJT), married October 4,1871, to Marie Ophelia Baudoin, born November 12,1853 (SJT), daughter of Sylvain Baudoin and Emilie Toups. Adelard Voltaire died September 5,1904, in Raceland, LA. Ten children were born to them.

Children of Antoine Lageman and Marie Alexandrine Tanguis (1st Marriage):

  1. Jean Vilemont Lageman,born April 21,1831 (SJB), married April 10,1856 (SJB), to Marie Heloise Picou, born March 17,1838 (SJB), daughter of Eugene Picou and Heloise Heltz. Jean Vilemont. New Orleans, LA January 3,1921, his widow died there on March 2,1923, and they buried in St. Mary Cemetery. Eight children were born to this couple.
  2. Alexandrine Lageman, born April 24,1832 (SJB), married February 24,1852 (SJB), to Thomas Alexander, born September 2,1831 (SJB), son of Pascal Alexander and Anasthasie Robeau. Thomas died September 22,1853 (SJB), and Alexandrine married June 10,1859 (SJB), to Fulgence Millet, son of Alexis Millet and Seraphine Tregre, and the widower of Emilie Wager. Alexandrine died August 24,1878 (SP), and was the mother of one daughter by her first marriage.
  3. Marguerite Effemilia Lageman, born November 9,1833 (SJB), married October 18,1849 (SJB), to Theodule Vicknair, born July 1,1828 (SJB), son of Jean Jacques Vicknair and Rosalie Arthemise Madere. Theodule died August 10,1865 (SP), and Marguerite Effemilia died May 22,1894 (SP). They were the parents of seven children.
  4. Antoine Lageman, born December 26,1836 (SJB), married January 18,1859 (SJB), to Marie Bazilide Picou, born January 22,1829 (SJB), daughter of Jean Baptist Picou and Eloise Perilloux. Marie Basilide died July 27,1859 (SJB), only six months following her wedding. Antoine remarried on August 10,1860, in New Orleans, to Marie Elina Pena, daughter of Francois Pena and Virginie Pena. Antoine married a third time, on April 23,1882, in New Orleans, to Marie Louise Dubuisson, born ca. 1852, daughter of Francois Dubuisson. Marie Louise died May 27,1887, and was buried in the Dubuisson Cemetery in Slidell, LA. Antoine, who was a prominent Architect, died January 20,1901, and was the father of four sons by his second marriage, and two daughters by his third marriage.

Children of Antoine Lageman and Arthemise Bouvier (2nd Marriage):

  1. Arthemise Lageman, born July 6,1842 (SJB), died June 4,1843 (SJB).
  2. Marie Eve Lageman, born October 7,1847 (SJB), married Henry Norton, and was the mother of two children.
  3. Julia Antoinette, born July 1,1850 (SJB), died June 6,1852 (SJB).

Children of Joseph Michel and Veronique Poche:

  1. Joseph Michel, born October 27,1814 (SMI).
  2. Pierre Theodule Michel, born December 3,1816 (SMI), died July 1,1819 (SMI).
  3. Marie Sidonie Michel, born September 18,1818 (SMI).
  4. Marcellin Florian Michel, born February 24,1821 (SMI).
  5. Jules Michel, born June 16,1823 (SMI).
  6. Jean Theophile Michel, born September 11,1825 (SMI).
  7. Marie Josephine Michel, born October 26,1828 (SMI).

Children of Jacques Poche and Marie Cleonise Picou:

  1. Eloi Jacques Poche, baptised August 10.1820 (SMI), married June 10,1839 (SJT), to Marie Perilloux, born November 4,1818, daughter of Jean Adam Perilloux and Maria Lasseigne.
  2. Edmond Poche, born October 20,1821 (SMI), died March 26,1822 (SMI).
  3. Marie Poche, born March 26,1823 (SJT), married February 12,1839 (SJT), to Jean Adam Lasseigne, born April 11,1820 (SJB), son of Pierre Evariste Lasseigne and Marie Ana Vicknair.
  4. Marie Adeline Poche, born November 5,1824 (SMI), married June 5,1843, to Adam Perilloux, born February 14,1821, son of Jean Adam Perilloux and Maria Lasseigne.
  5. Jean Baptist Poche, born July 19,1828 (SJT).
  6. Marie Celestine Poche, born May 11,1830 (SJT), married June 19.1847, to Alexis Jolet, son of Alexis Jolet and Marie Antoinette Falgout.
  7. Marie Dometilde Poche, born December 12,1831 (SJT), married March 12,1850, to Valcour Rodrigue, son of Romaine Rodrigue and Elise Sevin.
  8. Victorin Poche, born October 8,1833 (SJT).
  9. Paul Prudent Poche, born April 2,1836 (SJT).
  10. Marie Augustine Poche, born November 23,1837 (SJT), married August 23,1855 (SMI), to her first cousin, Philippe Joseph Landry, born January 25,1835 (SMI), son of Joseph Norbert Landry and Marie Anasthasie Poche. Marie Augustine died November 10,1866, and Philippe married her sister Marie Olida, and died December 4,1895 (SMI).
  11. Marie Eugenie Poche, born August 11,1839 (SJT).
  12. Marie Olida Poche, born December 17,1841 (SJT), married May 17,1869, to Philippe Joseph Landry, the widower of her sister Marie Augustine. Marie Olida died June 24,1884 (SMI).
  13. Jean Poche, born June 20,1843 (SJT).

Children of Joseph Norbert Landry and Marie Anasathasie Poche:

  1. Josephine Anastasia Landry, born February 5,1827 (SMI), married February 5,1850 (SMI), to Michel Poirier, born August 30,1800 (SJA), son of Michel Poirier and Marie Landry. After the death of her first husband, Josephine Anasthasia married October 15,1868 (SMI), to Philmon Guidry, born July 27,1825 (SMI), son of Philmon Guidry and Eulalie Rodrigue.
  2. Joseph Norbert Landry, born September 22,1828 (SMI), married March 19,1849, to Marie Elisabeth LeBoeuf, born November 19, 1832 (SMI), daughter of Michel LeBoeuf and Marguerite Scholastique Guidry.
  3. Norbert Sylvere Landry, born July 27,1830 (SMI), married April 14,1849 (SMI), to Marie Irma Oubre, born February 16,1833 (SMI), daughter of Evariste Oubre and Charlotte Dufrene. Norbert died December 8,1891 (SMI), and Marie Irma died October 24,1919 (SMI).
  4. Marie Justine Landry, born October 20,1832 (SMI), married October 29,1850, to Evariste Part, born June 7,1817 (SMI), son of Joseph Part and Elizabeth Poirrier. Evariste died June 10,1884 (SMI).
  5. Philippe Joseph Landry, born January 25,1835 (SMI), married his first cousin, Marie Augustine Poche, and following her death, he married her sister Marie Olida Poche (See above). Philippe died December 4,1895 (SMI).
  6. Theophile Landry, born ca. 1836, married August 23,1855 (SMI), to Genevieve Elodie Rouillier, born June 28,1839 (SMI), daughter of Simon Rouillier and Carmelite LeBlanc.
  7. Antoine Landry, born ca, 1838, died March 7,1842 (SMI).
  8. Anastasie Landry, born ca. 1839, died March 15,1842 (SMI).
  9. Marie Landry, born September 11,1841 (SMI), died the same day.
  10. Joseph Justin Landry, born August 9,1842 (SMI).
  11. Marie Celestine Landry, born March 20,1845 (SMI), married February 26,1867 (SMI), to Severin Badeau, born February 6,1847 (SMI), son of Etienne Badeau and Elmire Michel.
  12. Joseph Clement Landry, born February 2,1847 (SMI), married November 5,1867 (SMI), to Louisa Guidry, born February 21,1852 (SMI), daughter of Philimon Guidry and Louisa Matherne.

Children of Sylvain Poche and Marie Virginia Decareaux (1st Marriage):

  1. Jean Baptist Amedee Poche, born February 9,1833 (SMI), died October 22,1839 (SMI).
  2. Marie Sylvain Poche, born November 10,1834 (SMI).

daughter of Sylvain Poche and Marie Eve Cureau (2nd Marriage):

  1. Marie Olive Poche, born November 2,1845 (SMI), died October 11,1853 (SMI).

Children of Antoine Poche and Felicite Pertuis:

  1. Marie Rosella Poche, born February 19,1837 (SMI), posterity unknown.
  2. Antoine Eugene Poche, born ca. 1838, married Adele Drouet.
  3. Felicien Poche, born ca. 1839, posterity unknown.
  4. Veronique Poche, married Jean Petit.
  5. Charles Poche, born ca. 1840, married April 28,1864 (SJB), to Marie Cecile Chauff, born November 22,1846 (SJB). Charles died August 23,1865 (SMI).
  6. Marie Antoinette Poche, born January 5,1851 (SMI).

Children of Jean Baptist Poche and Emeranthe Picou:

  1. Jean Baptist Poche, born June 28,1836 (SMI), posterity unknown.
  2. Marie Azema Poche, born October 15,1837 (SMI), married Louis Gabb, born January 28,1831. Louis died January 28,1894, Marie Azema died December 23,1916, and they are both buried in St. John the Baptist Cemetery, Edgard, LA. At least seven children were born to them.
  3. Marie Evelina Poche, born May 15,1839 (SMI), married June 21,1860 (SMI), to Flagile LeBeouf, born April 1,1839 (SMI), son of Michel LeBeouf and Hortense Gaudet.
  4. Alexandre Poche, born January 26,1841 (SMI), died July 28,1844 (SMI).
  5. Marie Amelie Poche, born June 4,1844, died August 9,1844 (SMI).

Children of Jean Baptist Picou and Eloise Perilloux:

  1. Marie Basilide Picou, born January 22,1829 (SJB), married January 18,1859 (SJB), to Antoine Lagemann, born December 26,1836 (SJB), son of Antoine Lagemann and Marie Alexandrine Tonguy. Marie Basilide died July 27,1859 (SJB), six months after her wedding.
  2. Marie Josephine Picou, born August 29,1830 (SJB), died November 30,1831 (SJB).
  3. Eliza (Elizabeth) Picou, born March 6,1832 (SJB), died January 15,1833 (SJB).
  4. Jean Adam Picou, born November 14,1833 (SJB), died November 17.1834 (SJB).
  5. Rosema Melanie Picou, born November 10,1837 (SJB), married November 16,1855 (SJB), to Pierre Dwyer, born ca. 1831, son of Elles Dwyer and Azelie Catoire. Pierre died April 15,1914 (SP), Rosema Melanie died September 17,1922, and they were the parents of twelve children.

Children of Eugene Picou and Heloise Heltz:

  1. Jean Telesphort Picou, born September 28,1831 (SJB), died October 26,1831 (SJB).
  2. Celestine Picou (Twin), born October 28,1832 (SJB), married April 30,1857 (SJB), to Leonard Poche, born September 28,1833 (SJB), son of Benjamin Poche and Elenore Chenet. Leonard died May 23,1859 (SJB), Celestine never remarried, died October 4,1906 (SP). One daughter was born to them.
  3. Justine Picou (Twin), born October 28,1832 (SJB), was never married, she died November 4,1904 (SP).
  4. Jean Baptist Picou, born July 18,1835 (SJB), died June 15,1852 (SJB).
  5. Marie Heloise Picou, born March 17,1838 (SJB), married April 10,1856 (SJB), to Jean Vilemont Lagemann, born April 21,1831 (SJB), son of Antoine Lagemann and Marie Alexandrine Tonguy. Jean Vilemont died in New Orleans, LA, on January 3,1921, and Marie Heloise died there on March 2,1923. Eight children were born to them.
  6. Marie Anaise Picou, born June 9,1840 (SJB), married March 25,1867 (SP), to Jules Desroches, born February 21,1839 (SJB), son of Julien Desroches and Marie Madeleine Heltz. Marie Anaise died November 30,1921, Jules died August 20,1922, and they were buried in St. Peter Cemetery, Reserve, LA. Eight children were born to them.
  7. Eugene Numa Picou, born March 23,1843 (SJB), never married, he died in 1925, and was buried in Reserve, LA.
  8. Marie Athenaise Picou, born May 4,1845 (SJB), married August 30,1865 (SP), to Francois Theau Desroches, born December 3,1840 (SJB), son of Julien Desroches and Marie Madeleine Heltz. Marie Athenaise was the mother of four, and died August 21,1877 (SP), and Francois later married her niece, Marie Augustine Poche. Francois Theau died in Garyville, LA, on December 1,1930.
  9. Marie Marianne Picou, born December 28,1847 (SJB), married Charles Leo Bacas, born August 2,1846 (SJB), son of Anatole Bacas and Marie Magdelaine Celeste Conrad. Marie Marianne died March 26,1888 (SP), after giving birth to six children. Charles Leo died January 10,1913 (SP).
  10. Marie Eugenie Picou, born September 22,1851 (SJB), never married, she died September 15,1929 (SP).
  11. Jean Adam Picou, born October 25,1854 (SJB), married June 6,1882 (SP), to Helene Louise Chauff, born August 10,1863 (SJB), daughter of Theodule Chauff and Clara Cambre. Jean Adam died December 5,1886 (SP), Helene Louise never remarried, died in Garyville, LA on February 2, 1938. Two sons were born to them.

Children of Charles Chauff and Marie Marguerite Picou:

  1. Benjamin Chauff, born October 18,1821 (SJB), married Marie Aurelie Chauff, born June 3,1831 (ASM), daughter of Jean Louis Chauff and Marie Louise Streck. Marie Aurelie died October 12,1853 (SJB), and was the mother of three daughters. Benjamin died March 4,1896 (SP).

Children of Anatole Bacas and Marie Magdelaine Celeste Conrad:

  1. Marie Josephine Bacas, born March 19,1838 (SJB), married September 20,1857 (SJB), to Adelard Millet, born January 21,1831 (SJB), son of Sylvain Millet and Euphrosine Haydel. Adelard operated a blacksmith shop, and was a pioneer in the undertaking business until his death on December 27,1887. Marie Josephine died February 1,1928, and was the mother of eight children.
  2. Joseph Anatole Bacas, born December 6,1839 (SJB), married Mary Josephine Porter, born ca. 1850 in New Orleans. Joseph Anatole died in New Orleans on September 9,1896, and his widow survived until August 21,1921. Five children were born to them.
  3. Bernardin Bacas, born May 20,1842 (SJB), posterity unknown.
  4. Marie Celeste Bacas, born July 31,1844 (SJB), died September 15,1853 (SJB).
  5. Charles Leo Bacas, born August 2,1846 (SJB), married Marie Marianne Picou, born December 28,1847 (SJB), daughter of Eugene Picou and Heloise Heltz. Marie Marianne died March 26,1888 (SP), Charles Leo died January 10,1913 (SP), and they were the parents of six children.
  6. Jacques Alceste Bacas, born January 22,1848 (SJB), was not married at the time of his death in Gramercy, LA, on July 13,1923.
  7. Marie Bacas, born September 13,1850 (SJB), died May 29,1852 (SJB).
  8. Alcide Bacas, born May 8,1852 (SJB), married first to Amelie Brou, and later to Felicie Philomene Levet, born October 23,1859 (SJB), daughter of Dominique Levet and Felicie Levet, and the former wife of Jean Laurenson. Alcide died March 10,1934, Felicie Philomene died August 2,1945, and two children were born of their union.
  9. Eve Bacas, born February 15,1854 (SJB), married Leon Graugnard, born February 1,1855 in Villard de Barcelonnette, France, son of Joseph Graugnard and Angelique Caire. Eve died November 1,1929 (SP), and Leon, a merchant and pioneer in the sugar industry, died December 26,1938 (SP). There were six children born of this union, and another daughter was adopted.

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